Concord Apparel

From Beacon Space


There is one ever present trend in the fashion of Kardakouk, waterproof. Even the outfits worn in the ever oxygenated city of Visgasz retain the ability to be waterproof for simple practical reasoning. When 2 of the 3 major species on the planet actively prefer spending their time in the water it is simply practical to ensure that all clothing is waterproof. One of the first adaptations that the humans arriving on the Peace Garden had to adjust to on Kardakouk was living the underwater life and clothes were one of the first objects to be impacted.

One of the main contributors to everyday fashion is the Zaki Zaki Gear shop in Sejtblokk. Kitted out in the practical equipment needed for humans especially to manoeuvre around the planet Zaki Zaki Gear is a practicality focused brand. The designs are not necessarily the most flamboyant or beautiful but their reasonable price and high reliability make them a favourite among the working people of Kardakouk. Even for humans that are capable of swimming the wide distances covered by the city and town layouts mean exhaustion is a very real possibility and as such devices to assist in propulsion through the water became as much a necessity as a car might be on land.

One of the most popular items for sale is the all in one Szállrelés series. The Szállrelés series is a combined hand propeller and breather mask that imitates the human invention of scuba gear. Utilising a wide see through window to allow vision of the surroundings and an extended tube connected to the hand propelling device. The device itself is composed of 4 main components. The small propeller used to propel the user through the water, the small motor attached to it to power the device, the oxygen carrier which allows the user to breathe while in use and the outer shell holding the device together.

There are a few variations on the model depending on a few factors, the area sold and the demand for a particular series being the most obvious. Typical Szállrelés devices have an operating time of 1-8 hours before needing to be refuelled. This limit is mostly in the stored oxygen levels and the propulsion system alone can be used for months if not years without much maintenance if cared for appropriately. As such other species if they lack the need to breathe may find the devices even more useful but the already aquatic Queltl and Tar’et are faster without them and so typically only use them for leisure or to accompany human companions. (Tar’et also require a much larger model and so typically prefer to save money and not use the devices at all)

Speeds are generally on the slower end, averaging at about 5 knots but the faster devices can reach speeds of up to 10 knots but are considerably more risky and hard to control properly, not to mention expensive. The most common Szállrelés model is the Uszony model which is equipped with 3 fin-like protrusions on the top and sides to assist in controlling directions and agility, which is very useful for new users of the devices, despite the slightly slower than average speed.