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The Telas Station, also called the Telas TerraGroup Initiative Station (TTGIS), is a large space station in the 0909 / Center system where it orbits the planet of Telas in an orbit nearly as far away as many Moons orbit their planets. Supporting a permanent population of nearly 100,000 people and many more with temporary accommodations, the station serves as a focal point of the system. Best described as an orbiting Ferris wheel, the station consists of ten functioning Habs. Two habs are currently unable to be occupied due to the D.A.C. Titanic which had a docking connector failure in the Telasian Year 110. The ship crashed into the pre-developed planet of Telas and damaged a residential and life-support hab in the process. The resulting debris field is still too dense to safely traverse so these two habs are currently inaccessible.

A Hab is a pressurized volume of space that an inhabitant can walk around without needing to use station transit. These Habs range in pressurized volume from 100,000 ft3 (2,832 m3) to 800,000 ft3 (22,654 m3) and each is specialized for a specific part of life from residential to recreation including a diplomatic location. To venture between each hab, the inner ring of the station provides access to a subway. This subway has access to dedicated airlocks per hab providing reliable transportation between the habs. While often crowded and uncomfortable they are the easiest method of transportation between the habs. The second system of independent pressurized capsules traverse via suspended cables and can connect to any external airlock on the Telas facing side of the station. While much more expensive, this method provides excellent views of Telas while relocating between habs.

These transportation methods also link to the center pressurized area which provides access via long cylindrical hallways to the various docking ports for visiting ships. These occupy the side of the station which faces the planet of Telas. On the opposite side peering off into the vast darkness of space is a Class-Y space yard capable of constructing and repairing the most common space-faring vessels. Currently, the BBTV Trustworthy is positioned in the primary birth with construction expected to be completed within the year.

Station Layout

As a collection of habitation (hab) units, the Station is fairly complex. Each Hab is described in further detail below outlining how the space inside is used. Where maps are provided a grid implies a 5 ft2 section unless otherwise documented. Each hab’s number provides an indicator for direction where Hab 1 is located at the 1 O’Clock position and Hab 2 in the 2 O’Clock and so on. The station does not rotate instead arcane generators produce artificial gravity over the station which pulls towards the center. All habs are constructed with this in mind and visitors can quickly adjust to this perception change. Trailing the primary Station structure are external habitats that are significantly smaller than Telas Station. These satellite locations serve as additional living space, manufacturing zones, greenhouses, or anything which people can afford.

Hab 1: Luxury Residential

Both the first and most recently renovated hab, the Luxury Residential hab provides a serene living environment for the individuals lucky enough to reside here. While providing permanent living arrangements to some, this hab is also used to host guests of honor from all over the sector. Each Faction with representation on the TTGI Board has been granted a luxury apartment in this block with enough space for their appointed diplomat and their family.

Level 0

The lowest level provides the connection to the uncommonly used station subway. This floor has a total of 3,750 ft2 of space in which the restaurant and bar, Aravind’s Aromatics and Aliments, occupies along with a private gym & facilities, along with an observation lounge with views to both Telas and the expanse of Space visible. Gravity Negation locations are present, along with ladders, to provide access to the upper levels.

A gridded map for TTRPG use.
A single bedsits to the left of this small apartment. A single desk and some storage lockers are also provided.

Levels 1 through 4

Consisting of 5,000 ft2 per floor with ten apartments of 500 ft. Each apartment consists of a private bedroom which can be configured with a double-wide bed and side bunks if needed for children. Shared facilities are located on the bottom level of the Hab unit, reducing the overall footprint of the private room. Below the light fixture, a small window with a metal blind provides a view into space.

The figure to the right shows the default configuration of the room with a single bed with lockers for private storage. A couch with a drop-down screen provides a relaxing location to view the latest BBTV broadcast while the chair and communications desk provide a place to work from the host's very own private room.

Level 5

The penultimate level in luxury housing consists of five large apartment blocks of 1000 ft2 each. An example is shown to the left. Double the size of the smaller luxury apartments, these rooms include a separate living space and a dedicated facilities room. With only a few of these existing on the station the owners are always fiercely protective of their accommodations. One is currently reserved for important visiting dignitaries to the station while the other four are owned outright by either individuals or companies.

A grid map for a TTRPG that shows a luxury apartment.
A luxury apartment with a dedicated bathroom and living space.

Hab 2: Diplomatic Relations

Located in the 2 O’Clock position the second hab is one of the largest on the station and for good reason. Containing both the large public reception space and the administrative offices and meeting rooms needed for the TTGI to operate this section of the Hab is bustling with activity no matter the station time. Originally a smaller artificial Arboretum, the hub retains some of its charms for being a lovely location to spend an evening off work in. The lowest level spans the average height of three other levels enabling trees and other large plants to dominate the center of the space. On the end furthest from the connection to the station subway is the primary boardroom of the TTGI. Other offices and meeting spaces decorate the entire area, with many having a balcony to look over the garden space in the center. A few important offices are described in more detail below.

Telas TerraGroup Initiative Offices

Taking up the entire back wall opposite the subway connection and spanning the entire height of five stories the TTGI Offices are impossible to miss. A large conference room occupies nearly all of level four. The only remaining space on this floor is reserved for the chair of the board for the given term. The other floors provide shared offices for individuals to work in during their shifts. The top-level contains archives and records for all meetings of the TTGI and the formal reports.

Both office workers and researchers can always be found here, but getting someone to provide any answers at all about Telas is harder than it seems. Important people who may be found here include:

  • First Last

Faction Diplomatic Offices

Running lengthwise is a series of offices which change hands on a regular basis. These serve as diplomatic outposts for most of the major factions in Beacon Space. Normally consisting of a back private office and front secretary station, the offices are small but do provide a balcony to overlook the Arboretum. These offices are currently pulling double duty as they are also the primary working location for a faction’s representative to the TTGI. Each Faction’s representative can often be found at their office sometime during the station day. Faction’s Representatives are listed:

  • Representative First Last from Faction

Beacon Broadcast TV Offices

Located above the station shuttle, the BBTV has its current primary broadcast location where Anchors Lupus Calbretch and Xavier Stordiz would normally provide their broadcast to the Center system which is simulcast all over the sector. An additional smaller set is used to record other reports on a near hourly basis. A small dedicated team works in this office to coordinate the company’s response to news all over Beacon Space and to compile the news for our primary Anchors.

Occupied by 5-10 employees at any time this office space always has some activity going down that to an industry outsider might look like a constant crisis. For as impressive as this office space is, BBTV’s primary headquarters is on its own, FTL Capable, ship the BBTV Independent. This ship is capable of traveling anywhere in the sector to find the hottest news.

Anchor Lupus Calbretch's Living Arrangements

Due to some ongoing judicial concerns regarding BBTV Anchor Calbretch, he currently finds himself in station house arrest. To accommodate this requirement, BBTV has temporarily attached a small habitat to an airlock by their offices which serves as Calbretch’s current living area. Recent renovations to this small external living arrangement have made a nice dedicated space for Calbretch to live, work, and play in. This habitat is shown.

A grid map for TTRPG use
A living space, office, and bathroom make up the attached living arrangements for BBTV Anchor Lupus Calbretch.

The Arboretum

The lowest level of this hab contains several cafes with the ability to grab a quick bite to eat or buy a replacement phone. Plant species from all over Beacon Space can be found here in their own dedicated areas to grow. Botanists and Gardeners are normally seen wandering the garden taking care of various plants. For details about anyone plot, find a botanist as the selection changes on a rotational basis so that the area is always blooming. Head Gardener Jamy Ganett is always a great person to ask for details.

Hab 3: Good Residential

Common Facilities

Each floor of this residential hab contains a selection of shared facilities including restrooms with showers, additional locker storage, a cheap food court, and a small necessities shop. Generally, these locations are satellites of the primary shops found in the Recreation Station or the Diplomatic Hab but occasionally independent ventures do fill these spaces. The most successful independent venture, which has small shops on multiple floors and in other stations across Beacon Space, is Bonova Bistro.


Consisting of a small single room with either a single or double bed by default the bedrooms in this habitat are reasonable. Many individuals who have rooms here have 24-hour access to their room however multiple floors are dedicated to room sharing where an individual has access to the bedroom for half of the station day, the other half they do not. Any belongings are stored in a private locker inside the room with biometric access, this does cut down on the cost considerably of a room but means individuals do not have a dedicated place to spend downtime when outside of their shift in the room. Two-bedroom options are shown below depending on the arrangement of the floor and the owner.

Hab 4: Hydroponics and Hydration

Responsible for handling the logistics of all consumables on-board the station the Hydroponics and Hydration Hab is the largest by pressurized volume, but one of the smallest by space easily accessible by inhabitants. Divided into four components; Atmosphere, Disposal, Hydration, and Sustenance; each coordinates activities carefully to ensure the station remains livable for all. This habitat also acts as a logistics facility for many of the other smaller greenhouse habitats which are in orbit. These greenhouses can provide spaces to grow plants and animal products with more specialized environmental needs. These smaller habitats can safely dock to airlocks on the side of the station which faces out to open space. From there strict controls are enforced to limit cross-contamination of environments.


A crew of around 100 individuals maintains the station atmosphere with around 1/3rd of the staff always on duty. Individuals who need specialized compartment controls are asked to reach out to Auxiliary Officer Koltn Moskal. He is responsible for environmental controls and is a more than capable mechanic. Massive processing facilities can purify and clean the entire volume of air in the station once per day.


Disposal handles the removal of any items off-station which are no longer useful for any reduce, reuse, or recycling initiatives. Unusable trash is ejected via one-use containers which are sent into either a decay orbit into Telas to burn up in the Atmosphere or on a collision course with the sun.


Even with access to a planet water conservation on the station is an essential job. Something the approximately 300 employees in this division take very seriously. Chief Hydro Engineer Giovanna Amláib leads this ambitious group from her small office located in this section. Water purification is not the only liquid this group is responsible for. They also maintain the cooling loops and any other liquid which an inhabitant may need to survive. Pressurized storage containers can be found nearly anywhere in the massive structure as most places of “empty” space have found themselves with tanks and pipework added to support the growing diverse population of the station.


Executive Botanist Evered Yate is in charge of all things plants and food for the station. Catering to many unique diets and needs of the station inhabitants is a constant demanding job. They, along with a staff of nearly 300 individuals including 50 Artificial Intelligences maintain a constant supply of fresh produce to the station kitchens and restaurants. Orders need to be placed several months in advance and only rarely can the Sustenance team fail to provide the requested product.

This team is not only responsible for the large greenhouses on the station which provide the vast majority of the food consumed on the station, but they also operate 50 smaller greenhouses that form part of the orbital train which follows the station. Each greenhouse is managed by an AI whose primary operating systems are co-located on their individual habitat. In conjunction with this orbital habitat, each AI has ancillaries on the main station. These greenhouses provide plants that require specialized conditions to grow successfully.

Hab 5: Office Haven

If your company needs an office in the Center system this hab has the spot for you. Filled nearly entirely with a variety of different sized offices occupied by various companies both large and small this hab has it all! AR Monocles and Fedoras not included. A burnt-out neon sign for "Stordiz Shipping" hangs prominently in one hallway.

Hab 6: Recreation Station

A frequent stop for all permanent residents and the draw of many Tourists, the Recreation Station is an elaborate maze of activities and eateries to enjoy. Consisting of three, double story sections this Habitat evokes a sense of grandeur not found often in space. Located above the shuttle subway on the inner side of the habitat one will find the Cacti Oasis Bar and Casino complete with slot machines and card tables to one delight. The middle section of the station includes many restaurants including both Sector Famous Chefs and new arrivals to the scene. The end of the station includes the Cornucopia Theatre which hosts the Telasian Troupe as permanent performers though the stage is often shared with visiting acts from distant planets. Surrounding these and other attractions is a collection of bars ranging from the elite speakeasies to the no-questions-asked locations. There’s bound to be something for the visiting agent or resident to enjoy with their downtime.

Cacti Oasis Bar and Casino

Seedy dive bar is home to a variety of alien races. Large Hexagonal blue tables with small robots fighting flurried gambling action. The main bar is faux-wood and staffed by a mixture of humans and aliens, all wearing sombreros with happy dancing cactus pins. In the corner we find our protagonists there is a Jukebox-style electronic interface - but instead of lists of songs, there are various job postings and messages from across the Penumbra. We tune in as the Jukebox is reading the mission parameters. Regular patrons are avoiding this corner of the bar, and if they pay attention everyone near this corner is armed. There are several other terminals with technomancers - eyes rolled back in their head as they manage the communication networks of the Penumbra. If they mention ‘The Wolf’ or ‘Big Bad Wolf’ everyone who hears it is on edge, nervous, or otherwise respectful.

Resturant Row

Suncash Snack Bar

A sector-wide chain, the Suncash Snack Bar, has its flagship space station location on the TTGI station. Primarily focusing on delectable pastries and breakfast smoothies, it’s the place to be for breakfast on the station. The abundance of growing space in the Sustenance Habs provides a great rotating selection of fruits from all over the sector. A standard breakfast here is affordable for even the lowest-paid station workers. The bubbly employee Duana Roy (she/her) provides excellent service every station morning for those lucky enough to stop by.

Slammin' Shortbread

Another sector-wide chain with a flagship location on the TTGI station is Slammin’ Shortbread. Focused more on the finery of pastry and charcuterie, the clientele tends to be more elite than Suncash’s normal crowd. A normal breakfast here would be a treat for many employees on the station, but still, the location is crowded most mornings by tourists to the station. Arista Tyson (he/him) has the delightful honor of working most mornings at the Flagship location serving delectable cocktails and pastries to all the gathered customers.

Carlucio’s Steakhouse

Chef Carlo Carlucio holds the distinction of providing the stations’ highest-quality cuts of meat at reasonable prices. How does Carlo achieve this feat? By having an entire greenhouse dedicated to products for only his store. An AI by the name of Tomer (they/them) who oversees the operation of the Carlucio Steakhouse Service Station (CSSS), is a long-time business partner of Carlo. Their unusual arrangement provided Carlo the ability to become the hottest chef on the station, only rivaled by Chef Aravind. With the feature cut being a venison medallion served with grown smashed potatoes and a Mosian wine reduction, this meal is sure to make for a fantastic date night.

Cornucopia Theatre

Hosting the Cornucopia Theatre Troupe, this auditorium sits at the rear of the Recreation Station where a semi-circle stage is present. Gravity around the stage area can be explicitly controlled allowing for a 3-D play experience. The Theatre Troupe performs a variety of classic works such as The Trimming of the Shrew (This performance includes flying around in zero-g cutting a topiary with shears) along with Romeo the Deceased hailing from long lost origins of Earth. Modern works are also performed, often written by the performers themselves. A weekly improv show is a common hit with tourists. This theatre is also shared with other groups which tour the sector.

Notable Bars

The Pack

Mangagement's Telasian Bar & Grille

Considered the "Bar of the People" and colloquially referred to as just "the bar" on station, the Management Telasian Bar & Grille has a reputation that precedes it. While generally staffed by 'The Bartender' and only one or two additional staff at any time, it never seems busy providing quick and efficient service to every patron. The bar sits center in the space wrapping around an internal storeroom and office for the staff. This allows for three-sided views out into space. Private rooms are available upon request.

Ivory Towers and Country Club - Satellite Location

Staffed exclusively by automatons of the highest caliber, the Ivory Towers and Country Club Satellite Location is the only remaining Ivory Towers and Country Club location known in Beacon Space. At this point, it is only the regulars attending the bar, and of them, it is only the rich ones who can still afford the insane annual fee. It’s only a matter of time until this location is due for a rebrand and re-introduction to the station but when that will occur is anyone's guess.

Hab 7: Industrial Development

Located in clock position seven, the Industrial Development habitat provides the bulk of jobs on the station. Everything needed for tourists and station inhabitants to survive other than providing sustenance is developed here. Shipments from mining outposts around asteroids deliver raw resources on a nearly endless cycle which is then broken down and refined into raw resources. While many station initiatives focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials, new supplies of all raw resources are eventually needed for keeping the station repaired and expanding. This habitat is kept in decent condition but few tourists ever visit this hab, and its workers spend as little time as possible within its walls.

Hab 8: Security, Sanitation, and Support

While few tourists visit the Industrial Habitat even fewer want to visit this hab. Dedicated to station Security, Sanitation, and Support this habitat is where the station lockup and decontamination areas are located. Normally fairly empty, these staff members enjoy that the station inhabitants are generally non-destructive to their floating living arrangements. Ongoing litigation and documentation surrounding the D.A.C Titanic occupy most of the officers' time. The Sanitation and Support teams operate tirelessly to keep the station clean and fully maintained for resident safety.

Habs 9 & 10: Residential

The bulk of station residents call Habitats Nine and Ten home. Providing a full floor of common space with facilities, storage, and lounge space these Habitats are nice to live in, even if Sanitation struggles to keep the area as pristine as one might like. Residents of these habitats don’t have full personal rooms, instead, the bedroom is a pod-like enclosure. In this space, the majority of living space is taken up by the bed but a communication console, light, air, and other necessities are provided. Transitioning into this type of living environment is certainly different for residents used to living planetside but transitions can come quickly. Each pod can be decorated with furnishings from home to make the space yours.

Habs 11 & 12: Inaccessible

Habitats 11 and 12, previously a housing and recreation module respectively, were destroyed by a ship accident involving the D.A.C. Titanic which crashed into the planet of Telas prior to terraforming efforts beginning in earnest. These habitats are still occasionally explored by scavengers looking for lost valuables but the debris field is hard to navigate and the area is officially off-limits which is enforced by station security. Rumors persist of a hidden cache of Telasian Terrums among the debris field which a rich station inhabitant is offering a reward for returning.

Shipyard and Docking Services


Silent Night Cargo Concerns

Silent Night are a Tahora Whai affiliated logistics company based out several transport hubs of Telas. They were formed out of the remnants of the Silent Night Cargo Specialists, a porter service that was caught in the cross fire of the Concert of Chaos, and bolstered by Whai investment in the Center System. Silent Nigth provides a wide array of logistics, storage, and porter services for the Telas TerraGroup Initiative station and the local planetary starports, the organization operates the local port authority. Working with affiliated ships and fleets such as Fluguafli Klíka, The Ngaro Hīnaki, and Eliina Fiafia, SNCC also ensures security and safety in the busy Center System. For a small flat fee, SNCC and its partners offers reliable and efficient passage in and around Telas. With increased traffic and high volume of cargo travelling to and through Telas’ ports Silent Night Cargo Concerns is vital to the health and security of the sector's great terraforming project.

External Habitats

Ultra-Luxury Living Arrangements

A grid map depicting the luxury living arrangements.
A grid map depicting the luxury living arrangements.
As pictured, these orbiting stations which trail the TTGI Station consist of four levels each with four rooms. The central section of the station is an elevator that allows for individuals to get to their living arrangement and the airlock on the bottom or top of the station. A few shared facilities including additional storage and a communal kitchen are accessible at the bottom of the station as well. Small shuttle craft ferry passengers between these remote living arrangements and the Station on a daily basis, though every habitat also docks to the station at least once a month for repairs and to cycle the stored water and atmosphere.

Elite Living Arangements

So you’re part of the sector’s top 1% and sharing any habitation unit is just too much to ask but you don’t want the hassle of owning and maintaining your own ship? Maybe Satellite Stationtm ownership is right for you! Managed by Hesations Inc, these individually inhabited multi-story satellites might be just what you’re looking for. Hesation takes care of all maintenance-related requests on your personal station. Stations can either be fully owned by the inhabitants or rented from Hestations Rentals. Either option allows for in-depth customization of desired features and layout.

Consisting of 4 floors of internal space, these individual units are quite expansive. The lowest level is generally the same between all models consisting of a modular mechanical shell that is capable of performing internal and external maintenance. When performing such actions, Hesation takes control of this shell as an ancillary interface to the world. This lowest level also contains low-pressurized storage and units for perishable items. Airlock access to either intra-station shuttles or direct to TTGI is also provided on this floor.

The remaining three stories on the station are dedicated to the inhabitants. Configurable with up to a maximum of 5 bedrooms, with dedicated bathrooms each along with a professional-chef-worthy kitchen and a living space which rivals the Diplomatic Hab these artisan homes are well worth the living quality if it can be afforded. Owning a station home also gets you access on a provisional basis to Hestation’s smaller collection of sleeping spaces in Hab 3. While not as luxurious as an independent station these sleeping spaces can be a great place to catch a nap without the commute between external stations.

Notable Greenhouses

Poison Greenhouse


Carlucio Steakhouse Service Station


Other Notable Orbital Bodies


People of Interest

  • Auxiliary Officer Koltn Moskal (He/Him)
  • Chef Carlo Carlucio (He/Him)
  • Chef Gabriella Aravind (She/Her)
  • Head Gardener Jamy Ganett (They/Them)
  • Executive Botanist Evered Yate (They/Them)
  • AI Gardener Ivy (She/Them)
  • Chief Hydro Engineer Giovanna Amláib (She/Her)
  • Hesation (It/Its)