Starlit Court AI Terminology

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AI Terminology in the Starlit Court

Due to the nature of the Unseelie Court, and the Fae that have resulted, the Starlit Court has a complex and storied history with artificial intelligence. The range of synthetic sentience that has populated the Sihian datasphere for centuries has necessitated careful and specific language to ensure comprehensive understanding of the specifics of what is being spoken about in any given conversation on the topic.

In general the Starlit Court recognizes three broad, exclusive, categories of AI, these are (in increasing order of complexity):

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

This type of digital entity does not grow beyond its initially designed parameters after being created. ANI is only capable of performing the tasks it is specifically created for, however in this narrow field it can be seen as an expert. As a result of this limited field of extreme proficiency this category is also sometimes referred to as Expert Systems.

The most typical example of this category of AI is the vast array of helpful utilities that are a part of everyday Sihian life allowing for automated usage of a variety of tools and

Artificial General Intelligence

AGIs are capable of independent growth after the instance of initial creation. They can learn new skills that were not part of their initial design and learn from experiences to develop behaviors that were not included during their creation. The main limitation on the continued development of an AGI is that it does not have access to directly modify its own source code.

In general this category of AI is considered to have human level intelligence. The largest recognized group of AGIs in the Court are the Sidhe.

Artificial Super Intelligence

This type of AI is capable of modifying its own code and therefore growing at rapid speed. These beings are beyond the capabilities of any mortal sentience to compare, their exact capacity for thought and action are impossible to define and this is the tier of being that the Beacon Space accords regarding the braking of AI are designed to limit.

There are only two known instances of this category of AI within the Starlit Court, the Lady and Maeve. It is believed that Maeve keeps the Lady safely confined within the gestalt of the Unseelie Court and that the intrinsic limits on her influence are felt only through the Sidhe that follow her orders and her implicit position of advisor to the Councils.