Commonwealth-Whai Treaty of Free Navigation and Commerce

From Beacon Space

The Commonwealth-Whai Treaty of Free Navigation and Commerce, also known colloquially as the Reach-Rangi Agreement, is a diplomatic agreement between the Assembled Commonwealth and the Tahora Whai.


The piratical actions of the Tahora Whai and the peoples of Sector West have long been in conflict with trade associations and the Assembled Commonwealth. While various guilds utilized Whai privateers during turbulent periods of the Commonwealth's history, Whai ships are more often than not pursued by the Commonwealth navy.

Both Factions expanded their zones of influence in recent years and months. The astrographic areas these factions claim, the Aether Reach and Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai, are manifestations of this expansion. Within each region, it is generally understood that the faction is the local authority.

Several prior treaties between famous Whai kaiārahi and the Navy attempted to ease tensions between the two parties, but failed to either encompass enough Whai fleets or survive the death of the kaiārahi. This new agreement seeks to remedy these failings in two ways.

  • First, does not apply blindly to all Whai or Commonwealth citizens. Only participants in the negotiations are regulated by it, although more fleets and merchants may be added. The treaty acknowledges its own limitations an the cultural differences between the two sides.
  • Secondly, it outlines a formal recognition of each other's regions. By stating the geopolitical facts and undeniable aspects of local sovereignty the treaty grounds itself in the present and in truth. Although it does not require all to strictly adhere to the agreement, the appeal to territorial instincts allows general acceptance of it. Flagrant defiance or abuse of the treaty are policed internally through social.

Public Statements

The Office of the Six of Commerce's public statement after talks with representatives of the Tahora Whai.

As the chosen representative of the Six of Commerce, it has been my great honour to meet on behalf of the Assembled Commonwealth with the good Captains of the Tahora Whai, the historical stewards of the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai, and to formally conclude the negotiations regarding the Commonwealth-Whai Treaty of Free Navigation and Commerce.
The Assembled Commonwealth shares with the Tahora Whai a history of master artisans and brave spacefarers, but there’s an even stronger link that binds us together: the idea that someone is truly great only when they are part of something greater, body and soul working towards the Common Good of their people.
It is in the spirit of this connection that today we sign this Agreement: that the selected merchants and whalers who will be given the right of free movement between the Aether Reach and the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai will bring with them not only precious Idari jewelry or fine Whai artisanship, but also their culture and their stories. It is my greatest hope that through trade our peoples may foster a true and lasting friendship as we travel together into these new frontiers.
To those with a perhaps less poetic outlook, I can assure that the birth of this new, dynamic market between the Reach and the Rangi is projected to bring prosperity not only to Commonwealth and Whai worlds, but to the Beacon-Space as a whole. Consumers all around the sector can anticipate an influx of quality goods and luxury items.
I look forward to continued cooperation with the Tahora Whai in this endeavour.
Volha Haden, Six of Commerce