Weapons of the Starlit Court

From Beacon Space

The Knights of Sihi and the Men at Arms that fight alongside them use a vast array of weaponry across many scales of warfare. From the colossal magnetically accelerated shells of their capital ship mass drivers down to the smallest of coil guns.

Ranged Weaponry

Mag Weaponry

The vast majority of Sihian ranged weaponry is projectile based, using magnetic propulsion to launch ferrous slugs at high velocity. They come in a large variety of scales and designs, having been customized to the specifications of a multitude of knights over the centuries.

Coil Guns

Although they are incapable of piercing power-plate coil guns are generally very effective in use against less well armored opponents and as such Coil guns are the standard sidearm of the Starlit military found at the hip of most officers and across security and law enforcement on Sihi. Coil guns are also the only ranged weapons allowed to be worn as part of a dress uniform outside of drill, parade or particular guard duties.

Tri-Laucher Hand Cannon

A particularly large pistol made for putting down several slugs of ferromagnetic metal down range quickly. While it cannot pierce power-plate, this hand cannon is known to stop unarmored opponents in a single shot.

Gauss Rifles

The increased size and power of gauss rifles when compared to coil guns allows for a similar increase in the stopping power they are capable of producing. Ranging from standard rifles that need several shots to pierce power-plate to sniper platforms that can put a hole through a foot of hardened steel at over a mile gauss rifles make up the majority of the person scale firepower of the Sihian military.

Wyvern Long Rifle

Specifically chambered to allow rapid semi-automatic fire the Wyvern Long Rifle is a common example of Sihian gauss rifles. The standard pattern is produced en masse by the Forge Orders and it is a typical rifle of the Sihian Men-at-Arms.

Cold One Hunting Rifle

Designed specifically to pierce the thick reptilian hides of Cold Ones when they are hunted for food on Sihi, these are some of the strongest shooting Gauss Rifles the Court produces.

MIR-142 Anti-Material sniper mag cannon

The standard-issue rifle designed for The Order of the Mystic Dragons,. With superior optics and deadly large calibre firepower, they are designed to take down heavily armoured targets from a maximum of three thousand yards away. Firing massive Mag projectiles at near Mach speeds.

Thermite Cannon

A weapon largely restricted to mech and capital ship deployment, thermite cannons are a projectile based weapon that make use of specially crafted munitions. Most commonly a thermite cannon’s munitions will be akin to a rail or mag based weapon, but use the heat generated from their impact to trigger a reaction in the warhead. (this kind of weapon is favored by the Order of the Red Dragon).

Rail Gun

Fulfilling the roles of man portable artillery as well as the lower end of weapons wielded by the mechs that Sihi’s knights field, rail guns are to gauss rifles as they are to coil guns. Hard earned experience has shown that a person in power-plate is but a minor obstacle and properly aimed a rail gun can breach the hull plates of mech armor.

Mag Cannons

Capable of doing to mechs what rail guns will do to an unarmored person if properly aimed, mag cannons describe some of the largest mag weaponry available to the Starlit Court. These are most commonly found mounted on larger mechs and, in turreted forms, on Sihian military vessels.

Mass Drivers

The largest scale of mag weaponry that Sihi produces in the appropriately named mass driver, found only as the spinal cannons on capital ships or as planetary scale artillery, these behemoth sized guns can punch holes through space stations and capital ships. Properly aimed mass driver artillery has successfully bombarded targets across oceans and on separate celestial bodies.

Plasma Weaponry

Plasma Weaponry is rare throughout Beacon Space and the greater cosmos, for the Court it is no different, Plasma weapons the Court possesses are limited to specific examples. They tend to be large for personal scale and easily made a bit larger for mech style weaponry

Guid’s Plasma Lance a.k.a. Dragon’s Breath

Guid’s Plasma Lance or as the are commonly referred to in the common parlance as Dragon’s Breath are a combination Melee and Ranged Plasma weapon, this oversized Weapon is often used on the backs of Space Dragons (As the weapon is too large otherwise to be used on the personal scale) by the Order of the Mystic Dragons and their Dragon tamers, or by Mech Pilots (With the weapon sized up to fit a mech.) who need a versatile weapon for melee and ranged situations.

Galat’s Plasma Caster

Syr Galat, a prominent member of the Order of the Bright Forge, invented the Plasma Caster shortly after the Tereket Wars, inspired by weapons used by the Tereket Dynasty he improved on the design of the weapon that they used against the Court. Making it usable at a personal scale if only as an entrenched gun emplacement as well as a model that could be wielded by Mechs instead of tanks and warships.

MIR-142 Anti-Material Sniper Mag Cannon

The standard-issue rifle designed for The Order of the Mystic Dragons,. With superior optics and deadly large calibre firepower, they are designed to take down heavily armoured targets from a maximum of three thousand yards away. Firing massive Mag projectiles at near Mach speeds.

OPR-14 Plasma Gatling Cannon

When one is outnumbered, you call upon the mighty OPR-14, a massive Gatling cannon capable of flinging hot plasma at a very rapid rate. It is not operable by a typical person, so it is usually manned by someone in a mech. There are only a small number of them available.

Melee Weaponry

Traditional Swords

Many of the cultures that have come together to form the Starlit Court we know today were martial ones. A large commonality between these cultures is that in their early days they produced edged weapons of many varieties.

Traditional Sihian Arming Sword

Based on an older pattern from the original home world of Elentar, the Sihian Arming Sword is a large longsword intended for use either in two hands or to be paired with a shield.

Najan War Saber

From the traditional armories of the Najan, this war saber design is stereotypically unadorned. Slightly oversized for the hands of an average human, these curved blades are designed to take advantage of the swaying motion typical to the movement of the Najani serpentine form.


Modern Starlit Court swords. knives and other bladed weapons generally fall under the larger category of Mono-Blades. A Mono-Blade is an edged weapon sharpened to such a fine point that it’s edges could shave atoms from almost any material, the chief notable exception being Gwyrlon Power Plate, Although the Plate will fail if hit with a powerful enough cut on a thin enough location. Can be scaled to Mech Sizes.


A razor-sharp mono-wire whip whose handle contains a small power source allowing the whip to be electrified when in use, most effective against lightly armoured targets or creatures. It is a regular part of a beastmaster’s standard issue kit, and it can also be used non-lethally to wrap around limbs.

Kay Szar’s Graviton Mace

Created by the Great Syr Kay Szar the Black Hole, and only capable of being invented after the Bleed was discovered. A user of the Gravity art could channel their powers through this focus and use it to great and harmful effect on their intended target. Amplifying the Bleed as it travels through the haft of the Mace it doubles any output given. This weapon can be used as a standard mace but it can only trump Power Plate in the hands of a Gravity Bleed user.


Invented in the last twenty years after the Crisis over Dachia, the oversized 3 meter Plasma Blade is Unwieldy to all but the strongest of the Starlit Court’s Warriors, the Plasma-Sword is a deadly weapon capable of cutting through the latest models of Power Plate through sheer heat alone. In fact the Mk.3 Power Plate proves more resistant due to its heavier construction. The plasma edge is kept under control by a complex magnetic field preventing the plasma from flowing out the perforated super ceramic tube its emanated from, while powered down the ceramic tube can be hidden within the 0.75 meter hilt.

Thermal Lance

Once a tool used in the foundries of Sihi’s past, the thermal lance is now a weapon that requires extreme strength to use, usually by a Knight in powered armor or attached to a Mech. Similar in design and function to the Plasma-Sword, the Thermal Lance is not a plasma field contained within a magnetic edge, but rather a hardened ceratok-tungston weapon (most often a Lance or maul), over which a plasma field is generated and contained. Typically these weapons often come with an extended energy reserve, carried on the back of the user, to allow for the plasma field to be extended or reduced for the user’s wishes. (this weapon is often favored by the Order of the Red Dragon)

Thermite Garrote

A tungsten wire coated in thermite that can be used to strangle people in power armor. The thermite charge is of course one use. Can still be used as a normal garrote when needed. This is a weapon typically used by the Crows of La Fae.

Mass Driver Gauntlet

A mass driver gauntlet is a weapon which enhances the punching force of a warrior after making contact with a target’s body. Most standard Mass driver gauntlets use pneumatic or tension driven impact cylinders to impart a large concentrated secondary impact or to drive a spike into an opponent. Some Mass Driver gauntlets make use of chemical reactions or mag weapon technology to fire a point blank shot into the target. While normally designed for power armor or mechs, stand alone gauntlets are not unheard of. Mass Driver Gauntlets are a favorite weapon among the Order of the Fist.

Personal Armor

Drake Class Powered Dragonscale Plate Mk.VI

Drake Class Powered Dragonscale Plate was created from the genetically altered metallic scales of the space dragons which are humanely harvested.The armour is capable of withstanding blows from court mono-blades, as well as small arms, though less so than heavier models, to make up for this the scales are capable of blending into certain environments depending on the colour of the scales. The suit is designed to enhance the stealth, maneuverability, dexterity and speed of the wearer. Its central interface, codename “Quinn” is a sudo-artificial-intelligence, which automates basic suit functions allowing the wearer to better combat focus.The primary weapon’s systems are two concealed mono-blades which can be retracted from the side of both legs, the secondary weapons are small coil emitters installed in the palms replacing the need for a side arm.

Gwyrlon Class Power-Plate Mk.4

The Gwyrlon Class Power-Plate is named after the Ancient Great Smith who originally invented the Power-Plate back on Elentar, in the days long before the High King. The Plate was designed to amplify the Strength, Speed, Balance and Dexterity of the user inside it, as well as protect the wearer from the extreme G forces that are induced on the body during piloting of Mechs. The Gwyrlon series of Power Plate can be fitted to any of the many species on Sihi as it has to be specifically crafted for the user of the armor. It is currently on its fourth iteration, lightening the design while still maintaining its resistance to Court Mono-Blades.

Ysbryd Class Stealth Armor a.k.a. Ghost-Skin

Rarely found outside of a Crow strike team, Ysbyrd class armor is highly sought after on the blackmarket due to its nature as a no-emissions stealth suit. A light armor-weave coated in a metamaterial that near perfectly channels light around the wearer such that only the most observant watcher would spot any distortions in their sight.


High. Explosive. Anti. Mech (projectile ammunition) AKA Slag Rounds

The preferred and often pre-loaded ammo into most Red Dragon cannon and mechanized firearms, Slag Rounds are often used in conjunction with other thermite based weapons of the Order of the Red Dragon. Slag rounds are also used by the Order of the Red Dragon as a means of short-ranged bunker busting. A sustained application of Slag rounds can sometimes be used to create secondary entrances through concrete/smartcrete structures by melting and exploding the effects when a normal shaped charge would be ineffective.

“Firestarter” Flamer Drone

Are mechanical drones sometimes deployed by the Order of the Red Dragon as a means of area control/denial. A drone typically has a walking speed similar to that of a human, though they can be fitted with external propulsion to allow them to fly at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. Typically a single drone is roughly a foot long and six inches tall, it comes equipped with a canister of highly flammable liquid that, unmodified, it can project out to a range of 6 meters. Each drone comes with enough of the liquid that in theory it could produce a gout of flame for up to 10 min of continuous spray. However, most often a drone is deployed in an indoor or close quarters setting as a means of denying the enemy the ability to advance on a corner or to corner them in for Thunderhead squads to wipe up the enemy. The liquid inside a Firestarter drone can burn for up to 20 min, not including anything else the flames catch onto. (due to the perceived cruelty of this drone, it doesn’t see much use outside of the Order.

Omnidirectional Weaponless Observation Drones

Small gravity drive drones equipped with a sensor suite and a loudspeaker. They are kept small to make them harder to detect which limits their range. They require a hub for regular recharging. Such a hub typically carries 10 drones. While they carry no explicit weapons the effectiveness of any drive system as a weapon is directly proportional to its effectiveness as a drive system. As such a drone’s drive can be overcharged to use it as a sacrificial kinetic weapon in an emergency. These are regularly employed by the Crows.


Adjuncts are a mech scale drone weapon that can normally be controlled by a knight or a Fae. Due to the coordination and neural load normally required to control an Adjunct most knights can only manage to control one or two at a time while operating their mechs. Adjuncts are lightly armored, possess independent omnidirectional movement in atmosphere or the void, and typically mount a single small rail gun as its offensive payload.

The Beast wardens make extensive use of the Adjuncts, augmenting their use with their animal companions. Through the implantation and bonding of a lead, a knight can instead offload the burden of controlling their leads to an animal companion. Most companions can control two or three leads at a time, with exceptionally well trained or skilled companions controlling entire swarms of four or five.

Sundered Heart Banned Weapons

The Order of the Sundered Heart are known to be the Starlit Court’s experts in the usage of truly terrifying weaponry. It is unknown what kind of ordinance or how much of it they have stored but given that every record of their deployment to the field involves the complete annihilation of their opponents it can be assumed that it is generally of planetary scale in both measures.