Materials of the Sector

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The sector has been home to hundreds of civilizations and a vast array of alien technologies. During its history the travelers of the sector have created and utilized many different materials to build and influence their world. The following is a list of some of them:


Origin: Sihi and Starlit Court
Main Usage: Weapons and Decoration

A form of meteoric silver used by the Knights of Sihi in various munitions and weapons platforms. The metal is most commonly used in a class of armour piercing rounds and in a handful of mag-rail weapons systems. The most famous use of the Aerondite is in a ceremonial sword of the same name.

Due to its brilliant lustre it is also prised for jewellery, awards, and badges of office.


Origin: Ascent
Main Usage: Industrial Machinery

This unique material that harnesses the power of entropy and decay. It is prized for its ability to withstand extreme conditions and its ability to absorb and store energy. It is also highly resistant to corrosion. The exact composition of the alloy is a closely guarded secret Ascent, but it is believed to be a combination of rare and exotic elements, woven together with Decay Bleed. It is called Atroxentropus, a dark--almost black--substance with a metallic sheen, giving it an ominous appearance. The material has a somewhat fluid consistency, almost like liquid metal, but it holds its shape when still. It is highly reflective, reflecting light in an almost hypnotic manner.

Bleed Shards

Origin: Mos
Main Usage: Metamagic

Bleed Shards are byproducts of a bleed volcano on Mos. These opalescent gemstones are said to be able to absorb some effects of the bleed and protect the user from negative consequences.

Blood of GOD

Origin: Helocytus and Children of the Vein
Main Usage: Genetic-Engineering

A macromolecule found exclusively on Helocytus that flows through the planet and is harvested as a central component that provides for the high degree of genetic and biological malleability which permits many of Children of the Vein's scientific advances. It can be used to grow structures, objects, mechanisms, and creatures out of advanced versions of bone, shell, chitin, wood, amber, muscle, skin, and other such materials.

The innate regenerative capacity of live organic materials helps with durability, longevity, and maintenance so long as the appropriate proteins and such are available. Various common industrial minerals and resources are also broken down and absorbed into organic slurries used to feed the growth of our designs, like iron and so forth.

As its name implies, the Blood looks like blood. The origin and precise nature of this macromolecule is a mysterious secret.


Origin: Kardakouk and Concord of Mutual Disdain
Main Usage: Construction

Grown initially as coral and then refined into Corralite it forms a material similar to metal that is hard and sturdy but with the right tools is easily malleable making it very useful for building. In addition to that it is a material that has a long life underwater meaning it is the most common material used for buildings on Kardakouk

Star Carbide Steel

Origin: Starlit Court
Main Usage: Starships and Mechs

Star Carbide Steel, or Star Carbide, is a form of carbon alloy steel used by the starlit court for its lightweight, strength, and durability. Star carbide is a rare material in beacon space outside of the starlit court. It’s rarity is not due to the use of some exotic materials or phenomenon exploited to create the metals, in fact the process used to create star carbide steel primarily uses mundane steel, carbon, and a small amount of magnesium and trace amounts of other elements. What makes star carbide rare is the process and facilities required to create it.


Origin: Unknown
Main Usage: Construction

Tiberium (also known as Super-Concrete, Rockcrete, Rumcrete, etc.) is a nearly ubiquitous form of concrete in the sector. It is commonly used as a quick setting and hardy material for new settlements and military bases. Most formulations of the cement mixture is can also be utilized in zero-G and non-atmospheric conditions for use in asteroid mining and the creation of deep space stations.

No relation to the Aetharch Tyber I

Whale Bone

Origin: Tahora Whai and the Teuthem system
Main Usage: Construction and Starships

An umbrella term for various hard materials sourced from void fauna. It is most commonly used in construction of starships, surface vehicles, and in dwellings, but is also used decoratively by the Tahora Whai. Whale bones are often used as the backbone (pun intended) of various constructions.

It is often cheaper than many starship alloys, especially in whaling communities. The Cost and self-healing properties lend it to use as armour. Mild elastic properties make it resistant to certain types of gravitational and inertial stress. And it just looks cool the the Whai


Origin: Planet and/or Faction
Main Usage: Construction/Starships/Weapons/Decoration/etc

Detailed description to follow

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