From Beacon Space

QwikLock is a business made up of small travelling convenience and refreshment stores available in every system in Beacon Space with a moderate to high volume of space trucker traffic.

QwikLock is best known for its distinct airlock-based storefronts, consisting of a cashier stand and a rack of goods moored directly at an airlock, typically curated for the local customers, although a Wingjolt replenishment stand is always available. QwikLock is accompanied by its sister brand QwikLoch which serves aquatic based cuisine to water-breathing customers.

An individual QwikLock is generally a small vessel that travels from ship to ship in the long queues to use the gate network, summoned by request of captains or their crews to serve refreshments and novelties to help pass the wait. Although QwikLock was famously founded using just one of these vessels, these days they are deployed in networks of dozens to hundreds, serviced by large carrier vessels that maintain reserves for numerous species around Beacon Space.

Despite the airlock nature of QwikLock, some permanent locations have been established on major space stations, eschewing the charming airlock nature of the brand, although on smaller stations or in more remote communities even these are still just permanently docked vessels.