Dachia Dalmations

From Beacon Space

Dachia Dalmations is a remote outpost and corporation on the Planet of Dachia which supports the creation of bleed-infused clothing and armor. Every product has a limited production amount due to material supply and bleed constraints. Often only available to those with the right connections Dachia Dalmations clothing is top-tier.

Outpost Structure


Recent Productions

Shadowy Shawl (EV Suit)

The Shadowy Shawl is one of Dachia Dalmations' most popular products with several variants, rereleases, and user modifications. The standard Shadowy Shawl is a fully self-contained environmental suit with an integrated subtle mask and pressurization capabilities. The EV suit portion of the shawl compactly folds into the garment when not needed. Users of this shawl often report that it appears to billow and catch invisible wind of its own accord, often attributed to the subtle effects resulting from the bleed-infusion process.

Harrowing Helmet

The Harrowing Helmet is a nano-carbon-plated helmet that is shaped in the form of a standard-issue combat helmet. However the wearer of this helmet, even with no formal lens training, can activate the helmet to produce a pheromone that triggers fear in all nearby sentient creatures which have receptors. This effect does not work in space and rather backfires on the user.

Bottomless Backback

This backpack can hold double the appeared volume before beginning to cause undue burden on the user.