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A formerly Ascent starship owned by Kit Huibo, for use as a free agent vessel.


Mobius' Crew
Name Species/Origin Title Specializations
"Old Dave" Human Captain Weapons and Security
Kit Huibo Humanoid Cyborg Bosun and Head Engineer The effective captain and owner
Nkoyo "Kaye" Kesegowaase Ikarosi Pilot/Helm
Raúl Lutrian Mechanic
Awe Fetu Strigo Navigator Cartography
Thryda Eriksen Human (Dynaean) Communications
Muirgel Brigan (Telas/Spacer) Greenshirt
Tibi Sen Putschjunta (Telas/Spacer) Greenshirt


While in common company, the veteran "Old Dave" is the captain of the ship and on paper is responsible for its activities. However, Kit Huibo, the Head Engineer and Bosun manages the everyday operations of the ship and takes command in times of emergency. With the experienced Old Dave on the paperwork, Kit is able to command the ship with limited personal liability.


A second-hand Level 4 Starship which requires a crew to operate.

  • Life Support lasts 3 months before restock.
  • Systems:
    • Bridge - Interplanetary Range
    • Crew Quarters - Able to house 8 people comfortably
    • Engineering (Improved Engine lvl 5)
    • Large Cargo Bay (45 metric tons)
    • Escape Pod
    • Gun, Laser Battery Array (lvl 4)


The Blinding Lights, as it was originally known, was built as a research vessel designed to quickly uncover the hidden edges of space.

Ascent Exploration

Service and travle logs recovered from the vessel's mainframe indicated that the ship participated in several early exploratory missions into the sector North-East. However, this ship was never the first into a point of interest nor found any prominent orbital bodies. Not as swift as its sister ships, the Blinding Lights fell out of favor among the Ascent leadership. After a noble service, it was donated to a school on Ikaros.

Ikarosi Research Platform

Over the course of three semesters, the ship was used by an Ikarosi Research Insitution as a teaching and training platfrom for the students. It was eventually replaced with a more modern ship with the latest components and technologies of Ascent. Out classed and much slower than the newest generation of vessels, it was no longer fit for the fast-paced Ikarosi culture and was brought to auction.


Proprietary systems such as laboratory modules, advanced sensor arrays, engine over-clockers, and other sensitive parts were all removed before being put up for auction. The used ship sales company 'Alan Yates & Co. picked up the gutted vessel for a bargain. Alan Yates & Co. would go on to sell the ship to Kit Huibo.

Free Agent Vessel

As a modestly successful Free Agent the mechanic Kit Huibo invested in a second-hand starship to open up new opportunites for jobs in the Penumbra, and to perhaps begin a legitimate business. Kit named the vessel Mobius and crewed it with various hands from across the sector core.


Planet Z, known as Valkai, was the free agent vessel's first major destination. Ferrying several agents secretly to the surface Mobius allowed the establishment of an undercover base in the heart of a major city. Nearby, on an Ascent station over Baros, Kit re-installed missing engine over-clockers and turbo systems.

Ship's Grave

Saving everyone's favorite f-up, Alfie, from an unfortunate arranged wedding, the Mobius gained the veteran fighter "Old Dave" as a weapons officer. Old Dave would shortly be promoted to captain and official scape-goat of the Mobius. The crew equipped the ship with a Laser-battery Array from the Whai in exchange for reclaimed gemstones.

Telas Station