Species of the Decadentian Epistratum

From Beacon Space

The Decadentian Epistratum has one of the most diverse rosters of species in Beacon Space. Myriad insectoid species call the Epistratum home, all working together in concert via the highly regimented and defined Caste System. Since taking stewardship of Ascent, the Epistratum have incorporated even more species into their tapestry, for the first time welcoming mammalians. While not always seemless, the Epistratum has found homes for the vast majority of this population in their various castes. Together, they form a harmonious society that thrives in the delicate equilibrium of transformation, forever in pursuit of life's mantra Progress through Decay.



Graceful butterfly diplomats and scientists, adapted to integrate into larger society as a whole and represent the Epistratum's interests on an intersector scale. More humanoid by design, they are the official dignataries most of Beacon Space will ever interact with.


Elusive arachnid infiltrators and assassins, they navigate the shadows with elegance and precision. Masters of subterfuge, their sleek forms and venomous strikes make them feared and respected, embodying the silent power of decay.


Everbusy bee-like bureaucrats, they orchestrate the intricate web of bureaucracy that supports the faction's endeavors. Their tireless dedication to managing the details ensures the preservation of structure within the ever-changing currents of decay.


Diligent worker ants, they epitomize the Epistratum's industrious nature. Building, organizing, and adapting, their collective strength fuels the foundation of progress through their tireless dedication.


Majestic dragonflies, they rule with an air of authority and ancient wisdom. As the noble leaders of the Decadentian Epistratum, they symbolize the balance between decay and rebirth, guiding their kin through the cycles of transformation in pursuit of progress.


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Graceful and swift humanoids from Ikaros, resembling agile prey beasts. Born ready to sprint, with cloven hooves on hands and feet, they're obsessed with speed, even metabolizing combat stimulants without repercussions. Their culture's focus on velocity drives them in Special Forces roles and shapes their technological innovations.


Vigilant mantid peacekeepers, they stand as the embodiment of disciplined order amidst the chaos of decay. Their strategic minds and combat prowess ensure the faction's stability and security, embodying the balanced union of entropy and control.


Lumbering bipedal beetles, they contribute their robust strength to the Epistratum's endeavors. As tireless laborers, their toil forms the bedrock upon which the Decadentian Epistratum's ambitions are constructed.


An enormous fly species who are the religious leaders of the Epistratum, they channel the essence of decay and rebirth in their teachings and rituals. With their size and wisdom, they guide the faithful on a journey towards enlightenment through the transformative power of Entropy.