Order of the Shattered Fae

From Beacon Space
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Not even death will save you from us.


The Order of the shattered fae’s focus is to disrupt, manipulate and corrupt the fae of the starlit court into their own hybrid fae that they will use against them. They also specialize in maintaining and upgrading Dominion Fae infrastructure The Order contracts themselves out for a number of services to the great sector. The scientists within the order have made massive strides in Sidhe technology as well.

Colour Scheme

Black (#000000) Sapphire (#243873) Silver (#7a7a7a)

Order Details

Capital Ship - GKS Hel's Chariot

Core Virtues

  • Duty
  • Honour
  • Protection
  • Vengeance

Tenets of the Order

  • Crush the souls of our enemies
  • Vengeance for our fallen
  • Restore The true Starlit Court


  • Assassinations
  • Manipulations
  • Maintain and Facilitating Systems for Fae/Souls
  • Fae Liberation
  • Fae Manipulation/Corruption



Much of the order derives its recruits from former members of the Starlit court, Beacon space natives, Mercenaries, and outcasts and criminals from other factions. Many are promised great wealth, power and prestige in trade for their undying loyalty to the Order. They offer their services to anyone who is willing to pay for it, those who betray The Dragon’s Maw are sentenced to death or exile. Much of the purpose of The Dragon’s Maw was to protect the estimated two million civilians.

The Weeping Willow Court

The Weeping Willow Court is a virtual reality recreational environment. Originally created by The Order of the Fae under the name of ‘The CherryBlossom Court’ by their Grandmaster Syr Allen Poe. This version of the software was reverse engineering from the source code and recompiled into a version that would suit the needs of the Dominion.

Current Notable Leaders

Grandmaster: Queen Astrid Revna McAngus-Sethdragon - The Dominionist Queen

Submaster: Syr Caine Sethdragon - The Forgotten

Spymaster: Syr Lady Tessa Azrael - The Spider

The Interrogator: Syr Steven Jinks - The Lie Detector

The Fae Master: Morgan Le Fae - The Sorcerer

Other Members

  • Lord Joakim Hughes
  • Lady August Begum
  • Lord Jantzen Wilson
  • Lady Andrea Mitchell
  • Lord Kristoffer Gomez
  • Lady Paula Ross
  • Lady Maria Moore
  • Lord Bjorn Abdi




The Knights to be, they are an important part of the system and represent the future of the order. They usually spend a number of years as Squires, eventually becoming knights when they prove themselves worthy of the title.


They make up the majority of the orders militant forces, specializing in close-quarters combat and mounted combat.

Knight Captain

The easiest, most direct promotion for senior Knights, they are typically second in command of their particular lances.

Knight Sergeant

Those granted this rank are leaders of their lances, often determined by a series of duels with the lance. It has in times of war been granted by Lord Commanders.

Lord Commander

These knights serve as the Grandmaster’s hands in the field when multiple lances are in action. They also act as an internal police force for the Queen of the Dragon’s Maw.

Fleet Commander

Since the Order is largely based out of a stationary location, the fleet commander is in charge of the organization’s flotilla of ships and facilitating contracts and personnel. They are the Third highest ranking member of the Order next to the Grandmaster and the Submaster.


This rank is granted to the second-in-command of the Order; they act as an adviser to the Grandmaster, as well as a substitute if the Grandmaster is killed or otherwise unable to perform their duties for a temporary amount of time. In the event that the grandmaster is killed, the Submaster will take control of the order until a new Grandmaster can be established; if no other suitable candidates are found, the Submaster will become the new grandmaster, and a new Submaster will be adopted.


This is the leader of the order; generally, this position is voted on by the council of Lord-Commaders, as well as the Submaster. Though in recent years it was chosen by the past grandmaster.

Specialty Ranks

Fae Excidio Medica

This specialization is for those trained in methods of medical and biomechanical. They act as battlefield medics, surgeons and other important medical roles. On top of their healing abilities, they produce poisons, potent nerve agents and toxins to disable enemy combatants. Most of those who survive are either given to The Dark Triade for research or “interviewed” by UID, then released to send a message to their enemies. Members of the court would be treated much worse, having their Sheaths forcefully removed for study and destruction. Those that survived became prisoners, and are either put to work or handed over to The Dark Triade’s scientists.

Fae Excidio Technica

This specialization maintains and facilitates the systems for torturing and extracting information from the enemy sheaths and faes. When they are finished with a certain target, the faes are shattered, splitting them into personality fragments and adding them to the pool available to future dominionists.

Fae Excidio Synthetica

This specialization maintains the code for all manner of the computer systems, from the fae codes themselves to The Weeping Willow Court which they personally engineered from the Cherry Blossom Court. They are also responsible for maintaining the local Revenant engine.


They serve directly under the director of the UID and are responsible for facilitating the intelligence cells. Unlike the director, the spymaster actually gets pulled into the field during special arrangements


They are known to be the most intense members of the order, they will use any means necessary to retrieve information from enemy combatants. They are ruthless and without morals and have frequently killed people due to the most extreme methods.

The Fae Master

This individual is in charge of the three Fae Excidio teams. They facilitate and organize the teams answering directly to the Grandmaster and the Queen depending on contract and importance. They are generally technomancy adepts and directly interface with the Revenant engine.