From Beacon Space

Classification Insectoid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Chrynatos
Size 3 to 4 Meters
Weight 150 to 200 Kilos
Lifespan 4 to 5 Rotar
Maturity Age 5 Months

The Formīca, the main force of the Shai'tanu, are the unwavering foundation of the Ascended Epistratum. Their robust bodies, adorned in earthy tones, reflect their tireless work ethic. Strong mandibles and specialized limbs equip them for various tasks, while their antennae serve as communication conduits.

Throughout its history, the Formīca have been the backbone of the Ascended Epistratum, dedicating themselves to collective progress. Their society thrives on cooperation, selflessness, and shared purpose. Rituals of unity and collaboration reinforce their unbreakable bond, enabling them to maintain the faction's survival.

As part of the Shai'tanu the Formīca contribute to the Ascended Epistratum's infrastructure and resources. They exemplify endurance and unity in their tireless commitment to the Ascended Epistratum's ideals.


Formīca possess sturdy exoskeletons of earthy browns and grays. Their bodies are divided into distinct segments, each adapted for a specific task within their intricate society. Strong mandibles and specialized limbs aid in foraging and construction. They communicate primarily through chemical signals, using their antennae to transmit information.


Originating in the vast caverns of Chrynatos, the Formīca have always been the backbone of the Ascended Epistratum. Over time, their society evolved to perfect the balance between individual effort and collective harmony, forming the foundation for the faction's progress. From building structures to tending to the Renpetekh-infused gardens, the Formīca have maintained the faction's survival for millennia.


Formīca culture centers around communal work, selflessness, and unwavering dedication to the Ascended Epistratum's ideals. Their hierarchy is based on the efficiency of labor, with those demonstrating exceptional dedication earning respect. Rituals of cooperation and unity are central to their way of life, fostering a sense of purpose in every member of their caste.


Formīca anatomy is built for endurance and specialized tasks. Powerful mandibles enable them to transport heavy loads and construct intricate structures, while their chemical communication system allows for seamless coordination within their ranks.