Kardakouk Cuisine

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This page is to hold the information about the local specialties of the planet Kardakouk and what you can expect of their food there if you should ever visit.

Flora based Food

Coral platter
This appetizer comes with a diverse assortment of corals in various colors, flavors and textures that is sure to make any meal fun. The selection is wide but after trying the gambit most people find themselves sticking to their favorites. The coral is grown commercially in an isolated area to protect it from pest and parasites, and is a sustainable though expensive food source. The fresh, still living coral has a better taste than dried coral, however they are rarely exported due to cost. The corals used in this dish have gone through many experimentation and treatment processes to make them palatable to humans.
A water vegetable. It grow like celery in large stalks and will continue growing as long as it has one stalk left for it to gather nutrients. the ecosystem around it has learned to leave it alive in order for them to continue feeding there at a later time
Sea Salad
This vegetable dish takes some of the more popular fauna depending on which zone of the planet you are on. It usually includes Seaweed, Seagrass and algae and some coral slices, usually covered with some Grentsd Snail oil.
Seaonge Bread
Made from Seaonge sponges this bread has a very light airy texture. If left in water it collects oxygen bubbles. It's common place on Kardakouk for human scuba divers to take some bread on dives in case their oxygen line breaks, as the bread can capture the escaping air.
Sewral Boiled Bread
This bread is made by grinding coral into powder and mixing it with a special type of seaweed that when it is placed in boiling water for a long time it sucks up all the ingredients around it and removes the water from it. This bread will remain dry in the water no mater how much water it is subjected to. does not last for long as it will keep setting until it becomes like a rock at which point you have to grind it up and start the process over again
A stylized Sewral Boiled Bread presentation.
A stylized Sewral Boiled Bread presentation.

Fauna based Food

Blurek Nutrient Bar
The species Queltl once offered a bloodworm to the humans to eat but a lot of them were repulsed, so instead of just offering the raw worm for them to swallow they made a nutrient bar and they refuse to tell humans what is in it.
Grilled Smarkovk
Grilled Smarkovk is a human recipe. Hot water is pumped from the surface into small tubing. Placing the lungfish on the pipes, the salmon colored fish is grilled out of the water. This technique leaves nice scoring lines and is a favorite among the alien species. Traditionally they tend to cook fish inside vents of boiling water.
Kardakouk medley
This dish features a variety of krill, shrimp and oysters which are then cooked under the stars light through a vent in the rocks it is glazed in sea honey and served in a shell of a crab.
A Kardakouk medley formally presented.
A Kardakouk medley formally presented.
Kreel Clam chowder.
You would think its not possible to have some sort of soup underwater, but it somehow happened. It has a mixture of algenate, snail oil, pureed kreel clam and a stalk of Celtraz. It has a tangy, smooth texture that includes some chunks of clam and seasonings like coral salt and honey
This extremely large fish has a weird migration pattern. Whenever they wander close to the underwater cities, the residents will all gather to hunt it. When successful they will have a feast that lasts for weeks and their larders/freezers will be stocked for months. It is teal colored and is opaque and see-through, yet not translucent. Usually served in a large variety of steak sizes
Qlenril Giant Slug Steak.
This slug is basically all muscle and has the texture of cow tongue. Its processing is very similar as its skin needs to be removed as it is very rubbery. It usually gives three steaks per slug. the slug is usually covered in coral seasoning and salt, then cooked to the liking of the customers. Caution eating raw seafood can lead to side effects. Please check the nearest gene lab to see if you can or cannot eat it.
Shredded Fish Coleslaw
A side dish that takes on many flavors a lot of it depending on the fish that is used for it. The Fredish String is popular for this one cause when shredded it keeps its form. It is then mixed in with some fermented algae and Seaweed.
Srerktoc Crab
This giant crab is a favorite among the Tar'et, so much so that they have made a breeding ground specifically to farm them for their cuisine. They enjoy just eating the crab raw after breaking open their shells but have evolved a dish so that humans can enjoy it, although they say that the taste is the best after just cracking the shell.
Srerktoc Crab Tartare
The crab meat gets minced into tiny chunks then mixed in with some spices and edible coral zest to provide a delicious raw dish which is usually served with some leafy Sea Salad


A dressing made from the many types of algae on Kardakouk. It is spicy, bitter, tangy and sweet if all the recommended algae are used to make it. However there are just regular ones that only encompass one of the flavors depending on which type of algae is used
Grentsd Snail oil
This oil is produced by extracting the oil out of the mucus of a snail with pressure. It has a tangy taste to it. however the snails are small so it takes a bunch to make enough to just serve on a salad
Sea Honey
A by-product of a creature which is used in the farming of seagrass, it collects the pollen released from the seagrass and helps fertilize the others when it goes from plant to plant. It has a very sticky like substance that leaves behind a sweet scent in the water.
A curious food paste that was synthesized in one of the labs on kardakouk. A certain tar’et felt like taking all the individual elements that it found delicious and putting them all together with the basic nutrients that it’s kind needs in order to survive. It created a paste which could be stored and sustained over long flights and does not taste bland like other nutrient packs. the typical containers that usually gets loaded into their ships could feed three adults. However Queltls find the taste disgusting and won’t go near the stuff, they will refuse to take jobs that make this due to their disgust of it. Side effects may occur if eaten by other races


Blended Flamingo Slurpee
A new product by your favourite Szalamandra Corporation is here to whet your appetite! Our famous slurpees are already a fan favourite but after a test run at Automacon 372 we have a BRAND! NEW! FLAVOUR!!!
Introducing Blended Flamingo Slurpee. Fresh from the newly reintegrated planet of Jääaika the blended flamingo slurpee is an exquisite taste produced from a modified extract from flamingo blood. Now I’m sure many of you have heard about how the fauna on Jääaika is not exactly edible. Well thanks to our expert researchers we have found just the right chemical formulas to extract the exquisite taste of this bird to sate your appetite. This breakthrough is currently only effective for making flamingo blood edible when combined with some minor ingredients from Kardakouk but our researchers are hopeful that soon the whole sector can taste wondrously wacky Jääaikan cuisine!
Legal Notice: The official Szalamandra Corporation Blended Flamingo Slurpee is trademarked by the Szalamandra Corporation and does not contain any of the hallucinogenic properties found in much of Jääaikan flaura. Any such slurpees being sold are not only illegal but also created in a process that has not been properly ascertained to remove the harmful elements of Jääaikan flaura. As such if any slurpees have produced any hallucinations or other psychiatric effects please report the incident to the local authorities and visit a doctor.
Police Report from Bernard 1 refueling station:
Attending a report from local port authorities the officers on the scene apprehended 3 members of the Cult of Bernard displaying unruly behaviour. It was found that these individuals, 2 Queltl and a human, had been ingesting a modified version of the blended flamingo slurpee. Several of the ingredients had been replaced and, instead of suitable Kardakouk plants, contained plants from Jääaika. As such the normally benign (if flavourful) drink produced hallucinogenic properties as seen typically indulged in by the Phrontisteries on Jääaika. The individuals were detained without incident but they remained highly vocal about ‘the worms in their brains’ and how the officers needed to ‘stop glowing so much’.
It took around 8 hours for the detained to return to functioning at normal levels. This is a slightly longer duration than the typical recorded for intoxication from Jääaikan plants. It is believed by the doctors who attended the detainees that the flamingo blood worked to enhance the effects of the hallucinogenic plants. It is advised that this discovery is to be kept under wraps to avoid criminal interest in the birds and the possibility of overhunting. The population of Jääaika is not large enough to protect the entire planet's population of flamingo birds should criminal elements take an interest.
A drink that is made from an edible coral that has the texture of jelly. the juice is pressed out and then mixed with some mineral spring water that settles in surface area of the ocean. Other ingredients are also used in the making the alcohol but those are kept secret by the brewers.
When humans arrived they were offered this drink by the aliens. It was one of the natural occurring liquids on their planets which they could actually tell was different to water. It comes from an anemone that secretes it as a protective measure but that the Queltl really liked. The anemone also keeps some cleaner fish that would give them their version of a shower. However it turns out that humans are allergic to the protective liquid.
Kardakouk sambva
A liquor made from sea grass pollen it is rather strong, suggested that you find your limit by popping one bubble of liquor at a time and not near anyone with gills
A drink that is similar to cold brewed coffee. Once it is kegged it is aged by letting it sit for a good portion of time. The ingredients do not become alcoholic but it gains strength in caffeine the longer it sits. Very dangerous when aged long. suggested use, large amount of cups at a short period of time, shot glass if at a longer period
Spring water from the vents of Kardakouk. The human residents do not drink the water from their home without having purified it for their own consumption. The boiling water from the vents is gathered above the crust by gathering the steam above the vents and then cooling it down. and then the filtration system will go in and separate the harmful elements that cannot be ingested by them. They do offer an unfiltered version as they have found that some alien species on other planets find great sustenance from it.
Sapphire Foam
A blue foam that expands as it is held in the drinkers mouth. Once swallowed it creates a lovely warm full feeling as well as loose and relaxed state in the drinker. The drink is slightly dangerous. Newbies who don't know when to swallow can end up with too much foam, which tends to spill out the mouth and feelings of being uncomfortably full.