Fellowship of Authors and Journalists

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The Fellowship of Authors and Journalists (FAJ) is the largest publisher and association of writers, journalists, and playwrights on the planet of Sihi. Founded in EE 29 by the remaining employees of a Lutrian publishing house, the organization has grown to become a powerful force in the literary and journalistic world, with a membership of over 100,000 writers and journalists from all across Sihi.

The FAJ's mission is to promote and support the interests of writers and journalists, to advance the art and craft of writing, and to provide a platform for its members to connect and collaborate. The organization is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community of writers and journalists, and to supporting freedom of expression and the right to information.

The FAJ publishes two of the largest newspapers and magazines on Sihi, namely The Sihi Times and The Sihi Sun, among others as well as numerous popular books and vid-series. The Sihi Times is a daily newspaper that covers local, national, and international news, while The Sihi Sun is a weekly magazine that focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, and culture.

The FAJ also runs several programs and initiatives to support its members and promote writing and journalism on Sihi. These include writing workshops, mentorship programs, and literary festivals. The organization also advocates for the rights of writers and journalists, and works closely with local and national governments to promote policies that support the arts and journalism.

The FAJ is governed by a board of directors, which is elected by its members. The board is responsible for setting the organization's policies and direction, and for ensuring that its activities and programs are aligned with its mission and values. The FAJ is funded through membership dues, donations, and advertising revenue from its publications.

Overall, the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists is a vital and influential organization in the world of writing and journalism on Sihi. Its commitment to promoting the interests of writers and journalists, fostering a diverse and inclusive community, and supporting freedom of expression and the right to information makes it an important force for good in the world.


Camlann Headquarters

At the heart of Camlann, where the city's intellectual and artistic energies converge, stands the grand headquarters of the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists. This venerable institution, a cornerstone of literary and journalistic excellence, serves as a symbol of the enduring power of words in shaping culture and society.

Situated in a historic building in Camlann's literary quarter, the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists headquarters is a haven for writers and journalists. It houses an extensive library, writing studios, and a press where notable publications are produced. The fellowship hosts literary events, book readings, and discussions, fostering a vibrant community of wordsmiths.

The Fellowship of Authors and Journalists' Camlann Headquarters is a testament to the enduring power of the written word. It is a place where literature and journalism converge, where creativity flourishes, and where the voices of authors and journalists echo through the ages, shaping the course of knowledge and culture in the universe.

Architectural Splendor

The headquarters is a testament to architectural splendor, a blend of classical and contemporary design that captivates visitors as they approach its imposing façade. The edifice is adorned with intricate reliefs, showcasing scenes from literary classics and pivotal moments in journalism.

The Great Library

Within the hallowed halls of the headquarters lies the renowned "Great Library." It is a bibliophile's paradise, housing an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, and periodicals from across the universe. The library is a scholarly sanctuary, a place where authors, journalists, and researchers delve into the written word to uncover knowledge and inspiration.

Editorial Sanctum

The headquarters boasts an editorial sanctum, where writers and journalists collaborate, edit, and refine their works. It is a place where the sparks of creativity are ignited, and where stories are crafted with precision and passion.

Debate and Discourse

The Fellowship's headquarters is a hub of intellectual discourse. It hosts regular symposiums, literary debates, and journalistic forums, where ideas are exchanged, perspectives are challenged, and the boundaries of literary and journalistic excellence are continually expanded.

Archival Excellence

The institution prides itself on its archival excellence, maintaining a meticulous record of historical publications, journalistic reports, and literary masterpieces. This repository of knowledge and history serves as a valuable resource for scholars and researchers.

Cultural Nexus

Beyond its role as a bastion of literary and journalistic excellence, the Fellowship's headquarters is a cultural nexus within Camlann. It welcomes renowned authors, celebrated journalists, and aspiring wordsmiths, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Inverness Theater District Branch

Located in the heart of Inverness' bustling Theater District, the branch office of the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists stands as a beacon for wordsmiths and storytellers. This haven of literary and journalistic creativity is a place where the written word thrives amidst the artistic vibrancy of the district.

The Theater District Branch of the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists is a cherished institution in Inverness, where creativity flourishes, stories come to life, and the power of the written word is celebrated in the heart of this cultural oasis.

Elegant Facade

The branch's exterior exudes a sense of elegance, with a façade adorned with intricate literary motifs and a welcoming entrance framed by towering bookshelves. It serves as both a sanctuary for writers and a source of inspiration for passersby.

Hub of Creativity

Inside, the branch office buzzes with creative energy. The spacious interior is lined with shelves filled with a diverse array of books, manuscripts, and periodicals, catering to a wide range of literary tastes. Comfortable reading nooks, cozy writing corners, and communal workspaces provide a conducive environment for authors and journalists to craft their narratives.

Literary Events

The branch hosts a dynamic calendar of literary events, including book readings, author signings, panel discussions, and journalism workshops. It serves as a platform for emerging talents and celebrated authors to connect with their audience and share their insights.

Journalistic Resources

For journalists, the branch offers access to a comprehensive archive of local and interstellar news, along with state-of-the-art research facilities. It's a space where investigative reporters, columnists, and correspondents can collaborate and access vital resources for their work.

Community Hub

Beyond its role as a literary and journalistic haven, the branch office serves as a community hub. It fosters connections between writers, journalists, and the local population, promoting the exchange of ideas and the celebration of the written word.

Popular Products of FAJ


The Sihi Times
A daily newspaper that covers local, national, and international news.
The Sihi Sun
A weekly magazine that focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, and culture.
Pen Dragon
A weekly tabloid known for its sensationalist and often exaggerated reporting on a variety of topics, including celebrity gossip, politics, and crime.
A literary magazine that focuses on publishing short stories, poems, and essays from up-and-coming writers.
The Critic
A magazine that features in-depth reviews and critiques of books, movies, plays, and other forms of media.
The Playwright's Digest
A newsletter that provides news and resources for playwrights, including information on upcoming competitions, calls for submissions, and workshops.
A magazine aimed at freelance writers and journalists, featuring advice on pitching, negotiating rates, and managing finances.
The Script Doctor
A service provided by FAJ members who offer script editing and feedback for screenwriters and playwrights.
The Observer
A lifestyle magazine that covers fashion, entertainment, travel, and other topics of interest to a broad readership.
The Literary Gazette
A monthly publication that provides updates on the latest book releases, author interviews, and literary events.

These are just a few examples, as the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists produces a wide range of publications catering to various interests and specialties.

Famous Vid-Series

The Chronicles of Sihi
A historical fiction series exploring the rich cultural and political history of Sihi, spanning over the last thousand years of events.
Tales from the Void
A science fiction series set in a distant future where Grail has been discovered and the Court has sent out explorers across the galaxy, encountering strange new worlds and civilizations.
Mysteries of the Unknown
A docuseries that investigates paranormal and supernatural phenomena, exploring the unexplained mysteries of the universe.
The Art of War
A series of documentaries that examines the tactics, strategies, and leadership of historical military leaders.
The Culinary Adventures of Sihi
A food and travel series that takes viewers on a journey through the diverse culinary traditions and flavors of Sihi's many species, regions, and cultures.
The Great Sihi Debate
A political talk show that features lively discussions and debates between prominent political figures, intellectuals, and experts on the most pressing issues facing Sihi today.
Uncharted Territories
An adventure series that follows a team of explorers as they venture into uncharted space, uncovering hidden treasures and encountering danger at every turn.
The Life and Times of Preston Sonoda
A Sihian comedy following the low-ranking Space Trucker pilot Preston Sonoda, who awakens after being in suspended animation for three million years to find he is the last surviving crew member on board the Trucking spacecraft STV Honour is Absolute.

These are just a few examples of FAJ's popular vid-series, there are many more available for audiences of all interests and ages.

Famous Members of FAJ

  • Gunnar Olafsson - playwright and screenwriter known for his dark, psychological dramas.
  • Arjun Mehta - Critically acclaimed playwright and screenwriter known for his sharp social commentary.
  • Maya Sharma - Historian and author of several seminal works on the cultural history of Sihi.
  • Daniel Kim - Popular sci-fi and fantasy author whose works have been adapted into vid-series and films.
  • Priya Sharma - Novelist and short story writer whose works explore themes of love, loss, and identity.
  • Meera Patel - Novelist and short story writer whose works often explore themes of family and tradition.
  • Anushka Patel - Novelist and short story writer whose works explore themes of identity and belonging.
  • Aditya Desai - Political commentator and author of several books on democracy and civic engagement. Editor of The Sihi Times.
  • Helga Lundqvist - historian specializing in Viking Age Scandinavia and its impact on modern culture.
  • Rajiv Khanna - Screenwriter and director known for his critically acclaimed films on social issues.
  • Ingrid Svensdottir - actress and director who has brought many Sihian legends to the stage and screen.
  • Kavita Sharma - Award-winning journalist and author of several bestselling books on politics and culture.
  • Sara Khan - Poet and spoken word artist whose work has been widely acclaimed for its social commentary.
  • Saira Smything - Award-winning journalist and lead writer of Pen Dragon.
  • Jake Collins - Prize-winning journalist and author of several bestselling books on foreign policy.
  • Nia ferch Geraint - Editor-in-chief of Pen Dragon and Chair of the FAJ Board of Directors.
  • Ayesha Singh - Author and activist known for her work on gender and sexuality.
  • Ravi Gupta - Political commentator and host of a popular talk show on Sihi's largest news network.
  • Anjali Chakraborty - Historian and author of several books on the social and cultural history of Sihi.
  • Nandini Nair - Journalist and author of several books on science and technology.