Dreki o te Ao Wera

From Beacon Space

The Armageddon Mech of the Tahora Whai, known as Dreki o te Ao Wera (Dragonships of the Fire World), was developed in conjunction with the Starlit Court. Devised from Grailbuilt architecture with Whai specs and flavor, the Mech combines the best attributes of both interstellar factions. It is comprised of a lance of six void-mechs and their support craft. Each mech is operated by 2-5 Vak-linked Whai pilots, twenty in total. This multi-pilot system differs from the Starlit Court’s proprietary fae technology that is traditionally used to guide Sihian and Grail-built mechs. But these linked operations are necessary for the smooth operation of these advanced systems.

Beyond just communication links, the mechs of Dreki o te Ao Wera can unify their chassis into one colossal mecha. In this combined form, the combat team sacrifices the operational flexibility of separate ships, in order to powershare and overclock systems for increased efficiency and effects. Two main configurations of the Dreki can be achieved this way: Either overcharging weapons and cores, or interlocking armour panels and point defenses.

Dreki o te Ao Wera are the flagship forces of Project Faesong, a joint task force protecting both Whai and Starlit interests in the sector-west and on Dachia.

The Craft


Melee Brawler
4 pilots

Makila-ukaldi is a whirling dervish of blades and firepower. At the front lines of battle, this unstoppable force sets the pace of combat with swift strikes and devastating ruthlessness. At the end of its arms, wrist mounted scatter blasters bring the fight to the enemy just before the power axe and monoblade rip into the mech’s foe.

(means ‘club-strike’ in Basque language)

Mere Pounamu

3 pilots

Built like the broad-shouldered and armored Grumm, Mere Pounamu stands solidly like a stone wall. And it does just that: as a slow moving but still dangerous super mech it chooses the battlespace and forms the front line. All other fighting craft must decide how to deal with this immovable object and its indomitable will. Armed principally with two particle cannons for fists, close combat with this hulk is no mean feat. Flack emitters and other point defenses protect it from the worst of opposing munitions, but thick walls of shields stop those that make it through the chinks in the armour. In tandem with Makila-ukaldi, the Mere Pounamu batters opponents that dain to cross the combat team.

(A Maori greenstone club)


2 pilots

The lithe winged Gungnir is mostly a flying precision Mag Cannon designed around compensating for the recoil. It carries a secondary torpedo suite and a guidance/spotting drone to land accurate shots from both weapons platforms. Gungnir follows a similar proportional anatomy as the Brax of Dynae. The assisting drone craft, in turn, looks like the crab-like Brigan of the same world.

(Norse - Odin’s spear)


Rocket Artillery
4 pilots/crew

Shaped like a Strigo in space, the Leimanō is primarily a missile platform. It is armed with swarms of rockets which stream out of the tentacled arms of the craft. Laying-down unrelenting torrents of munitions on their foes, it is designed to overwhelm greater numbers and sunder single targets. A back-up high speed machine gun dumps ammo on its foes in the unlikely event the rocket pods run dry.

(Polynesian shark-toothed club)


2 pilots

Just a small bean, in comparison at least, Kakvikak is dwarfed by its fellow mechs but packs a considerable punch in its frame. Its primary role is as a scout, but is armed with laser cannons to provide harassing/enfilading fire. Additionally in its arsenal, Kakvikak carries mine-laying equipment to shape the battle space in the fleet’s favor and a Thermal Lance for close-quarters combat.

(Name for a Inuit fishing spear)


Tech & Support
5 pilots/crew

The most power hungry ship, the Monsutingari utilizes a newly developed energy drive. Its generator is said to harness the energies of the forge world of grail: a piece of its burning crust powering the ship. Monsutingari utilizes a high-energy radio beam weapon capable of melting small craft but predominantly used for jamming opponent signals and comms. The craft also carries a drone net to ensnare, immobilize, and incapacitate opposition craft. As the nexus of communication, it relays commands across the 6-ship combat team. Additional antennae, heat syncs, and radio dishes mark this craft from its allies.

(a Faroese whaling tool)