From Beacon Space

Rolands is a mid-tier fashion brand responsible largely for genuine and synthetic leather goods. While not regarded with much popular opinion in high society, nevertheless they are consistently scored highly amongst the working class - particularly in the agricultural and minor industrial sectors. They create sturdy and long-lasting goods ranging from Coats, to Boots, to practical Jumpsuits, and a variety of different Bag designs. The most popular products are their protective leather coats and their personal backpack range. Many of their products are rated to be suitable for even corrosive environments for short periods of time, while some are treated in a manner to be entirely waterproof. The waterproofing process is however expensive and costly, leading to the Rolands LiquidSafe range being retailed for on average 56% more than their untreated equivilent.


In majority owned and operated as a subsiduary of the Derrian Agricultural Consortium, Rolands is the clothing and accessory goods manufacturer for the largely agrarian focused buisness collective. Strict regulation on internal trading practices ensures that Rolands has a steady supply of cheap material, ensuring that they return the profits of such dealings to the wider consortium.

TTGI Station Dealings

Rolands has an ongoing partnership with several buisnesses on the Telas TerraGroup Initiative station in 0909 Center. Primary of which being Aravind’s Aromatics and Aliments, which stocks a wide selection of Rolands made and manufactured Leather protective coats.