Order of The Umbral Forge

From Beacon Space

In the darkness, we forge the fires of tomorrow.


The Order Of Umbral Forge is in charge of The Gilded Knife’s primary manufacturing, mining, and fleet maintenance. Founded by a failed successor of Grandmaster Reginald, of The Starlit Court’s First Forge Order. They will also contract themselves out for mining, salvage and other such operations for the greater sector.

Colour Scheme

Black (#000000)
Red (#ff0000)
Silver (#444c4e)

Order Details

Capital Ship - GKS Fractured Anvil

Core Virtue

  • Efficiency and creativity blended into one
  • Integrity, Honour and reliability

Tenets of the Order

  • To restore the court we must forge a new society
  • Efficiency and creativity are the two sides of the same coin


  • Technomancy
  • Repair/ Construction of Dominion Tech, Fleets and infrastructure.
  • Resource mining and processing
  • Acquisition of Ships. Tech and mechs for The Dragon’s Maw



Much of the order derives its recruits from former members of the First and Bright Forge, Kamelot’s Civilian population, Beacon space natives, Mercenaries, outcasts, and criminals from other factions. Many are promised great wealth, power and prestige in trade for their undying loyalty to the Order.

Current Notable Leaders

Forgemaster: Syr Farain Douglass

Vice Forgemaster: Syr Sarahlee Brenner

Guardian of the Forge: Syr Sonja Hawkins

Foremen Of The Mines: Syr James Stamper

Other Members

  • Lady Ove Werner
  • Lord Jesper Butler
  • Lady Vivi Hamilton
  • Lord Emil Simpson
  • Lord Mikkel Weber
  • Lady Mikaela Russell
  • Lord Ludvig Bennett
  • Lady Sorina Thomson
  • Syr Greg Craigson




These are the raw recruits, selected from the rest of the sector or from the civilian population located within Kamelot. Most are chosen because they excel in one or more of the many branches of engineering, their potential as a technomancy lens or due to their exceptional mastery of mining equipment.


Those who have made it past basic training are granted the rank of Ensign, this rank is equivalent to that of a Squire from other orders. Ensigns are assigned to either an Engineering or Mining Lieutenant, sometimes several at a time. Once they have finished their training they are adopted into the respective tracts.

Jr. Engineer/Mining Operator

An entry-level position in the order, they make up the bulk of the workers. The Jr. Engineers are usually treated like general labourers, during this time they can choose a focus which will come into play later on in their career.
Mining Operators are the general-purpose mining staff, they are usually subjected to more dangerous environments and seen as mostly expendable until they gain more experience.

Senior Engineer/Mining Captain

The next upgrade path for both entry-level positions.
The Senior Engineers usually pick a specialty at this point and then they split off into their respective categories. They tend to lead their respective teams which are mostly filled with regular engineers.
Mining Captains run the various mining combines that operate within the order. They operate separately from each other, only coming together on large projects or when a contract dictates more manpower.

The Techno-Warlocks

A special rank that is given to those who are adept in the art of Technomancy, these individuals are considered very important to the order and are treated with the highest regard. The TechoWarlocks keep the most important of the systems functioning deep within the bowels of Kamelot. They are often the group with the grandmaster gets chosen from.

Foremen Of The Mines

The Foremen controls the mining operations within the Umbral Forge. This position is granted by the Forgemaster, and is generally only assigned to the most loyal and experienced of the Mining Commanders.

Guardian of the Forge

Assigned by the Forgemaster, The Guardian of the Forge is the leader of the umbral forge military forces. Most engineering and mining lances contain military forces for protection and administration.

Vice Forgemaster

Second, in command of the order, the Vice Forgemaster organizes the personnel, ships and other equipment. In the event that something happens to the Forgemaster, the Vice Forgemaster may be called in to take over their responsibilities until another can be chosen.


The forgemaster leads the Umbral Forge with an iron fist. They collect contracts, establish mining locations and facilitate supply and ship acquisition.