Murder she Boat

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Murder she Boat
Genre Drama/Romance/Mystery
Created By Manny Shu
Starring Terry Partipal Benson
  • Vortle Persimmon Gean
  • Vil’Oro Tar’Bucken
  • Quinton Javier
  • Gavril Bantomo Relish
Place of Origin 1210 Hela
Original Language Queltl, Tar'et, Kardakoukian
Number of Seasons 6

A detective noir style television show Murder she boat was a serialised television show following the adventures of one Tavil Banton Balderdash (coloured tan, black and brown), a queltl detective with the Kardakouk police force sent to investigate various crime scenes across the planet.


Airing for 6 seasons with 30 episodes in each season the show followed a typical template of starting with a crime taking place before the main character would be called to investigate. Having garnered a significant audience the show was renewed for a second season where a few modifications to the formula brought about a huge increase in viewership. The introduction of the femme fatale character Verica Parson Galo introuced an element of romance into the show that proved to be very popular. With the increased viewership the show's budget was accordingly increased and season 3 was the most watched show on the planet at the time.

Seasons 3, 4 and 5 maintained steady viewership and the show continued to be a success to the public, thanks in part to modifications to the show's formula such as crimes spread across two linked episodes. The series also saw the visionary director Al’Fred Hit’Chock take over the season during this time period and it served to be the first in a long line of successful productions for him. A few production hiccups meant that production had to stop for a few months between seasons 4 and 5 but that did nothing to wane the shows popularity. Season 6 was met with some backlash over the choice to kill off the ever present Officer VanBor Mil’Taren and the season is generally considered the second worst by the fanbase and critics alike. Nevertheless there was a lot of optimism and expectation as season 7 began production and eventually shooting.

Production End

Unfortunately during the production of the 7th season Terry Partipal Benson, the actor for Tavil Banton Balderdash, died due to a rare heart problem that had plagued him for many years. Having been in his 50’s for the show's entire run time he was fairly old to be debuting his acting career but the unexpected medical issue took the fan base by surprise. Tributes poured out for the actor's untimely death and production was halted. From the remains of what had already been filmed for season 7 the studio edited together a movie to conclude the show. In part a tribute to the show and in part a tribute to the actor the movie ‘Violence in Visgasz’ had some issues due to the edited nature of its production but it remains one of the highest grossing films in Concord history.


After Terry’s passing there were a few attempts to revive the franchise but the actors and crew did not feel comfortable continuing the show without Terry. Nevertheless all the other crew in the main cast went on to have long and successful careers in movies and television shows. Vortle Persimmon Gean, the actress for Verica Parson Galo even went on to become a famous director for the Szalamandra Company, eventually earning enough to buy the studio that produced Murder she Boat.

The show remains one of the largest contributors to the Szalamandra Corporations franchising efforts with a wide variety of goods available with a Murder she Boat theme.



  • Tavil Banton Balderdash (tan, black, brown queltl) the protagonist detective played by Terry Partipal Benson (tan, purple, brown queltl).
  • Verica Parson Galo (vermillion, pink, gold) the femme fatal rougue love interest introduced in season 2 played by Vortle Persimmon Gean.
  • Officer Van’Bor Mil’Taren (Tar’et) the detectives main point of contact in the Kardakouk police force played by Vil’Oro Tar’Bucken.
  • Mr Denny (human) a local shop owner who often found himself advising, and occasionally accompanying Tavil on his investigations played by Quinton Javier.
  • Genty Barrow Rofine (green, blue, red queltl) the recurring antagonist introduced in the season 1 finale who went about causing around a third of the total crimes investigated. Played by Gavril Bantomo Relish.


  • Gary Lint, (human) officer at the Kardakouk police played by Thomas Li.
  • Matilda Jones, (human) officer at the Kardakouk police played by Sarah Donovan.
  • Man’bil Vin’Barten, (Tar’et) landlord of Tavil’s apartment played by Man’bil Vin’Barten (Man’bil was a friend of original director Manny Shu an agreed to let his apartment complex be used for filming for free providing he could act in the series as himself).
  • Helia Yampa Sortin (Harlequin, yellow, silver queltl) undercover plant in the Kardakouk police working for Genty played by Harris Yompton Salarakh.

Crew Members

  • Manny Shu, director seasons 1 & 2.
  • Al’Fred Hit’Chock, director seasons 3 onwards.
  • Stacy Portnew, showrunner.
  • Marsha Nettleworth, costumer.
  • Kil’Bon Flar’Tenko, Fen’Bin Ton’Benton, Happy Agnew, Polton Bantri Yelpo (pink, blue, yellow), editors.

Story Arcs and Themes

TV Show was infamous for having long winding generic story arcs that went nowhere and touched on no major themes, being of every genre and no genre at the same time

Critical Reception

Everyone both hated and loved it. A sector wide average of 50/100 on Spacemeta Critic

Related Media and Spinoffs

TV Show was turned into Game and Book. Controversially, also Action Figure.

Other Merchandising

A line of TV show envirionment suits became popular on Dachia for a time

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