From Beacon Space
Hex 0809
First Planet Dachia
Black Hole No

Hex 0809 and the Cacho System was once a distant speck of little strategic or material significance; only serving as a rest stop for other journeys. Surviving pre-Glitch records make little reference to the star beyond its mere existence on the periphery. In recent history it served as the temporary home of Sihi and the Starlit Court. Cacho and its main planet, Dachia, where the setting of a major inflection point in Starlit Court History and was the origin of the splinter group known as the Free Dominion. Governance of the region ebbed and flowed through the courts hands and is currently on lease to the Tahora Whai who have taken custodianship of the system’s planets and stations.



An iceball with a storied history. During Beacon Wars a mining venture on the world of Dachia never panned out. It was the site of an equally doomed fleet battle. During the Era of Peace it served as temporary home for the Starlit Court following the Crisis of its own Name

Asteroid Belt - Spoils of War

Remnants of a great battle, Spoils of War is a collection of dust, debris, and detritus. The most valuable or useful scrap and salvage has long been harvested from this region either by the Tahora Whai in the decades after the battle or later by the Starlit Court during the rebuilding of Sihi. A handful of rusting hulks linger around along with a smattering of comets and meteors captured inside the cloud. It is recommended for only the most well armored and reinforced ships to attempt a trek through the debris.

Pilgramage Site

The Cacho sector features a large number of freely floating Void-Stations that orbit gravitic beacons and constructed Stele monuments. These stations form a common tourist destination, with a full tour of all the stations taking at least three days. BBTV often state that everyone should "Observe Cacho" at least once in their lives.

These stations all commemorate the traditional arrival locations for many of Beaconspace's colonisers. Being only one hex away from Center, it has a very strong signal connected to the beacon. This is contributed to by a very large "cold star" with an immense gravitic pull. This leads to many ships entering beaconspace for the first time ending up in Cacho, in or near orbit of it's Iceworld.

The traditional start and end for this pilgramage is TTGI station, in Center system, due to most arrivals to beaconspace abandoning Dachia and instead seeking out the "paradise world" of Telas.

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