From Beacon Space
Motto "Making Ablution Solutions"
Founded Year 140 M.C.
Status Active
Ownership Publicly Traded and Majority (Min 51%) Employee Owned
Place of Origin Mos

In the early days of the Mosi Republic, addiction and vice were rampant. Cold days and dark times were a constant companion and, as the saying goes, misery loves company. As the republic gathered itself, The Starosta Family considered an ingenious adaptation to the constant supply of the shortcomings. They began to produce and market medical products that substitute and sometimes supplement the many choices of goods consumed everyday. Liver fortifying alcohols, anti-anxiety cigars, and tumor fighting cigarettes could be made as prosperity from the hard working frontiersman bore fruit. Within weeks, the Starosta officially came together to make the Company known today as Vice-Aid,a Medical and Pharmaceutical Company. Even today, the Starosta still holds significant shares and influence in the employee owned company, but by public accounts they have retired save for their obligations.

While the first three products were their flagship, they rapidly expanded their market as far as they could. Gum and other chews, Inhalers, powders, patches, oils and more. All of which are meant to hijack vice vectors to administer life improving medications such as, HRT, Mood Management, addiction inhibitors, or most anything that may treat a chronic condition of the mind or body.

At first the government felt no need to step in; however, the ambitions of the company eventually lead to peddling products that, despite a medicinal nature, were often more poisonous than the vices intended to be “cured”. The Clean Food and Drugs Act of 150 banned “the prescription or lawful sale of any medication that would be expectantly lethal to the biology of an average specimen of a particular individual's species”.

In light of this change, Vice-Aid appears, by all means, to have turned over a new leaf, and actively supplies an extensive list of generic medicinal compounds to Mos and sometimes exports of these the Sector at large, as well as leading several of the major developments on understanding biochemical and chemical limits of several species of beaconspace.