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Founded during the last era of peace as a sector-wide project, the Telas TerraGroup Initiative (TTGI) has been focused on the terraforming of Telas for nearly a century of Telasian time. While focused on the planet of Telas, the TTGI has also served as the governmental authority of the Telas Station. Often referred to as the Telas Council, this board of directors is occupied by key project engineers and representatives from Factions across the sector. Membership has often been in Flux as sector powers rise and fall.


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The founding goal of the TTGI was to “return the world of Telas to a prime ecosystem to support the multitude of life in Beacon Space.” Having blown past its original completion date, in 1013 ABA, the project was far over schedule and orders of magnitude over cost estimates. A modified version of the Goal was completed in 1037 ABA, with the only missed ecological goal being a slightly warm average temperature. This was achieved under the leadership of Vein Leader of Telas being the title for Telas.

Now that its primary goal has been achieved, the TTGI has transitioned into a steward of the planetary condition. Focusing on: Maintaining the atmos scrubbers, which ensure the complete removal of all invasive atmospheric substances; managing the biosphere, by the introduction of Beacon Space species into the local environment; and planning the construction of a sustainable high-population Grand Capital City. This new goal is bound to upset many, given the previous delayed achievements of the TTGI.

Telas Council

Functioning as an oversight, guidance, and management group, the Telas Council during the Terraforming process tried to keep the project on schedule and budget. Consisting of many representatives with differing views on an ideal terraforming process along with being burdened by the day-to-day management of Telas Station, its failure, in hindsight, appears predictable. This era of the Council consisted of twenty-three (23) delegates representing nine (9) Factions and twelve (12) one (1) for each Hab of the Telas Station, and two (2) additional station delegates representing the orbiting tail of satellites and the station shipyard. The council met with a regular cadence providing regular updates on terraforming progress to itself and the public. Each meeting included a series of votes guiding the actions of the terraforming process until the council next met. These decisions had long-lasting impacts on the operation's viability, occasionally almost ending in near disaster for Telas. Other times the apparent malfeasance of delegates was on full display.

Council Delegates

The set of Delegates to the Telas Council at the time of the completion of Telas' terraforming.
Delegate Position Name Length of Serving
Hab 1 Example Example
Hab 2 Example Example
Hab 3 Example Example
Hab 4 Example Example
Hab 5 Example Example
Hab 6 Example Example
Hab 7 Example Example
Hab 8 Example Example
Hab 9 Example Example
Hab 10 Example Example
Hab 11 Example Example
Hab 12 Example Example
Shipyard Example Example
Satellites Example Example
Aguamala Syndicate Example Example
Amelhart Institute Example Example
Ascent Example Example
Assembled Commonwealth Example Example
Children of the Vein Example Example
Concord of Mutual Disdain Sekélyzelo Boston Germantide Yapple Example
Larkspur Combine Example Example
Starlit Court Example Example
Tahora Whai Shalini Mageo Since the Start of the Current Era