Whittle Marrow Yottle

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Whittle Marrow Yottle is an Inquisitive Speaker who crafts unique objects. She is a player Free Agent in beacon space. Whittle Marrow Yottle is a queltl originating from Sejtblokk on the planet Kardakouk. She is a significant character in the penumbra network as a prominent free agent. She is an inquisitive speaker who crafts unique objects. With a main colour of white, a secondary colour of mint green and a tertiary colour of yellow She is most often seen in an outfit consisting of Wellington boots, dungarees, a bucket hat and a bag about her size. At 4ft tall she is average height for a queltl.

Whittle Marrow Yottle
Name Whittle Marrow Yottle
Affiliation Free Agent, Concord of Mutual Disdain
Homeworld Kardakouk
Species Queltl
Gender Female (She/Her)
Bleed Aptitude Minor biomancy
Height 4'
Weight Queltl average

History: Born to a fairly normal family Whittle is the 3rd oldest of ten siblings. Her mother Florla Lavena Illuri (Fuschia, lavender, indigo) and her father Torton Parmesan Ceol (Tan, pink, cyan) own a submersible shop in Sejtblokk where they cater to small businesses and the middle class who own personal submersibles. Torton along with her younger sister, Belta Tamei Lira (blue, turquoise, lime), and her cousin, Mesa Warel Corcoal (mint, white, cyan), were featured in the free agents episode

Free agents: Whittle stumbled into the life of a free agent. One of so many concord members who quickly rushed to see what the rest of the sector had to offer. Leaving her posting at the ministry of education she made telas, of centre system, the first target of her sector exploration. Whilst there she stumbled into following some shady looking people to the oasis cacti bar. Whereupon she fiddled with an interesting looking machine that turned out to be a jukebox connected to the penumbra network. Little did she know that this would become the central focus her life would now centre around. From her first mission as depicted in the episode Asteroid Anomaly to her creation of an artefact business around the penumbra network.