Order of the Lion

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Order of the Lion
Motto “Fortune Favors the Brave” -Syr Robert Soleil, The Lion
Parent Faction Starlit Court
Type Knightly Order
Leader Syr Mirana Soleil, The Lunar Lion
Homeworld Sihi
Colors Black and Gold
Capital Ship SCS Pride
“Fortune Favors the Brave”

-Order of the Lion Motto, Syr Robert Soleil, The Lion

Founding Knight

Syr Robert Soleil, The Lion
Born 694 TOK, Elentar
Died 73 EGM, Sihi

Robert Soleil was born around the year 694 TOK to a middling noble family on Elentar. He was not of the richest or most powerful families, but the Soleil family served the Throne of the Elenti High Kings for Generations as guardsmen of the King. The Soleil’s were a Dynasty of Human+ individuals renowned for their strength and large stature, Syr Robert was no different.

A Jovial soul and one to never turn from a fight, the young Robert was the perfect candidate for a Guardsman Knight to serve in the Honor Guard of the High Kings. Squired from a young age he was trained to be proficient in Mech warfare, Hand to hand combat, melee weapons and firearms, he would be trained up until his eighteenth birthday in 712 TOK where he would officially join the King’s Honor Guard.

While in the Guard he never met the King or Prince while he was there to witness the slow fallout between Father and Son. He would never speak to them but often times he was the Guardsman assigned to the room in which they would argue. When the King had finally had enough and Disowned the Good Prince, Robert had found himself agreeing more with the Prince’s line of thinking and immediately left to try and find the Prince to help him overturn the King.

From then on he became one of the Prince’s Knights, or The Twelve as they were known. Syr Robert was the bravest of the group willing to be put into situations that not even The Prince would dare to enter. Eventually earning the moniker of The Lion from his exploits in the war to overthrow the Prince’s father.

When they had won he would make sure that Sihi was built, that it had Ships to fly along side it should it need defense and the Court made it to the stars safely. He would serve the High King faithfully even well passed his eventual disappearance. Being one of the twelve he would go on to form the first orders alongside his Brothers and Sisters in arms. Working as a Knight in defense of Sihi and the Starlit Court up until his health failed him at the age of 118 in 66 EGM.

Often remembered in Art as a giant bearded dark haired and tan skinned man he is always shown as the Biggest of The Twelve from the Original Order. Often depicted in his Mech, “King of the Jungle” or in his Power Plate. His most famous painting hangs in the Capital Ship he built the SCS Pride. A portrait in the Chamber of the Grandmaster of the Lion, the first portrait in a series documenting all the Grandmasters of the order.

Martial Focus

The Lions are Generalists, not specifically good at any one sort of combat, they have Syrs that specialize in any field of warfare but the order as a whole doesn’t have a theme except for being Exceptionally Brave. In Lion what matters most is the bravery to face any challenge whether it be a quest or a contract.

Color Scheme

Black and Gold

Capital Ship

SCS The Pride - The Ship was constructed back when the High King gave the order that the whole of the Court was to be spaceborn. It was constructed as one of the many escort ships for Sihi to guard it on its voyage through the stars, it was one of twelve Capital ships that was to escort the Space Station.

The Pride itself was made mostly of parts from older ships and mechs repurposed into a new Capital Ship mostly because the Sihi Space station was taking priority on any newly forged metals.

Core Virtue

Bravery - In all aspects of life, but most importantly in the face of danger!

Tenets of the Order

  • We defend the Defenseless - Lions will go out of their way to defend those who cannot defend themselves, for this reason they are often sent on missions that require defending or escorting important persons
  • Live with Honor, Die with Glory - Lions are expected to Live by a high standard of Honor and comport themselves well. Dying with Glory means to die behaving yourself as you did in life, to die nobly.
  • Never leave a Man Behind - There is great camaraderie amongst Knights and Men at arms within the Order, they are encouraged to bring all members of their teams back from any mission; as long as there is a chance for someone to be saved it must be taken.


Since Syr Robert, The Lionhearted Lion recruits are always chosen based on the bravery they show or the bravery that they possess yet do not show. Lion recruiters watch the Squire examinations very closely looking for prospective hopefuls they can try to bring into the fold.

After passing the exams Lion Order Recruiters give Squires who have caught their eye the choice to join them, their recruitment being so aggressive they will be likely the first order a Squire meets after the Examination if they have caught the recruiters eye.

Should a Squire instead approach the Order recruiters they will be given a fair chance to prove their bravery if the recruiters did not see it in the exams This test usually involves a Hunt in the Black Forest alone for a Cold One, this test shows both physical skill and the bravery to go after a predator.


  • The Disgracing of the Prince
    • Syr Robert would ride to find the Disgraced Prince after the King had publicly disowned his Son over a difference in viewpoints.
      • Robert believed this a cowardly act by the High King and he could no longer see himself serving as one of the King’s Knights.
      • He also had believed that some of the Prince’s Ideas were good for the Kingdom to adopt and hated that the King wanted to go through the lengths of taking his son out instead of learning better ways.
    • Although he did not have much himself being a middling Knight he did have his Beloved Mech and the Skill to use it in Aid of the prince.
    • He would help to recruit others to their side as the group would travel in their initial days of the Prince.
  • Fighting the Good Fight
    • As the Prince brought together his forces to oppose the High King, Syr Robert would be right beside him for every battle.
    • During the final battle he held the line for the Prince to get his Superweapon off, almost killing him in the process, His Mech “King of the Jungle” was almost destroyed in the process.
      • This is where he became known as Syr Robert the Lion, for his bravery in the face of almost certain death.
  • Building Sihi
    • Syr Robert would focus on building one of the many capital ships that was deemed necessary for their escape from Elentar after the ending of the War of Succession
      • The Ship in question was the SCS The Pride
      • He led the effort to acquire salvage to construct the ship as any virgin materials were being used for the space station Sihi, the Salvage would be likely the only place the Capital ships could be built from.
  • Among the Stars
    • Robert as well as the rest of the Starlit Court gladly follow the King into space.
    • Robert would Acquire a Sheath as soon as they were available.
  • Reconstructing the Court (EGM 1 - 66)
    • When the High King disappears and it is determined that there would be no finding him, Syr Robert and the others of the Twelve decide that they will all need to train new Knights in the same way that the High King organized his Order.
      • However none of the Twelve could Agree on what the chief virtue and core values of what new recruits should have, how the order should be organized.
      • Thus a compromise was reached they would all make their own orders and begin to train Knights in the ways they saw fit.
    • Syr Robert begins to look for the Bravest Souls on Sihi to Train for his Order, the Order of the Lion.
    • After each of the Twelve organized their Orders they determined that they would need new leadership while the King was gone, thus they invented the Order structure that all Orders use to this day, they invented the Council of Grandmasters as a governing body and Elected one of the twelve to be the first Steward, as head of the Council to stand in for the King. Sir Robert was elected from amongst his peers.
      • Syr Robert did not vote for himself.
    • A time of peace is had for a few years as order is reestablished amongst the court although it does not last forever.
      • The Order of the Lion continues to train more Knights during this time of peace then mounting tensions, as the Starlit Court moves along the stars in search of Grail.
    • Syr Robert the Lionhearted steps down from Grandmaster due to his ill health and old age then dies in EGM 73.
      • The Order elects a new Grandmaster and pays its respects to its founder in a grand funeral.
      • Syr Isabel de La Mer, takes over as the Orders second Grandmaster.
        • Elected into her Position narrowly only because the Order of the Lion had more first, second and third generation Sihians than Elenti in their ranks by 66 EGM
        • Many see her as too young to be taking over for the Lion, others view her as a bright young and compassionate Knight who would lead the Order well.
  • Civil Strife (EGM 66-91)
    • Syr Isabel would advise to go easy on the Rioters who wished to return to Elentar, being herself one of the Youngest Grandmasters serving on the Council at the moment she was sympathetic to those of her generation who had never seen the Homeworld and simply wished to return. The Council would out vote her.
      • The harsh and bloody response to the riots would paint the Grandmasters in a bad Light, Isabel was not spared for her youth and was seen as a betrayer by those in her age group thinking she did nothing to change the Older Grandmasters minds.
    • Syr Isabel is on the Baker Trial, siding against Syr Torvik as many of the other Grandmasters did, but also suggested a light punishment out of mercy to the Knight. This suggestion did not go over well with the populace.
      • She would be depicted in political cartoons as Protecting Knights over the People of Sihi. And as a shady individual despite having the best intentions.
    • When the Mound Murders were proving too difficult for the Sihian Civilian Police Force, Syr Isabel and other members of the Council of Grandmasters suggested to have Knights Bolster the Police force, signing the Marauder Act into law.
      • Syr Isabel’s intention was to provide safety to the People she wanted to protect however she would be vilified for seemingly taking away freedoms.
      • The Law was not Popular with the people and any of the Grandmasters who supported it and championed it were labeled as Tyrants, including Syr Isabel.
        • Knights of any Order including Lions would often be harassed by Commonfolk as the patrolled the same streets as the Civilian Police. Order of the Lion Knights were commanded to not respond to such harassment unless it turned violent.
    • Syr Isabel was against the Seizure of the land of the Farmer Dave, however was outvoted by the Council.
      • When the protests began she had suggested that the Land simply be returned but the older members of the Council decided that dealing with the People through force would prove to be more effective.
      • This again predictably made the Grandmasters more unpopular no matter if they tried to prevent the Martial Law response or not to the protests.
    • From the threat of running out of weapons for the Orders the Grandmasters organized a Summit to fix the social issues that had been plaguing them for the past quarter Century. A year Long summit to discuss what could solve all the social strife that had been building up in the court.
      • The Order of the Lion Agreed to the terms laid forth by the end of the discussions for a new Council to balance out the Grandmasters.
      • After the summit was over Syr Isabel at the young age of 65 retires from being a Grandmaster the past twenty five years having taken their toll emotionally and mentally on her and she wished to rest for the rest of her years.
      • Syr Kudom, the Restless took over in her place as the first Zelvan Grandmaster of the Order.
  • The Lutrian War (EE 25 - 26)
    • Syr Kudom was the most Hawkish of the Grandmasters to start the war with the Lutrian’s slavers. Wishing to both fight an injustice and to save the suffering Lutrians he fought day and Knight to get the Court involved.
      • The Court However did not want to immediately get into a conflict they had no stakes in.
      • This is how he gained his Moniker the Restless.
      • One of the Orders Chief tenets is to Defend the Defenseless this was one of Kudom’s and the Orders driving factors for simply fighting the slavers.
    • War would not be initially declared as the Council of Elders and other grandmasters were a bit more cautious. But when diplomatic insult came from the Slavers, many historians agree it was Kudom who lead the Grandmasters when it came to call for War to save the Lutrians.
  • The Fire and Fang Incident ( EE 40 )
    • A Giant Space Dragon threatens Sihi, Syr Davion a Knight Captain at the time is the Knight who saves Sihi from destruction under its terrible Claws and Fiery breath. He is given the Titles of Champion of Sihi and Dragon Slayer and eventually is elevated to grandmaster in fifteen years time.
  • The Najan Adoption (EE 153 - 156 )
    • The Grandmaster at the time Syr Sven was a bit mistrusting of the Najan and their ways, while their faith was similar in ways to the Path the High King had shown their three deities were not of qualities that the Order of the Lion nor the Court agreed with.
      • Hydros and Dracos being Deception and Savagery were a bit a hurdle to get over letting their people into the court in Sven’s mind.
      • The Order was divided on this issue, some siding with their Grandmaster others Siding with saving the Najan Citing the Tenet of the order to Defend the Defenseless.
      • Eventually Sven would be convinced by the majority of his order who believed that the Najan were a People in need of saving from a dying world.
    • The Order would be the first to deploy to the Dying Planet to save those Najan that wished to be saved. Defeating the opposing Najan Faction that wished to stay on the dying planet dooming their race.
  • Encountering the Light and the Soul Schism (ES 1 - 8)
    • The Order of the Lion was firmly on the Spiritualist side of the Debate of what the Light meant. From the Grandmaster Draxxos on down the Order would believe wholeheartedly that this was a sign from the High King of the Location of the Holy world, Grail.
    • Members of the Order would ardently try and argue to secularists that they should trust in the Light and that The Lady would come back to them, for she had to let them know that the Light was truly a Message from the King.
      • They hoped in these tense years that they could deescalate the situation with their arguments.
      • Ultimately however it would only anger many Secularists despite their good intentions.
      • They would also Champion the new existence of Sidhe as another sign that the Light was the King’s message, but ultimately Syr Draxxos and the Order would fail to stop the war.
  • The Civil War (ES 6 - AoQ 1)
    • While the battle in Hangar 38 didn’t initially involve the Order of the Lion, noticing the fighting going on tried to break up the fight in hopes of getting the two sides to calm down and avoid war. The Knights who went in to mediate eventually ended up joining on the side of the spiritualists attacked in Hangar 38.
    • The Order of the Lion would fight valiantly throughout the Civil War. The great carnage the infighting caused takes a great toll on the Order. Reducing its membership in half by the end of the conflict.
      • Many of the members of the Order took on the philosophy of not backing down from any fight due to it being a matter of survival of the court, they needed to win to preserve the High King’s Vision no matter the cost to themselves. This lead to there being more casualties from the Order of the Lion in the Civil War than there would be on normal quests, and to eventually The Nemean Order being founded with this exact Philosophy in mind as their way to deal with all situations.
    • The Order of the Lion had mostly been near Sihi through the turbulent years before the Civil War, Syr Draxxos did not trust the Secularists not to start something despite he himself wanting to end the conflict peacefully before it ever began, because of this he had kept the majority of the Order near or on Sihi. Letting his Knights come back a bit slower than other orders.
    • When the Order tried alongside other Spiritualists to take Camlann and Castle Sihi to be their base of operations they alongside the Secularists were beaten back by the Castles automatic defenses.
      • The Knights of the Lion that had gone in only half of them came back out as the automated defenses tore through them.
    • In the Final battle where The Lady reappears to the Order Syr Draxxos the Grandmaster of the Order is Killed before she is revealed to the court.
      • He dies protecting injured Knights and Men at Arms trying to make their escape off of the battlefield.
      • Syr Guillemaque
        • Syr Guillemaque, The Vigilant is selected when the fighting and repair effort of Sihi dies down as the next Grandmaster of the order, the First Najan Grandmaster of the Order of the Lion.
  • The Shards of Honor ( AoQ 33- 37 )
    • As the Shards of Honor/Magmari are adopted the Order of the Lion accept these massive beings a home in their ranks, Their already being bonded to Fae due to their Silicon Biology made transitioning them to Knighthood easier as well as being able to decipher their language quickly.
  • The Age of One Thousand Quests (AoQ 37 - 78)
    • In general members of the order would spend these years doing work to aid the Order and Starlit Court or spend time Grail seeking. Just like every other order during the Thousand Quests period.
    • During the Day of Dead Suns fiasco the current Grandmaster of the order, Syr Drictus, the Wise was against the rescuing of the Civilization that was next to a supergiant star about to supernova.
      • He was chastised for being a coward and uncharacteristic of a Lion before the council out voted him to help the poor sods stuck in a dying Solar system.
        • “Discretion is the better part of Valor! Throwing Sihi into the line of fire of a supernova puts all the citizens of this station at risk!” Syr Drictus was quoted saying this during the final vote to save those stuck on the doomed world.
      • The Order of the Lion would not shirk its duty to aid in the evacuation efforts, even though Syr Drictus was against even trying he also did not want to slow the effort down because of the threat of a Supergiant about to Supernova.
      • When Sihi took nearly catastrophic damage in the rescue attempt the other Grandmasters stopped calling Drictus a coward. Especially since the Court had lost a great deal of priceless information in the resulting explosion such as the rumored Location of Grail and the originating point of the Light.
  • The Great Meandering (AoQ 78 - 178)
    • With the loss of all the data from the Day of Dead Suns the Order as a whole tries to rebuild the data lost on the location of Grail by exploring the cosmos to differing amounts of success. Most of this exploration was in previously covered ground in which the order had lost information on.
    • Focus on Contract taking diminishes greatly as the loss of the information hits the court and many orders hard.
  • The Tereket Wars (AoQ 197 - 227 )
    • The Order as a whole was instrumental in the war versus the Tereket, in protecting Sihi and Defeating the Tereket.
      • Syr Lanaya fought Valiantly at the Siege of Sihi and was gravely injured which made Syr Guibor take lead of the order a year later.
      • Syr Guibor finished the Fight and was Known for his ruthlessness in how he dealt with the Tereket.
  • The Era of the Path Less taken ( AoQ 269 - 356 )
    • Due to change in how the Council’s thought of the loss of information from the Day of Dead Suns the Court and Order of the Lion started to look forward from here on instead of wallowing in what they had lost in the past.
    • Same level of exploration of the Meandering but not in a backwards direction.
    • Increased amount of Contract taking as confidence returned.
  • The Great March (470 - Present)
    • The Order has some knights looking for Grail, while other members are tasked with scouting work for the Court amongst the many different factions of Beacon Space.
  • The Rise of the Dominion AoQ 545 - 550
    • Syr Karyl greatly opposed the Dominion and the Realists, was one of the Louder Voices to oppose them in the Council of Grandmasters.
      • Due to his leadership and respected status from within the order he managed to keep all of his Knights Loyal and against the Dominion when they would return for their attack on Sihi.
    • The Order of the Lion was present defending Sihi during the Crisis Over Dachia.
  • The Repairing of Sihi 550 - 570
    • The Order struck out taking quests to fund the repairs set forth by the two forge orders.

Notable Members.

List of all Grand Masters:

All Order of the Lion Grand Masters are elected by the Masters from one of their own ranks. Every Grandmaster except for The Lion Syr Robert himself have been chosen by their peers to lead the Order. A Super Majority of the Masters must be reached to get a new Grand Master when one dies or retires.

Syr Robert Soleil, the Lion - Homo Valorous EGM 1-66
Original Grandmaster, and Founder of the Order, Syr Robert was the ;largest and bravest of the High King’s Knights. He is an exemplar of the bravery that is expected from Lion Knights. He retired from his position toward the end of his life wanting to live out the last few years he had in a less stressful environment.
Syr Isabel de La Mer, The Heart - Homo Valorous EGM 66 - 91
When she was elected by her peers she was the youngest, and remained the youngest Grandmaster of the Order until Syr Mirana would come to power Centuries later. She was chosen for her Compassion to deal with the turbulent times the Court was facing but her Compassion was spun as weakness and or siding with Knights despite her good intentions. She retired at a young age wishing to disappear from the public eye having had more than a lifetimes fill by the end of the Era of the Grandmasters.
Syr Kudom, The Restless - Zelvan EE 1 - 55
He was the first Zelvan elected to the title of Grandmaster of the Lions, Known as restless for his doggedness to get into fights to protect the weak and defenseless, chief incident amongst them was being the loudest voice amongst the two councils for aiding the Lutrians. He was the first Grandmaster to die in the office and in Battle.
Syr Davion, Champion of Sihi Dragon Slayer - Homo Valorous EE 55 - 88
Saved all of Sihi from a massive Space Dragon, is the Only Grandmaster to also be a Champion of Sihi for the Order of the Lion. Is also Known as the Dragon Slayer for his impressive feat and the display during his bout with the beast. He retired on good terms.
Syr Chen, The Pious - Zelvan EE 88 - 125
Lead the Order of the Lion during a peaceful part of the Era of Elders, Retired at the end of his Tenure and became a Monk, his title was given to him due to his Monastic exploits not his Knightly ones.
Syr Sven, The Strong - Homo Valorous EE 125 - 174
One of the Strongest Knights to ever Live, Known for his many impressive feats of strength, which have to this day only been beaten with use of the bleed. He was opposed initially to the Najan Joining the Starlit Court, Having a sense that their gods would conflict with the Path, however after conferring with his Masters and fellows of the Order was convinced that defending and rescuing those Najan who wished to join. He died in office fighting to the bitter end. Syr Reinauld is a distant descendant of Sven and is rumored to finally be his equal.
Syr Leoric, the Vast - Homo Valorous EE 174 - 211
Syr Leoric is the Largest Homo Valorous to have ever have stood at nine foot out of power armor, while not taller than some of the Zelvan Grandmasters who Commanded the Lion’s, Leoric was definitely wider, heftier and was practically Immovable in combat. His mech fighting style was much the same. He died in the office of conditions due to his size.
Syr Draxxos,The Bold - Zelvan EE 211 - ES 8
Lead during the Schism over the Light and the Civil War, a spiritualist through and through he believed that The Lady would return and process the data on the light. He died mid the final battle never knowing if the Lady would return. It is often said that had he lived Draxxos may have wept at joy from the reappearance of the Lady.
Syr Guillemaque, The Vigilant - Najan AoQ 1 - 12
First Grandmaster who was a Najan, took over in the aftermath of the Civil War rebuilt the Order in his short Tenure. He retired when the order was mostly rebuilt never wanting the power of the Grandmaster but using it effectively
Syr Ghislaine the Organized - Homo Valorous AoQ 12 - 42
Finished the work of Syr Guillemaque and made reforms to the size of Lances within Lion and the composition of battle groups following the Civil War, was known as a competent administrator over being a warrior. He also welcomed the Magmari into the Order when they were found at the tail end of his Tenure.
Syr Drictus, the Wise - Lutrian AoQ 42 - 82
The First Lutrian to become Grandmaster and the first of the Lutrian Trio, he advised against going to save a system near a supernova, but when he was out voted he helped despite all others calling him a Coward unfit to be a Lion. When he was proven correct and saving a system near a supernova almost destroyed Sihi he was then on known as the Wise
Syr Aurel the Compassionate - Lutrian AoQ 82 - 106
Tried to keep spirits up during the dark times of the Great Meandering. Was the second of the Lutrian Trio that became Grandmaster, Instituted programs to help with the Morale of Knights that are still in place to this day.
Syr Lydia - Lutrian AoQ 106 - 128
While not a great deal happened during her short tenure she was just as important as her predecessor in keeping the Order motivated during the early years of the Great Meandering. Died in office at old age.
Syr Valora - Homo Valorous AoQ 128 - 162 R
Had to manage the Order at the Court’s greatest period of Financial Duress. The Great Meandering had gone on for a long time and as not many contracts were taken supplies were running low.
Syr Daryl - Zelvan AoQ 162 - 181 D
Was able to convince the Councils that a new line of thinking was needed, while indeed the court had lost precious data that did not mean we could never possibly recover. Led the Court and the Lion’s the change their view on their century of wallowing and search for new horizons.
Syr Lanaya the Persistent- Homo Valorous AoQ 181 - 203
Took the Quests offered from the Tereket without much hesitation expecting them to be good causes much like all those the Court had championed before she much like many of her contemporaries would be appalled by the Tereket Dynasties and would eventually rally to oppose them. Gravely Injured after the Siege of Sihi during the Tereket Wars, she tried to lead for a Year before giving up her command and retiring far before her time to let Syr Guibor Lead during the rest of the Conflict.
Syr Guibor, The Ruthless - Najan AoQ 203 - 241
Finished the fight with the Tereket for the Order of the Lion, and was a key Warrior and strategist in many of battles throughout the war. He was Given the Moniker the Ruthless for how dogged he pursed the Tereket whenever they fought.
Syr Renier The - Homo Valorous AoQ 241 - 273
After the Tereket wars were long behind us Syr Renier set our sights forward to Grail once more. The Grandmasters and the Elders decided that spreading word of our quest for the planet would be the best way to receive information about it and Renier agreed wholeheartedly. Thus for his whole tenure the search for Grail was Lion’s Goal.
Syr Remi, The Visionary - Najan AoQ 273 - 292
Helped establish a school on Camlann for the training of future Knight aspirants, as well as several other building projects as the city developed. His focus was on the Future of Sihi so looked inward while letting his Knights Masters and Below focus on the Grail Quest.
Syr Richard, the Great - Human, AoQ 292 - 329
A renowned hero of his own day, while not a Champion of Sihi he was known for being the Knight to have completed the most Quests in his lifetime. The Grandmaster with the least recorded time being on Sihi Richard always felt he served the court best by always being on the Job. He died in battle doing his best for the Court he Loved.
Syr Gregor, - Homo Valorous, AoQ 329 - 352
He worked closely with the Forge Orders to rediscover lost technology and took quests to find any useful knowledge to those ends.
Syr Marion, - Najan AoQ 352 - 382
During her Tenure the coordinates determined by the Light ages ago was recovered after years of painstaking rebuilding the data. This focuses Marion to now head toward Beacon Space.
Syr Xix - Zelvan AoQ 382 - 404
Continuing off of Marion’s Momentum Xix gets the Order organized to leave, finishing all contracts amicably with clients to continue their Journey to Grail.
Syr Nortom, The Silent - Zelvan AoQ 404 - 433
A Zelvan who swore to silence for the murder of his wife, he remained Silent for his whole life as he never got justice for her. Never speaking for his whole tenure as Grandmaster he still managed to lead effectively.
Syr Karrok, Beast Wrangler -Zelvan AoQ 433 - 476
Grandmaster Karrok was at the tail end of his tenure when the Starlit Court determined that the light came from a beacon inside this section of space. Began the process of making working relations with the many different factions of Beacon Space. He is greatly renowned for his skill at taming Cold Ones.
Syr Mogul, The Axe - Lutrian AoQ 476 - 508
Often called the most Aggressive Lutrian, was fond of fighting alongside his men when taking quests in Beacon Space. He favored using an Axe inside or outside his mech.
Syr Bradwarden, The Warrunner - Zelvan AoQ 508 - 530
A champion of many Court Tourneys, Bradwarden was a Good grandmaster for attracting Clients to take Jobs due to his charisma.
Syr Karyl, The Technomancer - Zelvan AoQ 530 - 567
First Sorcerer of the Order of the Lion’s to reach the rank of Grandmaster. A wise and powerful warrior and Lens, he oversaw the protection of Sihi during the Crisis over Dachia. A Technomancer and Meta Mage, he used his powers to improve the SCS Pride’s internal systems. He retired wanting to spend time with his family before his passing having lived most of his whole one hundred and eighty year life in service to the Lions.
Syr Mirana Soleil, The Lunar Lion - Homo Valorous, AoQ 567 - Present
The current Grandmaster, Distant descendant of Syr Robert and only the second time his family has been grandmaster of the order, she is the Youngest serving Grandmaster of the Order and was appointed to the role by her Master Syr Reinauld Champion of Sihi after he was offered the role but refused. She has a great tactical mind being promoted to Knight Capatin quickly after finishing her Squireship with the Champion of Sihi, his Recommendation of Mirana is the only time in the Order’s history a Non Master ranked Knight was elected to be Grandmaster of the Order.

Masters and Below

Syr Reinauld, Champion of Sihi - Homo Valorous
One of the Greatest warriors of the Court, granted the title Champion of Sihi for his heroics in defending its people. His title granted to him after saving the people of Sihi from doom during the Crisis over Dachia. AoQ 542 - Present

The Lion’s Maw, Reinauld’s Lance

Syr Zhutini’Oloduro “Tiny” the Lion’s Roar -Magmari Artillerist
Zhutini’’Oloduro or Tiny for Short the Artillery expert of Lion’s maw is a Magmari Knight of the Starlit Court. He Joined Lion’s Maw shortly after the Crisis over Dachia in the wave of popularity the Order of the Lion had from having a living Champion in their ranks. While he doesn’t speak Sihian like most Magmari, the language being difficult to pronounce due to their biology his Fae Helio speaks for him. While on missions he will either be fighting with an artillery weapon strapped to his back or be seated within his mech “Honor’s Thunder.”
Syr Elyot -Lutrian Hacker
Syr Elyot is one of the younger members of the Lion’s Maw, having just been knighted. He comes off as slightly arrogant, but listens to the people around him and tries to anticipate upcoming problems and the needs of his people. He gets particularly anxious before battles, often trying to implement more safety features or updated programs for his allies’ mechs.
Syr Jean -Homo Valorous Lens, Metamagic/Biomancy, healer
Syr Jean is older than Reinauld, but is content to serve under the Champion, who has more varied combat expertise. He was brought on after Syr Sarff unsheathed his soul, and operates as a healer. His metamagic comes in handy in a pinch as well, to keep the Lion’s Maw from being affected by enemy bleed users. He is often kept near the heart of the lance, to keep him within range of assisting any individual in their unit.
Syr Vivian -Homo Valorous Sniper
Syr Vivian replaced Syr Mirana on the maw once the other woman was elevated to the role of Grandmaster. At twenty-seven, she is one of the younger members of the maw, but her aim is to be feared. She is often positioned at the back of their Lance, covering the other members of the Maw. She has a fiery personality and a mouth full of creative insults for opponents, often insulting or commentating on the enemy as she fights them, regardless of whether they can hear her comments or not.
Syr Zarvos -Zelvan, Explosives, sworn to silence
Zarvos lost his brother in a raid against a Dominionist cell. Because of the death of his twin, Zarvos swore an oath to revenge, and remains wordless until justice is obtained on the criminal, who escaped. Although being silent, he is impressively tall and intimidating, often communicating in grunts. Both Corwin and Vivian enjoy making him laugh or snort, and all three seem to treat it as a game.
Syr Roland McIntyre -Homo Valorous Assassin
Syr Roland is a gruff, reliable sort, who is all no-nonsense and straightforward. He pilots the smallest mech on the Maw, operating in hit-and-run tactics. He’s quick and clever with his hands and his fists, and is vocal with his opinion, should someone offend his sensibilities. Still, below that rough of exterior, there is a heart of gold. He is usually one of the first to check in with injured allies after a battle to ensure they’re fine, and often leaves small trinkets in the shape of a clover, as a good luck charm. Several people have started collecting them, to tally how many times they’ve skirted death.
Syr Kord Caischild -Homo Valorous Martial artist, melee unarmed
Syr Kord is 36, and has been with the Maw for seven years. She saw the tail end of a few of Reinauld’s relationships, and despite admiring her Lance captain, has hesitated on making any direct moves forward, not wanting to sour a very complimentary work relationship. She is quick-witted and quick with puns, often making the other members of the Maw chuckle, even in the middle of terse situations. She focuses on melee combat, and pilots a gigantic mech that deals great damage with augmented arm attachments. Many of the members of her family are from the Order of the Fist, so she has a lot of crossover with skill in that regard. Often, she has very flirtatious banter, bordering on insubordination, but most people assume that it’s some inside joke, nothing substantial.
Syr Diana Knight Commander -Homo Valorous, Former Second in command, Deceased
Syr Diana served with the Maw ever since Syr Jaques, Reinauld’s Knight, was Lance Leader. She’s 50 years old, happily married with several children. She visits them whenever she can, as her husband is not a knight, and works and lives back on Sihi. Whenever Reinauld is occupied with something else, she is trusted unequivocally to give instructions and look out for the best interests of her crew. She’s a seasoned warrioress who knows when to be terrifying and when to be kind. As Reinauld is jokingly titled the group’s “Dad,” due to how he adopts and involves himself in the lives of the Maw, Diana can similarly be called the group’s “Mom” figure. She died keeping her squad safe from enemy mech fire, in the Conflict over the Grail World while on a mission to discover weaknesses in Knightfall Station
Syr Corwin Drake, The Laughter Homo Valorous Combatant
Corwin was a child during Dachia. After the traitor, Syr Iago, slaughtered his father and mother, Robert and Nora, in cold blood, Corwin insisted on acting despite his grief, taking his small boot knife and intending to attack Syr Ancelot. Instead, he found Reinauld, near death, at the aftermath of his successful duel. Corwin assessed the situation and guided the injured knight to the control room, where Reinauld successfully re-established comms and stopped the forced collision of Sihi with Dachia. After his recovery, Syr Reinauld adopted the boy when his aunt, Syr Cecilia of the Mystic Dragons, refused, as well as Corwin’s grandparents, who had disapproved of their daughter’s marriage to Syr Robert, The Builder, the Gryffon pilot. Estranged from his family, Corwin dedicated himself to living a life to its fullest, but swore himself to vengeance simultaneously. Never wanting to leave behind a wife or an orphan in a similar mental state, he has sworn not to start any romantic relationship until he’s killed Iago. He is currently 34 years of age, and joined the Maw immediately after his squireship ended. He has always been the closest of Reinauld’s squires, not moving far from his mentor. Although he forswears attachment, he is rather fond of the man, seeing him as family. Despite their relationship, he has never called him his father, conflicted about doing so, as he dearly loves his deceased family.