Bleed Shards

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Those familiar with Mos have certainly heard of the Bleed infused volcano that decimated the original sister outpost to New Harmony. This volcano occasionally leaks magma to the surface which flows past the containment zone. This lava then cools rapidly into lakes of jet black glass, otherwise known as obsidian. This obsidian, like the magma it came from, is infused with energy from the Bleed. Those of the most trusted circle of Family, especially those that chose to pursue the use of the Bleed, will go out and mine up shards of this obsidian. These pieces of obsidian, known simply as Bleed Shards, give off a slightly opalescent sheen in the light and seemingly hum when exposed to additional Bleed energy. These Shards, when worn by a caster or embedded in their enchanted objects, seem to protect the casters and items from the negative effects of the Bleed. The location of the obsidian lakes that produce Bleed Shards are heavily guarded secrets. Only the most trusted in the Family even know who to ask to find these lakes. Every so often a caster's Shard will shatter and a new one will need to be acquired. If trusted enough by the Family a new one will be acquired for the caster. These Shards are often used as high value favors for those of privilege on Mos. These Shards are never given to off-worlders as they are considered too precious to trust with anyone who does not call Mos home. They enable a person to use the Bleed with near reckless abandon with nearly no worry of negative repercussion, the only real worry is overloading one’s Shard and causing it to shatter. Shards exposed to high amounts of Bleed energy too frequently with nearly no rest period will begin to glow like a black light before shattering, possibly injuring it’s wearer. The larger your Shard the less likely it is to overload and shatter. Most serious casters wear or carry Shards that are around palm sized. Shards embedded within objects tend to be about the size of a quarter. While scholars are still unsure as to how these Shards function, various theories have been put forward over the years. Some suggest that they absorb excess energy, while others believe it’s deflection and others still say it channels the energy through the caster more efficiently.

Notable Public Uses

“Tragedy struck late in the night yesterday as an apparent gas main explosion left apartments at the 600 block of 12th street burned out. Police and fire officials report five people dead, and thirty severely injured. Officials are withholding the names of the deceased until their families can be contacted, save one. Adrianna Larkspur was visiting the apartments and, having witnessed the disaster, used a considerable amount of Bleed ability to prevent several floors from immediately collapsing as the residents evacuated the building. Officials also stated that her body was found soon after by firemen sweeping the building, bleeding profusely from obsidian shards embedded in the chest. Chief Bernard called her a hero for the lives she saved, and along with the apartment manager promised a small memorial at the site. Adrianna’s use of the Bleed to save the lives of others is the strongest in public record.”

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