Free Agents

From Beacon Space

Free Agents are individuals who have by one way or another slipped through the cracks of regular society. They live paycheque to paycheque, score to score, mission to mission, operating under the couch cushions where nobody wants to look. Inspired heavily by shadowrun, blades in the dark, and the heist/organised crime genre in general, they band together to achieve goals that they could not accomplish individually. Together they are a part of the Penumbra.

Free Agents Are:

  • Skilled in their specialisation
  • Able to do more than the average person
  • Individuals with connections to the universe
  • People with their own goals, motivations, and agendas
  • Able to traverse the culture of their home environment

Free Agents Are Not:

  • Faction Turn Assets
  • Capable of violating the certificate of irrefutably
  • Better than a Tier One character in their backstory
  • Able to accomplish everything on their own, they have weaknesses


Below are Player Characters in the Free Agents campaign run via Discord. These characters are Psudeo-Official in the universe, continuing the fictional position that the entire Westmarches campaign exudes.