Shepherds of Lost Souls

From Beacon Space

Among the Sidhe, there is a group who take strong interest in the Order of the Sheathed Soul and even more so the Order of the Unsheathed Soul. Those that use the Soul Blade technique represent a blind spot for the Unseelie Court inferred more by absence than anything else. The technique itself is known from those that learn but never use it returning to the fold but what makes an individual use it or how it affects them remains distorted by echoes and impressions.

As such the Sidhe keep watch over those who know the technique in secrecy as part of something like a medical study trying to not to distort their observations too much through the act of observing. Once one of them uses the soul blade they are approached by a Sidhe with the special faculties and equipment to memorize things in a way that is more accessible to the Unseelie Court. They swear the now member of the Order the Unsheathed Soul to absolute secrecy especially towards their former compatriots in the Order of the Sheathed Soul for the aforementioned reason. They then conduct a number of interviews at semi-regular intervals over the rest of the Soulburned’s life and carry those back into the Unseelie Court when they eventually return themselves. This is both to study the effects of the soul blade but more importantly to the Sidhe who undertake this task to preserve as much of the person that has now been lost to the Unseelie Court as a service to the court and as a reverence for the sacrifice made. These Sidhe call themselves the Shepherds of Lost Souls.

Not all Sidhe are capable or comfortable with this practice or even aware of it. Many Sidhe consider the Soul Blade an abomination and fear it. Which can bleed through to their treatment of the Soulburned. As such Shepherds must be carefully chosen and are recruited after extensive research from among all Sidhe no matter their other goals or occupation in the grander design of the Starlit Court.