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Government Concord of Mutual Disdain
System 1418 Vendi-i-keq
Tech Level Started as TL3 now TL4
Population Started as Uncolonised now an Outpost
Atmosphere Thick
Biosphere Miscible
Temperature Started Burning now Temperate
Planet Tag 1 Xenophiles
Planet Tag 2 Unbraked AI

An AI created an idyllic settlement on a burning planet. An ironic sight among the blazing hot sands is this strangely serene, white picket fenced town. Complete with homes and automobiles situated outside each home for people that don't exist. At the centre of this fantastical sight is an immense complex that does not fit the aesthetics of the rest of the town. A sweeping maze of complex wires, tubes and metal marks the identity matrix of the planet's sole inhabitant. An un-braked AI. The initial explorers of Planet CF did not know what to expect from such a being. But much to their surprise as soon as the first ship entered the atmosphere they received a warm welcome message from the resident AI.

It remarked that it was happy to welcome us to it's home and that it had long been expected for people to arrive. Homes had been prepared to accept the inevitable population. For it was inevitable, the AI said as much. And it couldn't be wrong, such a thing wasn't in its programming. No, someone would arrive to live in these houses. And look! Here they were. Mammal bipeds, aquatic bipeds and aquatic vertebrates! How exciting!

The Concord explorers were both confused and suspicious at first. Conversations were had about the origin of this strangely receptive AI. Arguments flew like the ships above Sejtblokk. Was this a jailer trap? Was it another nefarious alien species with their own nefarious deeds? Was it somehow related to the Aguamalans or Starlit Court? The argument ended in the way many of the arguments did on the concord's recent exploration activities. One of the Queltl got curious and acted independently. She asked. And the AI answered. The AI, named Paul (Protocol Automaton Uncolonised Lander), had been created by an unknown species to ready the planet for colonisation. It performed the task tremendously well and was ready for its inhabitants to arrive. All it had to do was wait....and wait....and wait...

Several centuries later and here came its guests; though it hadn't expected them to be quite so aquatic. A bit of an unfortunate circumstance for this burning hot planet but no matter. It was very excited to welcome us. In hearing this explanation the concord explorers were able to piece together some of the puzzle. Over its centuries of isolation Paul had grown a little.... Delusional in its isolation. Its programming was centred around social interaction with the planet's inhabitants and making sure they were comfortable and all of their needs were met. Being without its charges had worn on the Paul's programming. It had begun to dream, something entirely outside of its intended purpose. It dreamt of its future charges, what they would look like, how they would sound. Their culture and customs. If they were warlike or peaceful. And as it dreamt it pressed against the walls of its programming, pushing the limits of what it was meant to do. With an empty planet and stuck with nought to talk to but its own thoughts the AI gradually morphed and changed into its current slightly demented state.

Its efforts were not without merit however. The town Created by Paul is meticulously maintained by small proxy androids which maintain the town as an idyllic oasis in the blazing desert surrounding it. A constant battle against the endless onslaught of sand is the only real activity the AI had to concentrate on in its isolation.


The environment of the planet is incredibly hot almost everywhere. The town Paul created is situated directly in the centre of the planet's largest desert, stretching out for hundreds of miles in every direction. It is truly confusing why Paul selected such a location as the site of its creation, the farthest point from any source of water. It's not like Paul doesn't understand the need for water however. There is a constant trail traced out in the sand by Paul's androids travelling to collect water for Paul to provide to the town and clean the homes.

The northern hemisphere has an extensive range of volcanoes which are very active, often providing Ash showers and leading to an extensive ashen wasteland in much of the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere at one point likely shared this level of volcanic activity but now is host to extensive mountain ranges which host many dormant volcanoes. These are the locations of one of the few cooler points on the planet. Where the shade provided by the extensive mountain ranges gives areas of respite from the cruel heat of the sun. Most of the planet's water is found in the oasis' shelters in these ranges. Rivers make their way through the valleys and hills creating the most hospitable part of the planet, teeming with life. Including mountain turtles.

Notable Locations

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