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Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai (/kikoɾaŋi o tɛ tahoɾa faĭ/), abbreviated The Rangi, is a constellation of systems and expanse of space in Sector-West known for its pirates and dangerous viodfauna. Connecting this region together are the Tahora Whai who patrol the area as guardians of the megafauna.

The name of the constellation translates directly as “The Heavens of the Tahora Whai”, but can more poetically be understood as: The sliver of the void upon which we find ourselves to exist. It was formerly known simply as “Whai Space” in sector-wide navigational systems.

Travel through the Rangi[edit]

Transit in the Rangi is quite limited to non-Whai. While several worlds have jump gates operated by the sector’s trucking unions, it is strongly advised not to pass through the area without exceptionally good reasons. The Space Truckers as a vital connection to the lifeblood of the sector, and the Rangi specifically, are under limited protection from the Whai. Pirate ships are prevented from unrestricted raiding of union vessels and do their best to divert Tahora away from supply routes. Major factions are, by and large, not permitted in the area, with one allowance: Through the Reach-Rangi Agreement a handful of licensed merchants of the Assembled Commonwealth are given similar protections as the trucking unions.

For solitary ships, a trek through the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai is a near death sentence to all but the luckiest crews. However, trucking unions working the gates and delivering goods to the deepest parts of the sector provide insurance to those hellbent on visiting these distant worlds. The insurance programs are often structured to nominally include vessels into the union fleets over a short time period for steep negotiation fees. Travellers may also directly hire local guides to avoid the perils of pirates and whaler's alike. Some critics like to downplay the danger and claim that the Tahora Whai established an elaborate extortion racket; these naysayers have often pushed their luck and fell victim to the expanse’s plethora of pitfalls.

Dangers and Perils[edit]


Other Pitfalls[edit]

  • Asteroid Fields
  • Gravitational Anomalies
  • Pulsars



Empty Hexes[edit]

0508, 0509, 0409, 0410, 0211, 0111, 0109, 0108


Through the novel discoveries throughout the Rangi by the Whai, sharing of resources, and communal effort, the Tahora Whai have engaged in several projects and 'map modifications' in the region.

Planet Modification[edit]

  • Dynae's Atmosphere
  • Rosebud's Atmosphere
  • Saarinen's Biosphere

Discovered Objects[edit]

  • Polyantha, Floribunda, Noisette, Moons of Rosebud
  • Mutiara, Pelamun, Shipsgrave, Moons of Puluhan
  • 3 Unnamed Moons of Penningar
  • Karang, Asteroid Belt in Nusantara
  • Wildcat Alley, Asteroid Belt in System II
  • Lariat Omega, Asteroid Belt in System II
  • System III's 2 Unnamed Asteroid Belts
  • Taktuk Itijuk Planet BQ's Gas Giant and Mine in System III

Built Locations[edit]

  • Dave, Refueling Station in Kuafu
  • Relic's Harbor, Research Station over Langgan
  • Sung House, Moon Base on Polyantha
  • Kaikoura Lighthouse, Moon Base on Tho
  • Void Sanctuary of Akhult, Fauna Sanctuary
  • Unnamed Research Station on Eimyrja

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