Kit Huibo

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Kit Huibo is a Mechanical Technician who Moves Like a Cat. They are a player Free Agent in beacon space.

Kit Huibo
Affiliation Free Agent
Played By FoxyOwl#3301
Homeworld Gograpatk System
Species Humaniod
Gender Non-Binary (He/They)
Bleed Aptitude Non-Magical
Height above average
Weight slim
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Brown

Traits and Appearance

Standing at roughly two meters, Kit is a quick and agile spacer most comfortable in micro-gravity. Several cybernetic systems are grafted to their spine: notably an enhanced robotic sleeve and an integrated communication array.

Some say that one should have "a plan to kill everyone that you meet," but that's not quite Kit's style. Instead they have plans to steal from everyone that they meet. They are no master criminal but having apprenticed under some, a suspicious and kleptomaniac mindset follows them through their travels.


Kit wears utilitarian clothing and favors muted and pastel colors.

While working they don an old bottle-green boiler suit taken from a former employer. It is covered in a hodge-podge variety of patches and spills. A beige tin cloth duffle bag, oil stained and clanking, holds their tools close at hand.

Kit's everyday style consists of a pair of tan joggers, sleek ship boots, a light colored tank top, and a five-panel hat.

Starship - Mobius

As a modestly successful Free Agent, Kit invested in a second-hand starship to open up new opportunites for jobs in the penumbra, and to perhaps begin a legitimate business. The ship itself is a former Ascent research vessel, which by the logs indicated that near the end of the ship's service it participated in some of the Ascent's early exploratory missions. However, the details of these missions are heavy redacted if not degraded beyond comprehension. It's second home appears to be an Ikarosi school and research instituion associated with Ascent. The ship served as a training platform for students over the course of three semesters before a more modern ship replaced it. Proprietary systems such as laboratory modules, advanced sensor arrays, engine overclockers, and other parts were all removed before bing put up for auction. Alan Yates & Co. then sold the ship to Kit.

Mobius, crewed by a handful of Sihian sailors and various Free Agents, travelled to Valkai, aka Planet Z, to investigate the strange plots on the surface.


Born in the void of who-knows-where Beacons Space, Kit was the child of traveling merchants, or at least that’s what they claimed to have been; by all reports, Kit’s parents were con-artists and cheats. In their early teens, Kit’s parents transferred guardianship to Dean Nabytt, a friend and Ikarosi mechanic, so that Kit could apprentice with him. Through their adolescence, Kit learned the ins and outs of some of the sector’s fastest starships and became a master at squeezing into the tight confines of bulk-heads, ventilation ducts, and engines. The various sounds, vibrations, and rhythms of these machines are like a second-language to Kit.

Shortly before the completion of Kit’s apprenticeship Nabytt was arrested and convicted of several counts of embezzlement and fraud. As an unwitting participant in the shady dealings, Kit’s reputation and prospects plummeted. Uncertified and unable to work regulated and unionized jobs, they now ply their trade with the rogue Free Agents of the sector picking up odd jobs.

First Job: Nusantara Knick-Knack

Previously working on the periphery of the Penumbra repairing and upgrading the ships of enigmatic Free Agents, Kit was eventually approached to directly apply his skills by an Agent Handler code-named Chandler. Working with a small team, they charted a flight to the Nusantara system to recover an ancient Jitendran data core.

The team tracked down the signal beacon from the supposed data core to a large capital ship being salvaged near the planet Puluhan. What appeared to be the data capsule was infact a decoy, planted by scavengers calling themselves Flight Armory Down. Having disrupted the capsule, a booby-trap set by the scavangers triggered a self-destruct sequence. The penumbra team just barely escaped the collapsing hulk and flew down to the moon below. A standoff between the intrepid free agents and Flight Armory Down, a scavenger gang of Putschjunta, culminated in one agent unleashing a strange animalistic power that made the locals chicken out. Kit mediated some tensions by improving one of the local hoverbikes and won an audience with the leader Iro Talon. Exchanging a pittance of Howl and a shiny spanner for the data core the free agents achieved their objective and requisitioned the improved hoverbike.

Kit acquired a scanner and a strange data chip. The hoverbike was given to another free agent on the mission and was later used in a speeder chase.

Free Agents: Nusantara Knick-Knack - A West Marches Cypher RPG Campaign - Episode 4

Second Job - Perfect Failure

Proven capable, Kit found work as part of a covert operation in a recently discovered planet of Sector-North. Tasked with stopping a semi-religious space flight, Kit and the team infiltrated the strange human society of Planet Z.

Planet Z’s populace are nigh inscrutable, but thanks to the strange data chip Kit found on his last mission Kit miraculously was able to comprehend Valkaiian, the unique language and runes of the locals. The free agents inserted on the planet and began observations and investigations of the local culture and imminent rocket launch. A caste system denoted by various colored robes and environmental suits became apparent and thankfully a whim of the agents set them to be a position of moderate importance that allowed limited access to restricted locations. A two-pronged attack was planned to sabotage the rocket: poisoning the pilot and a surgical shot at the rocket’s fuel lines. The former resulted in a moderate disaster as the final administering of a toxin was bungled and a fighting retreat ensued. Meanwhile, the sniper shot of the rocket provided sufficient distraction for all agents to escape to their hidden shuttle.

Kit acquired several local holy texts and bioengineering manuals to translate and sell on the black market.

Free Agents: Perfect Failure - A West Marches Cypher RPG Campaign

Third Job - Trilby Trouble

At the massive robotics expo of Automacon held above the planet Gome, Kit and other Free Agents were tasked with helping the down-on-his-luck Captain Trilby' boost his touring business and hinder the competition: SPEE-D3 Tours© run by the Queltl Yeovin Gertrude Mottle.

Kit provided some long overdue maintenance to the Captain's shuttle but was unable to requisition parts to stabilize the ship with the Captain's counterfeit credit chip. The agents, some of which had dealings with Trilby's rival before, planned to expose YGM's shady business dealings - and with a rotten fish to hammer the point home. With the agents' help Trilby's rickety rust-bucket and unique tour guide's spiel on Gomese bears proved a much more appealing option to SPEE-D3's corrupt operation and putrid cabin.

Fourth Job - Cargo Conundrum

Kit and like-minded Agents travelled to a port on the planet of Kardakouk to push back against the incursions of the corrupt Golden Stag Revolutionary Front(GSRF) and establish a foothold for the handler Greekfire.

Fuel salesman Thaddeus L. III, intrigued by potential expansion of his business agreed to meet with Greekfire to discuss long term operation at the port. Using his mechanical expertise, Kit sabotaged the vehicle of the GSRF affiliated local gang boss. The fate of the Tar'et Sárkány is yet unknown.

Fifth Job - Sleeping with the Fishes

As tensions between the GSRF and the Penumbra heat up, a crew of Free Agents make way to investigate in the Northern Block. Tony "the Fish" (actually an aquatic-mammalian) a rumored cheat and fraudster with considerable sway in the area is said to be causing trouble for the handler Greekfire. The crew are to set things straight for them.

On the submersible ride to the Northern Block, the craft lost power and drifted to the bottom of a deep under-water chasm. Donning survival suits, Kit and the crew found refuge in a hidden passageway not far from their crash site. Exploring the depths of this passage revealed a forgotten cell block, and ominous writing warning of "The Hollow Queen." One by one, the free agents are picked off and pulled through a hole in the floor. Diving down to rescue their allies, the whole party encounters a colossal octopus or squid-like creature that is unmistakably the fortold Hollow Queen. Wrangling each other free from the queen's grasp, the crew made a brave stand when a rescue vessel, helmed by Greekfire themself, burrowed straight through the walls of the cell to save the crew. In the ordeal, Kit severed a tentacle from the queen and is attempting to uitlize it as a make-shift bull-whip.

Sixth Job - Perloined

  • Tritium Protocol in effect following a GRSF attack on major Penumbra Assets
  • YGM and a "Judith Perloin" are the targets of a bounty in Visgaz, Kardakouk

Seventh Job - Golden Horses

  • In the aftermath of the Perloin bounty hunt, Preti Sparx is heavy damaged and may hold secrets about the GRSF
  • Meet with Avery Stezky a cyberneticist living in Visgaz to repair Preti Sparx

Eight Job - Urgent All Agents

  • Kit calls together several agents in Visgaz to deal with a bomb threat that splits their forces across the city.
  • A Government Minister's house - Whittle and Co.
  • Waste Management Facility - Kit and Company

Ninth Job - Gil and Gal

  • Rival Brother Warlords on Nueva Cuauhtémoc vie for control of the region. Their father's lands are split in two and the Agents are asked to bring peace the the divided land.

Tenth Job - The Salt Must Flow

  • Mines near Zaul, Solado
  • Agents delve deep to recover samples of the salt for a local scientist
  • Who knows what they'll find down in the depths

Eleventh Job - Grand Opening

  • Wittle Marrow Yottle's antiques business is starting up on the Telas Station and a station wide sewage problem won't stop the Agents from celebrating

Twelfth Job - War Canines

  • During the getaway of an art heist in Idarast, Kit and Bloedwyn find a cash of weapons being fought over by local factions. Perhaps they can make their payday even more special.

Thirteenth Job - Signs of a Shiri

  • Garden of the Beast, Helocytus
  • Baby Bio engineered River taxis are set loose causing havoc
  • Dogmatic Authorities, The Calcifiers, attempt to detain their creator "Phenotech Orange Plum"
  • Kit receives a gift.

Fourteenth Job - Expedition Planning

  • Intercept a business deal on Telas and secure the Stealth Technology on the table

Fifteenth Job - Semi-Hard

  • Acquisition of a Level 4 Starship Mobius from the second hand market
  • Hermes sending a team of Agents to investigate the situation of Planet Z aka Valkai
  • But first, a secure landing site and a safe house are necessary for the mission

Cypher System Mechanics


Knowledge and experience with a variety of machines and associated tools

Technician - An Explorer with the Tech Flavoring

Block: A defensive move
Fleet of Foot: Can move as part of other actions, run a long distance, or push themselves to both run and attack
Improved Edge
Tinker: (From Tech Flavoring) Allows Kit to modify a device to do something different

Moves Like a Cat

Greater Enhanced Speed
Balance: Training in balancing


  • Appropriate clothing
  • A Variety of Mechanical Tools
  • Everlight
  • Spanners
  • Meg's Tentacle - Short Range melee weapon, with a Grapple feature
  • Wrist Computer
  • Exo-Hand
  • Environmental Suit
  • Shipboots
  • Throwing Spanners
  • Breather
  • Sea-Salt and Lime Tril-O-Bites
  • Ductape


  1. Comprehension (7): USED - Fluent in Valkaiian, the language of Planet Z, and various Engines
  2. Putschujunta Scavenger Scanner (1): USED - Eases locating known objects. Used to find
  3. Empty Slot:


Player Agents

  • Blodeuyn of the Sidhe
  • Cait Chullain
  • Cynch
  • Myr
  • Rizzy
  • Rimor
  • Seymoure Valentine
  • Syr Theodric The Twice Damned
  • Syr Crumbles Zeigler
  • Whittle Marrow Yottle
  • Xonora

Known Handlers

  • Chandler
  • Hermes
  • Wolf

Friendly NPCs

  • Avery Setzky cyberneticist friend of Whittle
  • Bex smuggler and arms dealer extraordinaire