Teuthemi Leviathans

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Teuthemi Leviathans are a species of space mega-fauna commonly found in Sector West and system 0609 Teuthem known as "Great Tahora" by the Tahora Whai.

The first sighting of the Teuthemi Leviathans was 890 years before present in the Teuthem system by early gate explorers.


Size: vary in size can grow to as large as capital ships and there are rumored to be able to grow as long as five Assembled Commonwealth carriers end to end.

Diet: Using a large scoop-shaped mouth, Great Tahora take in nutrients, volatile gasses, and suspended organisms from the atmospheres of planets and minor stars.

Song: The Great Tahora are famous for there song, a poorly explained communication system. The song can be primitively picked up by ship navigational systems through radios, and is often perceived subconsciously by travelers. The Leviathans have been witnessed to communicate faster than light, and even across interstellar distances. It is this song that inspired many to settle on Dynae, believing it to be a call from the gods or beacon from the void.


During the age of mega-fauna migration, research into the Teuthemi Leviathans and other mega fauna exploded. One noted Dynaean researcher, Hakina Paraone, and their team discovered a means to replicate the song of the majestic Teuthemi Leviathans. The resulting technology was named the Vāk, or Voice, and allows for light-speed communication of thoughts and emotion between individuals. Transcending the restrictions of traditional conversation, a greater sense of empathy and community was quickly apparent with its users. In a matter of months, the researchers brought the technology to a community scale and it was widely adopted. However, the explosion in use of the Vāk also came with its detractors


Nearing the end of their lives, Teuthemi Leviathans retire in the upper atmosphere of Gas Giants. The most famous gas planet that attracts these whales is Paikea. The planet's atmosphere is rich in edible gasses and suspended tahora food. The density of the clouds makes hunting the tahora in this environment incredibly dangerous and helps preserve the mega fauna until their death. At the end of their life cycle, Tahora often expire in a Tahora Graveyard that forms rings around the giant planets.

Cultural Significance

Teuthemi Leviathans are a principal food source of the planet Dynae and are symbiotically linked with the Tahora Whai. Whai have a form of reverence for the Great Tahora and similar mega-fauna as they are seen as foundational to their existence.