Dew Fog

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Dew Fog
Motto "Unscripted Innovation"
Homeworld Sihi

A relatively recent startup, founded on Sihi, Dew Fog began as a beverage company and, due to unexpected success, rapidly expanded into a lifestyle brand to take advantage of the intense hype that was generated by the limited stock drops that was all they were capable of producing in their first months of production on their first product.

Now having expanded to a wide range of unrelated products Dew Fog can no longer be considered merely a beverage company. Their rapidly accelerating popularity has resulted in a cash flow that has led to the recent founding of Dew Fog RnD.


Dew Fog was founded in AoQ 566 in a small apartment in Camlann, Sihi, by an eclectic group from around the sector. Led by the dynamic entrepreneurial powerhouse that is Helouise Kaikara, a surprisingly short member of the Zelvan species.

As none of the initial founders of Dew Fog had any prior experience with the brewing of alcoholic beverages, the next 4 years were spent developing and testing their first product.

Little is known about where Dew Fog got its initial funding but shortly after its explosive entrance to the market in AoQ 570 with Double Dew Transcendental Drizzle they went through several rounds of funding drawing in several billion credits in investments from across the sector.

Dew Fog has since successfully launched further beverage products before quickly branching out into other industries in an attempt to convert their viral success into further brand awareness and loyalty.



Double Dew Transcendental Drizzle

Dew Fog’s first product and the initial driver of the hype that now keeps the company going. Part of the draw, analysts say, is that while it is quite clearly a variant of the very popular Sihian Esquire beer variety it fails to meet the Sihian customary purity requirements for being marketed as a beer.

DD Cosmic Murk

A surprising departure from the first beverage Dew Fog produced, DD Cosmic Murk is an entirely standard Sihian Dark Ale.

Dew Fog Aerosolizerᵀᴹ

The creation of Dew Fog RnD, the Aerosolizerᵀᴹ is a device that takes in any liquid and, through the use of rapidly vibrating plates, aerosolises it and releases it as a vapour. Originally marketed as a novel way to consume Dew Fog beverages it has become something of a party toy.


Dew Fog’s clothing line, Fogry is an eclectic combination of simple branded clothing and a cutting edge tech-wear line. Normal hoodies and jackets are sold right alongside modular tech infused clothing “panels” allowing the customer to mix and match sleeves, trunks, collars and more, all the while displaying holographic art or dispensing clouds of vapourized “Fogᵀᴹ”.

All Fogry products are marked with the line’s mascot Foggers, sometimes as an obvious logo and sometimes in carefully disguised locations. It has become something of a challenge among the brand’s most loyal fans to be the first one to find Foggers’ location on newly released products.

Pixel Fog

An attempt to step into the content creation arena, Pixel Fog is Dew Fog’s production house. Boasting several recording locations across Beacon Space and a state of the art graphics production team based on a private station in 0909 / Center.

Pixel Fog has, over the past few years since its inception, produced a range of multimedia products across video games, movies and television. They have claimed that they are targeting a true multi-platform media experience hiring traditional production staff for everything from TV shows to VR games.

Battle Stims

One of the more recent products of Dew Fog's RnD department is their new line of battle stims, initially intended for the ranks of Sihian Knights they have opened orders to anyone able to get authorisation from one of the Orders of Sihian Knights.

Sure Fire

A cocktail of nootropic stims designed to help Knights maintain concentration and consciousness under the extreme stresses of high-g manoeuvres and improve their ability to handle the massive input of data involved with being wired into the pilot seat of their mechs.

Advertised to civilians as a way to ensure their ability to enforce a state of hyper-focus that will allow them to outperform all others in various fields including work and drone racing.


Dew Fog's concoction of muscle enhancing stims, allowing the user to push their muscles beyond the normal limits, allowing them to push harder for longer.

Last Breath

A highly oxygenated fluid complex that is used in emergency situations to ensure that someone survives situations of low oxygen. Typically implemented in battle situations that result in lung damage or when lacking a functioning breather in hard vacuum.

Board of Directors

As of AoQ 572, Dew Fog’s Board of Directors is still mostly made up of the initial founding members of the company. There are also several non-voting observers to the Board that represent the interests of the largest investors.

Joined Name Titles Notes
AoQ 566 Helouise Kaikara Co-founder; CEO and Full-time Chair of the Board; Sworn Dedicant to the Starlit Path
AoQ 566 Cyfrifiannell of the Sidhe Co-founder; CFO; former CEO of Jacksnetics
AoQ 570 Syr Reinauld Spokesperson; Champion of Sihi; Master Knight of the Order of the Lion As of AoQ 570 the board invited Syr Reinauld to join the board as a spokesman.
AoQ 566 Jasmine Selkirk Co-founder
AoQ 566 Bart Colón Co-founder
AoQ 566 Vince Jansen Co-founder
AoQ 568 Gentle Rain of the Vein of Curious Intent Silent observer with connections to chemical production enterprises. Gentle Rain was invited to the board as an observer due to the use of a variety of products from worlds controlled by Children of the Vein

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