Thynk Order, Thynk Peace

From Beacon Space
Thynk Order, Thynk Peace
Status Active
Place of Origin Sihi

Thynk Order, Thynk Peace is an unofficial but widely recognized motto of a large and well-known pacifistic cultic group within the Starlit Court's society. Although they do not officially have a name, they are often referred to by their motto. The group's distinctive use of the letter "y" in their name harkens back to the older Elenti tongue, a language characterized by fewer vowels, primarily "ys."

Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, represents an intriguing and challenging force within the Starlit Court's society, offering an alternative perspective on the Starlit Path, peace, spirituality, and the consequences of extreme pacifism in a universe marked by conflict.

Beliefs and Ideology


The Thynk Order's fundamental belief is in the power of non-violence as a means to attain enlightenment. They view violence as a corrupting force that obstructs spiritual growth and societal progress, advocating for peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

The extreme pacifism espoused by the Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, finds its roots in the philosophical tenets of the Starlit Path, albeit taken to an extraordinary degree. At the heart of their beliefs is a profound commitment to non-violence and the pursuit of inner peace, shaped by the following core principles.

Enlightened Non-Violence

The Thynk Order interprets the Starlit Path's teachings on the virtues of unity, justice, compassion, and mercy as starting points to the realization that non-violence is the pinnacle of enlightenment. They firmly believe that any act of violence, regardless of its context, is a corrupting force that hinders both spiritual growth and societal progress. They hold that embracing non-violence is not merely a choice but a sacred duty.

Inner Harmony and Self-Realization

The Thynk Order places a strong emphasis on the individual's inner journey towards self-realization. They believe that inner peace and self-awareness are prerequisites for promoting peace in the external world. Their spiritual practices, blending ecstatic rituals and silent meditation, are designed to cultivate these qualities, allowing individuals to become beacons of non-violence and enlightenment.

Universality of Peace

Embracing the traditional Starlit Path's belief in the universality of enlightenment, the Thynk Order asserts that, as the one true path to enlightenment, the path to peace is also open to all, regardless of species, background, or occupation. They actively promote inclusivity and gender equality, exemplified by their use of the gender-neutral title "High Servant" for their leader.

Non-Violent Activism

While extreme pacifism is at the core of their beliefs, the Thynk Order also recognizes the need for activism to challenge societal norms and draw attention to their message. Their peaceful protests, sit-ins, and outreach campaigns serve as non-violent means to highlight the consequences of violence in society.

The Thynk Order's extreme pacifism is deeply rooted in the teachings of the Starlit Path, emphasizing non-violence, inner harmony, and the pursuit of enlightenment. Their unwavering commitment to these principles, even in the face of societal pressures and conflicts, makes them a unique and challenging force within the Starlit Court's society.

Critique of Knightly Orders

An obvious outgrowth of the Thynk Order's extreme pacifism is their critique of the knightly orders and their involvement in government. They argue that these institutions perpetuate a never-ending cycle of conflict and war. By actively participating in both governance and warfare, the knightly orders, in their view, undermine the potential for lasting peace and spiritual growth, both of themselves and of the Court that they lead.

Spiritual Practices

The spiritual practices of the Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, are at the core of their journey towards inner peace, enlightenment, and their commitment to extreme pacifism. These practices represent a unique blend of ecstatic rituals and silent meditation, carefully designed to cultivate the qualities necessary to be champions of non-violence and spiritual growth.

Ecstatic Rituals

Ecstatic rituals within the Thynk Order are moments of communal celebration and spiritual awakening. They are marked by vibrant and joyful expressions of faith, unity, and the interconnectedness of all life. These rituals serve as a contrast to the violence they critique in society, aiming to showcase the power of harmony and togetherness.

During ecstatic rituals, members engage in various activities that promote a sense of unity and peace.

Chanting and Singing

Participants chant sacred mantras and sing hymns that celebrate peace, unity, and the interconnectedness of all beings. The melodic voices of the congregation create an atmosphere of serenity and oneness.

Dance and Movement

Ecstatic dance is a fundamental aspect of these rituals, with members swaying and moving to the rhythm of spiritually significant music. This physical expression serves as a form of meditation in motion, allowing participants to connect with their inner selves and the broader universe.

Meditative Art

Members often create intricate and meaningful art during ecstatic rituals. These artworks may include mandalas, sculptures, or intricate drawings, serving as both a meditative process and a representation of their commitment to non-violence.

Feasting and Sharing

Ecstatic rituals often conclude with communal feasting, where members share vegetarian or vegan meals as a symbol of their commitment to non-harm and compassion for all living beings.

Silent Meditation

Silent meditation is a cornerstone of the Thynk Order's spiritual practices. In contrast to the vibrant and communal nature of ecstatic rituals, silent meditation is a deeply personal and introspective journey.

Silent meditation sessions can vary in length, from brief daily practices to extended retreats where members immerse themselves in solitude and self-discovery. These moments of stillness and introspection are essential for individuals to become beacons of non-violence and peace within the Starlit Court's society. Those who engage in the practice say it has a range of benefits.

Cultivating Inner Peace

The primary goal of silent meditation is to attain inner peace and serenity. Members focus on their breath, thoughts, and emotions, gradually detaching from worldly concerns and distractions.


Silent meditation encourages self-reflection and self-awareness. Participants contemplate their actions, thoughts, and the impact of their choices on the world. This introspective process fosters a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

Connection to the Starlit Path

During meditation, members deepen their connection to the teachings of the Starlit Path, seeking guidance and insight on their path to enlightenment. This contemplative practice allows them to align their beliefs with the pacifist ideals of the Thynk Order.


This movement has a number of influential leaders who bring a diversity of perspectives and approaches to the philosophies and activities of the Thynk Order, contributing to the ongoing discussions and debates within the group on how best to promote peace and enlightenment in the Starlit Court's society.

High Servant Rys Hedd Wyn

High Servant Rys Hedd Wyn, whose name translates to "Peaceful Spirit" in the ancient Elenti tongue, is the revered leader of the Thynk Order, Thynk Peace. Born on Sihi, he came from humble beginnings, growing up in a modest community on the habitat ship. From a young age, Rys displayed a profound sense of empathy and a deep yearning for spiritual enlightenment.

As a teenager, Rys embarked on a solitary journey across Sihi and Beacon Space, seeking wisdom from the diverse cultures and philosophies within the Starlit Court's society. During his travels, he encountered various religious teachings, expounding upon and disagreeing with the Starlit Path, and was particularly drawn to its ideals of enlightenment and inner peace.

Rys's transformative moment came when he witnessed a conflict between a knightly order and their contracted enemies that left devastation in its wake. The violence and suffering he witnessed deeply troubled him, and he resolved to dedicate his life to the pursuit of non-violence and the promotion of peace.

Over the years, Rys delved into the teachings of the Starlit Path, adapting and interpreting its principles to align with his pacifist beliefs. He began gathering like-minded individuals who shared his vision of a non-violent and enlightened society. These early followers formed the foundation of what would become the Thynk Order.

Rys Hedd Wyn's wisdom, charisma, and unwavering commitment to peace earned him the title of "High Servant" within the Thynk Order. Under his guidance, the group developed a unique blend of spiritual practices, combining ecstatic rituals with silent meditation, aimed at cultivating inner harmony and enlightenment.

Throughout his life, Rys has remained a steadfast advocate for non-violence, even in the face of societal pressures and conflicts with the knightly orders. His leadership has inspired the Thynk Order's growth, and his teachings have resonated with a growing number of individuals who seek an alternative path to enlightenment within the Starlit Court's society.

Seren Ithilwyn

Seren is a longtime member of the Thynk Order and is fully committed to High Servant Rys Hedd Wyn's pacifist teachings. She is known for her unwavering dedication to inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Seren's eloquent speeches and writings have inspired many followers to embrace a life of non-violence. She often leads meditation and prayer sessions within the group and is respected for her deep understanding of the Starlit Path.

Syr Bryn Kael

Syr Bryn Kael is a charismatic and energetic leader within the Thynk Order who advocates for more active engagement with society, he is a surprising figure to many as an ex-knight. While he respects the High Servant's commitment to peace, he believes that the movement should do more to address the root causes of violence in the Starlit Court. Syr Bryn Kael has been instrumental in organizing larger protests and campaigns to draw attention to the Thynk Order's message. He is a polarizing figure within the group, with some members inspired by his passion and others wary of his more confrontational approach.

Liora Starshadow

Liora is a diplomat and peacemaker within the Thynk Order, specializing in building connections and alliances with other factions and organizations within the Starlit Court. She believes that the path to lasting peace involves collaboration and dialogue with those who may not fully share the Thynk Order's extreme pacifist stance. Liora's efforts have led to partnerships with certain monastic orders and scholars who are sympathetic to their cause. Her approach is valued for its potential to influence change through cooperation.

Thalorin Windrider

Thalorin is a young and passionate member of the Thynk Order who represents the growing number of teenagers and young adults joining the movement. He believes that the Thynk Order should be more proactive in engaging with the youth of the Starlit Court, who are often disillusioned by the ongoing conflict with the Dominion. Thalorin organizes youth-oriented events, educational programs, and social media campaigns to attract and inspire the younger generation to embrace pacifism and the teachings of the Starlit Path.

Membership and Demographics

Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, has experienced a notable surge in those professing its tenets in recent times, attracting individuals from various backgrounds within the Starlit Court's society. While the group does not officially keep formal records of its members, estimates suggest that it now boasts a substantial following.

Diverse Backgrounds

One of the distinctive features of the Thynk Order is its diverse membership. Followers of this pacifistic movement come from various species and cultures that make up the multicultural fabric of Sihi. This diversity underscores the universal appeal of the group's message of peace and enlightenment, transcending traditional boundaries.

Age Groups

The membership of the Thynk Order spans a wide range of age groups. While there are elderly members who have been part of the movement for decades, the recent uptick in membership has also drawn in a significant number of young adults and even teenagers. This intergenerational mix brings fresh perspectives and energy to the group's activities along with some tensions between the long-time members who are comfortable slowly expanding their circle and the new energetic members that agitate for increasing their proselytizing and activism.

Education and Professions

The Thynk Order does not discriminate based on education or profession. Its members include scholars, artisans, engineers, farmers, and individuals from various walks of life. This inclusive approach, adopted from the traditional Starlit Path, reflects the belief that the path to enlightenment is open to all, regardless of their background or occupation.

Gender and Gender-Neutral Titles

The Thynk Order embraces gender equality and inclusivity. The use of the gender-neutral title "High Servant" for their leader, Rys Hedd Wyn, sets the tone for an organization that values individuals based on their commitment to peace and enlightenment rather than gender.

Growing Counter-Culture Movement

The recent surge in membership can be attributed, in large part, to the heightened hostilities in the ongoing conflict with the Dominion. Many individuals, disillusioned by the violence and tensions in the Starlit Court, have sought refuge in the Thynk Order's pacifist teachings. As a result, the movement has gained significant attention and influence within society, challenging established norms and sparking lively debates on the path to enlightenment and societal progress.


While the Thynk Order's extreme pacifism is central to their ideology, they recognize the need for active engagement with society to promote their message of non-violence and inner peace. Their activism ranges from peaceful protests to various initiatives aimed at challenging societal norms and addressing the root causes of violence within the Starlit Court.

By diversifying their activism beyond the peaceful protests for which they are famous, Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, aims to challenge the status quo and create a society where non-violence, compassion, and inner peace prevail. These multifaceted initiatives reflect their dedication to realizing the profound teachings of the Starlit Path in a universe marked by conflict.

Peaceful Protests

The thing that the Thynk Order is most well known for is staging peaceful sit-ins and protests at key locations within the Starlit Court, including Castle Sihi, the First Bank of Sihi, and prominent monasteries and places of learning. These protests aim to draw attention to the group's pacifist message and their critique of violence in society. Largely these protests seem to have drawn mostly widespread annoyance and condemnation from the public at large, this outrage is echoed in the press and by those in charge.

Educational Programs

The Thynk Order places a strong emphasis on education as a means to effect lasting change. They organize a variety of educational programs, workshops, and seminars aimed at raising awareness about the consequences of violence and the benefits of extreme pacifism. These programs are open to members of the Thynk Order as well as the general public, fostering dialogue and critical thinking.

Youth Outreach

Recognizing that the younger generation is essential to shaping the future, the Thynk Order actively engages with youth through targeted outreach. They organize youth-oriented events, forums, and workshops to inspire young adults and teenagers to embrace pacifism and the teachings of their interpretation of the Starlit Path. By empowering the youth with knowledge and a sense of purpose, the Thynk Order hopes to create a more peaceful and enlightened future.

Scholarly Research

The Thynk Order collaborates with scholars and academics who share their vision of peace and non-violence. Together, they conduct research on the societal impacts of violence, exploring alternative approaches to conflict resolution and governance. This scholarly research contributes to the intellectual discourse on extreme pacifism within the Starlit Court's society.

Interfaith Dialogue

The Thynk Order actively engages in interfaith dialogue with other religious and spiritual groups within the Starlit Court. They seek common ground and shared values, fostering relationships that promote peace and cooperation. These dialogues, when they occur, often lead to joint initiatives focused on humanitarian efforts, conflict resolution, and social justice.

Artistic Expression

Art has long been a powerful medium for conveying messages of peace and harmony. The Thynk Order encourages artistic expression as a form of activism. Members create paintings, sculptures, music, and literature that reflect their commitment to non-violence and enlightenment. These artistic endeavors serve as a means of reaching individuals on an emotional and spiritual level.

Humanitarian Efforts

The Thynk Order is involved in various humanitarian efforts, including providing aid to communities affected by conflict and violence. They organize relief missions, distribute essential supplies, and offer support to those in need. These actions demonstrate their dedication to alleviating suffering and promoting peace on a practical level.

Collaborations with Like-Minded Organizations

The Thynk Order seeks partnerships with other organizations and groups that share their commitment to peace and extreme pacifism. They actively collaborate with monastic orders, scholars, and humanitarian agencies to amplify their message and engage in collective efforts to address societal issues.

Impact on Society

The Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, has left an indelible mark on the Starlit Court's society, prompting intense debates, government responses, and shifts in the perception of pacifism and spirituality. Their influence extends beyond their core beliefs and practices, reaching into various aspects of life within the Starlit Court.

Overall, the Thynk Order, Thynk Peace, has acted as a catalyst for profound discussions, self-reflection, and reevaluation of deeply held beliefs within the Starlit Court's society. Their impact extends well beyond their own membership, shaping the way individuals and institutions approach issues of violence, spirituality, and the pursuit of peace in a universe marked by conflict.

Debate and Controversy

The presence of the Thynk Order has sparked robust debates within the Starlit Court society. While some regard them as visionary advocates for peace and non-violence, others view them as disruptors challenging the established norms. These debates often play out in public forums, scholarly discussions, and even within religious congregations, leading to a deeper exploration of the role of pacifism in a society marked by conflict.

Government Response

The Thynk Order's activities have not gone unnoticed by the government and knightly orders of the Starlit Court. Depending on the prevailing political climate and leadership, the government's response has ranged from cautious observation to more proactive measures. Discussions on how to address the Thynk Order's protests and increasing influence have taken place within government circles. Some leaders perceive the Thynk Order as a potential threat to the established order, while others view it as a voice of conscience.

Outside Perception

Within the broader Starlit Path community, not all followers share the Thynk Order's extreme pacifist stance. This ideological diversity has led to divisions and conflicts within the faith. Some adherents of the Starlit Path see the Thynk Order as taking the teachings to an impractical extreme, while others find inspiration in their unwavering commitment to non-violence. These differences in interpretation and practice have prompted discussions and reflections on the core tenets of the Starlit Path.

Social Discourse

Beyond organized debates, the Thynk Order has had a significant impact on social discourse within the Starlit Court. Their messages of non-violence, inner peace, and compassion have permeated public discussions about conflict resolution, governance, and societal progress. This influence has led to increased awareness of alternative approaches to addressing violence and promoting harmony.

Inspiration for Change

While the Thynk Order's extreme pacifism may not be embraced by everyone, it has inspired individuals and groups within the Starlit Court to reevaluate their own beliefs and practices. Some have adopted elements of the Thynk Order's teachings in their personal lives, promoting a ripple effect of compassion and non-violence.

Emerging Counter-Culture

The recent surge in membership within the Thynk Order can be seen as indicative of a growing counter-culture movement within the Starlit Court's society. As hostilities persist in the ongoing conflict with the Dominion, increasing numbers of individuals, disillusioned by violence and societal tensions, have sought refuge in the Thynk Order's pacifist teachings. This emerging counter-culture challenges established norms and fosters lively debates on the path to enlightenment and societal progress.