Kardakouk Flora and Fauna

From Beacon Space

Native Flora and Fauna of the planet Kardakouk


Astrin Corals
These are large deep-water corals that give off a small glow that changes color depending on the chemicals that are being released from the hot water vents. the reefs are usually located closer to a vent that allows the rays from space to heat the area up but not close enough for the corals to die
Borkte Coral
A coral that has been genetically modified until it is able to be consumed by the human race who became part of the Concord. It was one of the many tasks that was done in order to make the humans more at ease on Kardakouk. Has a yellow color to it from the bacteria that call it a home
Cral Coral
This coral is an interesting on as rather than it being hard it is more like a jelly, its is often used as part of a recipe to produce an alcohol called coralcral, although the jelly coral produces no alcohol itself. It is popular among younger members as it acts as a cushion
An anemone that secretes a liquid which acts as a protective measure, but Queltl really like the taste of it. The anemone also keeps some cleaner fish that would give them their version of a shower. Humans are allergic to the protective liquid. Its a bluish color so it hard to see in clearer waters
A seaweed of a deep purple color. Its edible however most people just keep it in use with the Sewral Coral Tree. However it eventually loses potency and needs to be replaces in order to keep human homes dry. many species use it as camouflage in order to hide from predators
A sponge that collects air bubbles. it is often used as an air collector for the humans homes in order for them to have breathable atmosphere. can be made in to portable air collectors by cooking them. One of the many plants that was found and bred in order to make human homes more comfortable to them
Sewral Coral Tree
A coral tree that has a greenish color. It was found that when Maskwee is mixed with it, it removes water from the surrounding area. also used in human homes in order to keep the water out and the air in. Surprisingly it is able to live in a non-aquatic environment.


Kardakoukian Astringian.
Latin name: Coralithua Oceanis Draconis. It blends in mostly with the various types of coral that appear in the reef that it inhabits. it has bones sticking out from its flesh that look like Astrin Coral which is where it gets its name Astringian however its bones are not made from the base atoms like the coral. they are much tougher, the coral like look helps them in their ability to blend in to the background, Pigmentation appear from the bacteria which feed on some of the chemicals in their bones. It is generally considered that the bacteria also influence the warping perception, however others think that it is an energy specific to the dragon. Size is rather large, however currently its unknown whether its a serpentine shape or if its more like a a leviathan, but considering the statue was made from a 4 foot bone it should get big enough that the Tar'et youth are considered prey by it, however the big ones would be able to take it down.
Krend Bloodworm
An extremely long and fast bloodworm that lives in extremely hard rock, it is able to bore through it with its speed and hides from its natural predators the Queltl. On an odd note a ship carrying a bunch of live worms disappeared and years later they found a bunch of them surviving in space by eating asteroids.
A lungfish, one of the many fish that live around the grarne. It is salmon colored. Researchers have yet to figure out what gas it breathes on the planet that it developed its specific lung. The lung and gas are removed before cooking
Fredish String
A fish that has a very elastic body. it shears off stings of its flesh in order to get away from predators usually found in colder waters, and gives off high heat itself. Most of its predators have heat vision
Srerktoc Crab
A giant crab that has a powerful shell. its a specialty to the Tar'et. Its flesh is extremely soft, however it has six pincer and six legs
Grentsd Snail
A small sea snail that is often preyed on my many fish. Its mucus is often nutritious and helps the seaweed it preys on grow
Sea Bees
A small worm that migrates far through the oceans. It is often used by the sea grass as a pollen conductor and then it secretes a sticky substance after feeding on the sea grass.
This extremely large fish has a weird migration pattern. However it is known to have been hunted by the underwater cities for a long period of time. It usually involves the who city to come out and butcher it. The city will often throw a festival that lasts for weeks whenever they bring one in. Its flesh has a teal color to it and is see through however you would not be able to tell that from its scales.