Major Organizations and Businesses

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Major businesses and organizations of the Beacon Space Sector, including for-profit operations, charity organizations, research institutes, political groups, and more.

Major Businesses

Large scale business operations of the sector.

Major Businesses
Name Faction Description
Beacon Broadcast Television (BBTV) N/A BBTV is a sector-wide media network providing news, entertainment, and more. Such shows include "Beacon Space Tonight", "The Sector Report with Chaz Gusto Prime", "Kanga Roo Court", "Vaguery", and more. Founded by the TTGI, sponsored and co-owned by multiple for-profit enterprises.
Build-a-Bot N/A A chain of retail stores where you can create your own domestic robot.
Dachia Dalmations Sihi Supports the creation of bleed-infused clothing and armor.
Derrian Agricultural Consortium N/A A collective group of agricultural industry members held together by a shared culture and common trade strategy. 800 Years ago the DAC was a far more significant group, owning several worlds and operating vast fleets. Now they are a shadow of their former self, mainly existing on far-flung and undiscovered outposts of civilization, or managing small farms and processing facilities in the core.
Dew Fog Sihi With the tagline "Unscripted Innovation" this is a culturally modern and desirable brand responsible for a variety of products across the sector, though largely catering to the cultural desires of the Starlit Court. Their signature product is the Double Dew Transcendental Drizzle
Euclicycle Conservatory N/A Cultural think tank who focus on the creative arts. They hoard artwork from across the sector, and have a reputation for being spiteful if a popular artwork exists in which they are not the controlling interest or owner.
Ikaros Speed Children of the Vein Bio-enhancement chain of clinics based on Ikaros, specializing in athletic enhancements. Founded by the Vein of Paradise. Slogan: "The world waits for you."
LifeSpace Children of the Vein A major social media network. Founded by sector celebrity Howling Star of the Vein of Glorious Delights. Slogan: "Your life, your space."
Most Fit: Designer Genes and Parts Children of the Vein A chain of general bio-enhancement and cosmetic clinics based on Mos. Founded by sector celebrity Howling Star of the Vein of Glorious Delights. Slogan: "Find your best fit, only on Mos."
New Eden Gene Bank Children of the Vein A sector-wide banking and investments institution, with genetic cataloging and collection services. Offers financial assistance with Vein-operated medical procedure and healthcare costs. Controlled by Seed-Abbot Golden Particular of the Vein of Paradise. Slogan: "Be a better you."
QwikLock N/A QwikLock is a business of small travelling convenience and refreshment stores available in every system in Beacon Space with a moderate to high volume of space trucker traffic.
Rolands N/A Rolands is a mid-tier fashion brand responsible largely for genuine and synthetic leather goods.
Robinson Industries N/A Slogan: "If it's not Robinson clean, then it's not clean."
Szalamandra Corporation Concord of Mutual Disdain Based in the city of Szalamandra on Kardakouk this corporation is responsible for running the city, the theme park and a host of other entertainment industries and intellectual property within the Concord.
The New Harmony Broadcasting Center Larkspur Combine The New Harmony Broadcasting Company (NHBC) is the primary public television broadcasting network on Mos. It is a semi-public television studio funded through donation drives, sponsored product placement within its programing, and the sale of previously broadcast programing on physical media.
Vice-Aid Larkspur Combine Headquartered out of Mos, Vice-Aid provides and designs all sources of medicinal vice aplenty and exports much of its surplus to the sector at large.
Victorious Records Children of the Vein A new record label. Founded by sector celebrity Howling Star of the Vein of Glorious Delights.
Sihian Trade Guilds Starlit Court Collectives of professionals and skilled enthusiasts of various trades and crafts, banded together under written charters and contracts to protect their trade and their products. These guilds maintain a minimum standard for the quality of their craft’s work, and represent the bulk of the Starlit Court's civilian economic output.

Major Organizations

Large scale organizations that are not directly operated by a high level government administration or business. Charities, research institutions, labor groups, political activist organizations, etc.

Major Organizations
Name Faction Description
Kardakouk Advancement Foundation Children of the Vein, Concord of Mutual Disdain A cooperative nonprofit endeavor between Vein and Concord scientists with the objective of improving the lives of Kardakouk's native citizens and restoring Kardakouk biodiversity. The primary focus and accomplishments of the Foundation are the development of cross-species speech-compatible organic vocal enhancements, larger and stronger legs, lungs, and hearts for Tar'et individuals to help them move on dry land with ease, and a nursery program to restore the population of Kardakouk's titanic jellyfish species. Founded by Brother Dawn of the Vein of the Mother's Palm at the invitation of the Concord government. Slogan: "Lending a helping limb for all."
Penumbra Network N/A While Penumbra is a common phrase just meaning 'underworld', the Penumbra network is an undefinable collection of agreements and alliances creating a structure within the underworld that many participate in. Primarily organized as an agreement between 'Clients', 'Handlers', and 'Free Agents', the Penumbra network has become an unofficial mercenary group. Willing to do anything, for a price.
Telas TerraGroup Initiative N/A The TTGI is a cooperative endeavor by the major powers of the Beacon Space community to terraform Telas into a habitable and thriving core world. The TTGI is controlled by the Board, which is comprised of representatives of each of the 9 major factions, each of whom controls one vote for policy and resource allocation decisions. Each cycle, a new Chair of the Board is appointed randomly from among the representatives and is given the power to determine the next voting decision for the following cycle.
Thynk Order, Thynk Peace Starlit Court A pacifistic religious community based on Sihi, Thynk Order, Thynk Peace provides an organizational backbone for community support, mutual aid, and anti-violence protesting. Although they are generally accepting of any and all worldviews that align with their pacifistic goals, they do preach a fairly strong interpretation of the Starlit Path, in as much as the very generally accepting and adaptable personal faith can be brought to such an end.
The Magpie Syndicate Starlit Court The Magpie Syndicate is an illegal criminal organization created by the Order of the Vulture and the The Guild of Glinting Gears to exploit trophy taking laws to promote smuggling and the theft of technology. In the years since its founding the Syndicate has evolved into a larger group, smuggling goods on and off of Sihi while expanding into several aspects of organized crime.
Red Harpoons N/A A dangerous force of pirates which combine Tahora Whai and Starlit Court assets to destructive ends. Currently independently operating under the command of the rogue AI Rasa. The group primarily disrupts shipments of high tech assets, and commercial shuttle services, and are known for ransoming and press ganging victims.
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