Order of the Unsheathed Soul

From Beacon Space
Order of the Unsheathed Soul
Motto “Souls Bared”
Parent Faction Starlit Court
Type Knightly Order
Leader Unknown
Homeworld Sihi

The Order of the Unsheathed Soul stands as a solemn and revered sister order to the prestigious Order of the Sheathed Soul within the esteemed realm of the Starlit Court. Comprising knights who have been compelled to wield the formidable technomagical ability known as the Soul Blade in the heat of battle, this order distinguishes itself by the ultimate sacrifice its members make in defense of the Court. The Soul Blade empowers a knight to supercharge their mechs beyond their conventional limits but at the profound cost of permanently damaging the Sheath, a cybernetic implant within the pilot's skull. This Sheath records their life experiences, destined for upload to Avalon upon their eventual demise. The destruction of the Sheath means that the knight's consciousness will never find its way to the Unseelie Court, a realm nestled within Avalon where the souls of deceased knights reside.

Heroes Among Knights

Members of the Order of the Unsheathed Soul are held in the highest regard among the knights of the Starlit Court. They embody heroism in its purest form, having made the ultimate sacrifice for the defense of the realm and its people. In choosing to wield the Soul Blade when it becomes imperative, they willingly forfeit their chance to be uploaded to the Unseelie Court, embracing their destiny to protect those they have sworn to serve.

Eternal Rest in the Mausoleum of the Soulless

Upon the inevitable demise of a member of the Order of the Unsheathed Soul, their physical bodies are interred in elaborate sarcophagi, meticulously crafted and located in the revered Mausoleum of the Soulless. This sacred resting place rests on the Island Sanctuary, situated at the heart of the Churning Sea, atop the capstone of Sihi. Each sarcophagus is a testament to the knight's sacrifice, an enduring symbol of valor and devotion.

Guardians of Hidden Identities

The identities of members belonging to the Order of the Unsheathed Soul remain shrouded in secrecy during their lifetimes. This secrecy is a mark of the respect and reverence accorded to them. Only a select few within the Starlit Court are privy to their names and identities. It is only upon their passing that their names are revealed, carefully inscribed on their respective sarcophagi in the Mausoleum. In this manner, their legacy lives on, celebrated and honored for all time.

A Reminder of Sacrifice

Despite its relatively small size, the Order of the Unsheathed Soul occupies a profound place within the hearts of the knights of the Starlit Court. Its members serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices that must sometimes be made in the unwavering defense of the realm and its people. Their acts of selflessness are celebrated and revered, serving as an enduring testament to the unwavering dedication that defines the Starlit Court.

The Order of the Unsheathed Soul, with its hallowed members and their solemn duty, stands as a timeless reminder that heroism is not always measured by the length of one's life but by the depth of one's commitment to protecting others.