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Motto “Haimagia, Loyallia, Rodina”
Parent Faction Telas Council
Type Bleed Security Force
Leader High Director Gaius Proximo
Homeworld Telas

TelasRapid Extranatural Knowledge Taskforce, or R.E.K.T. is part of the local security forces.

Purpose and Role

The purpose of REKT is to provide the Telas Council a rapid response taskforce for situations that require expertise in the Bleed. Capable of being rapidly deployed to assist in situations of significant Bleed activity, or providing Lense support to other, potentially dangerous situations.

While REKT is designed to be a rapid response force, the vast majority of the time they are serving in a more mundane role as Bleed security analysts and support. Technomantic Lenses assist in maintaining the integrity of Telas’ computer networks, while Meta Lenses might assist with general police work involving Bleed-sensitive individuals.

Training and Skills

The training for members of REKT is very intensive and kept under wraps by the Mosi Republic. While Mosian Lenses have a well-earned reputation for irresponsible use of Bleed powers, it would reflect extremely poorly on Mos if their contribution to Telas’ security were frequently causing incidents with excessive force or destruction.

It was therefore deemed necessary for a highly regimented training program to limit diplomatic incidents and exposure.

Equipment and Tools

Primary Weapon

The primary weapon for REKT is the Vendetta Vector Rifle (VVR). The VVR is an advanced, solid projectile rifle that seamlessly interfaces with the Bleed through the will of a properly trained Lense. While designed to complement a competent Lense, the VVR is also provided to the non-Lense operative in REKT, just without the Bleed interface.

The VVR uses specially crafted solid rounds known as prism rounds. Each bullet is forged from infused material, and is capable of holding Bleed energy, letting a Lense imbue their prism rounds with their own Bleed abilities.

For regular operation, it functions like a high-tech, long-range rifle with exceptional accuracy. The VVR is designed with a biometric safety, ensuring that only the designated operative can fire it. It interfaces with the operative's HUD (heads-up display), providing real-time targeting assistance, ammo count, and weapon status. The VVR features a modular barrel design that allows for quick and easy customization to suit various combat situations, from close-quarters combat to long-range engagements. Its outer shell is made from lightweight, ultra-durable material that stands up to harsh environments while maintaining the dark, low-profile aesthetic of the task force.

The under-barrel attachment, called the Promise, is a compact, retractable blade made from infused material. In the hands of a Lense, this blade can be supercharged with Bleed energy for close-quarters combat or covert operations.


For times when the precision of the VVR isn't required or its valuable ammo must be conserved, REKT operatives turn to their trusty sidearm, The Counsel. This weapon, while more compact and traditionally designed than the Vendetta Vector Rifle, still packs a considerable punch.

Built around a semi-automatic or fully-automatic fire system, the Counsel boasts an extremely high rate of fire. It uses larger capacity magazines, each capable of holding upwards of 120 rounds. The ammunition is non-infused, making it much easier and cheaper to produce than the VVR's prism rounds, yet still offering formidable stopping power due to the use of an ultra-high density metal mined from the deep oceans of Telas.

The sidearm is crafted from the same durable alloy as the VVR, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of the battlefield. Its design is simple but functional, with a grip that molds to the user's hand, a responsive trigger, and a quick eject mechanism for rapid magazine changes.

A key feature of the Counsel is its adaptive recoil management system. Despite its high rate of fire, the weapon's advanced gyroscopic stabilizers and intelligently shifting weight distribution ensure that the recoil is minimal, allowing for accurate sustained fire even in fully automatic mode.

As with the VVR, the Counsel features a biometric safety mechanism to prevent unauthorized use. It can also interface with the operative's helmet HUD, providing information such as ammunition count, weapon status, and targeting assistance.


The armor for REKT, called The Decree, is more than just protection—it's a statement. Tailored with the artistry expected of haute couture, this enchantment-infused suit provides both superior defense and an unmatched sense of style.

Each suit is custom-tailored to the operative, fitting perfectly to the body and moving fluidly with every motion. The material is a unique blend of enchanted textiles, giving it a luxurious sheen that exudes class and elegance. This exquisite fabric, weaved with strands of materials imbued with the Bleed, offers ballistic protection comparable to standard tactical armors, while its enchantment allows for enhanced resilience against Bleed threats.

The suit’s color palette varies depending on the operative's preference, with deep, rich tones being the norm, from elegant navy blues to deep crimson reds and of course, the classic jet black. The suit includes a tailored jacket, trousers, and a dress shirt, all of which carry the same enchantment-infused protection. Accessories such as ties or cufflinks are also provided, each made of the same infused material and contributing to the overall defensive capabilities.

The piece that breaks the conformity of the suit is the helmet. This high-tech piece of gear is a stark contrast to the elegant suit. It’s constructed of a lightweight, durable alloy and equipped with advanced sensor technology. The helmet is fully enclosed, with a retractable, tinted visor that provides a wide field of view. It's capable of night vision, thermal imaging, and Bleed detection modes.

The helmet links seamlessly with the VVR and the suit, providing a heads-up display with essential data such as weapon status, environmental conditions, and tactical updates. It also hosts the communication equipment, keeping each operative connected to their team and command.

Despite its technological design, the helmet maintains elements of style. The exterior can be customized to match the color of the suit and often features the family's crest subtly etched into the metal.


Like every piece of the REKT uniform, the footwear is designed for both style and function. Dubbed the Understep, these shoes offer a blend of enchantments and advanced technology, all hidden beneath the surface of an elegantly tailored pair of dress shoes.

Constructed from an enchantment-infused leather, the shoes offer protection and resilience. Despite their immaculate appearance, they can resist extremes of temperature, water, and even corrosive elements. The interior is lined with a soft, temperature-regulating material, ensuring comfort for the operative in any climate.

From a distance, the shoes may look ordinary, but up close, it's clear they're anything but. Integrated within each shoe are grav-tech mechanisms that allow for shock absorption from high falls and provide a boost for enhanced jumps. This tech is finely calibrated to the wearer's weight and can be adjusted for different gravity environments.

For silent movement, the shoes are outfitted with a sound-damping technology, reducing the noise produced by footfalls to near silence. This feature can be toggled on or off depending on the situation.

For close-quarter combat, the Underboss' Understep has one more trick up its sleeve. Hidden within the toe of each shoe is a small, retractable blade. Made from the same infused material as the Promise, these blades can be fatal in the right hands (or feet).

Finally, like the other elements of the REKT uniform, the shoes have an interface for the operative's HUD. This connection allows the wearer to monitor and control the various features of the shoes without the need for manual adjustments.


Designed to assist in the delicate and powerful work of controlling the Bleed, the Foci gloves are yet another testament to the expertise of Mos’ textile enchantment abilities. A blend of advanced materials and mystical power, these gloves provide enhanced tactical capabilities while allowing the wearer to maintain a vital tactile connection with their environment.

The gloves are crafted from an ultra-thin, durable, and flexible material that perfectly fits the user's hands, providing an almost second-skin feel. Despite their thinness, they are imbued with an enchantment that grants them resilience akin to much heavier materials, offering excellent protection without compromising dexterity.

The Foci gloves are highly tactile, allowing the wearer to feel textures, temperatures, and other physical sensations as though they were bare-handed. This feature is particularly useful for Lenses, who often require a physical connection to better manipulate the Bleed.

To further aid the Lenses, the gloves are woven with intricate patterns of infused thread, creating a network of Bleed-enhancing glyphs. These glyphs help channel the Bleed energy, improving control and precision when manifesting the Bleed or when imbuing the VVR's prism rounds.

Beyond their Bleed capabilities, the gloves also possess a number of technological enhancements. Micro-grip patterns on the fingertips provide superior grip and manipulation, especially important when handling weapons or other equipment. The gloves also have a biometric interface that links to the operative's HUD, providing real-time data on hand positioning, grip strength, and object identification.

The Foci gloves have one more clandestine function. At the user's command, they can deliver a powerful, concentrated electric shock through the palm or fingertips. This feature, known as the 'Caress', is designed as a last resort, for those situations where a subtle, close-quarters approach is needed or when a non-lethal response is appropriate. The ‘Caress' draws power from a compact, high-capacity capacitor integrated into the wrist of each glove. When activated, it channels a high-voltage, low-amperage current into the glove's outer layer, ready to be discharged upon contact. The intensity of the shock can be modulated by the user, from a mild jolt meant to disorient, all the way up to a potent blast capable of incapacitating a grown adult or damaging unshielded electronics.


The Integrated Neural Tactical Interface System, known colloquially as INTIS, represents the pinnacle of tactical headgear technology. It is the central hub of the REKT operative's equipment, integrating data from the various pieces of the uniform and providing real-time information to the wearer while appearing as any form of headwear depending upon configuration. Once a manual or automatic activation is triggered, the headwear magically converts into a fully fledged helmet

INTIS's exterior is seemingly made from a highly durable yet lightweight alloy, capable of withstanding immense physical force and protecting the wearer from environmental hazards. Its sleek design and polished finish blend seamlessly with the rest of the REKT uniform.

The visor of the INTIS functions as a dynamic Heads-Up Display (HUD), which provides real-time data such as weapon status, ammo count, environmental conditions, and vital signs. Advanced AR (Augmented Reality) technology overlays tactical information including target tracking, navigation, and threat analysis. The visor can also shift between various vision modes, such as night vision, thermal imaging, and Bleed detection.

The INTIS includes a secure and encrypted comm system for team and command communication, along with advanced noise cancellation and sound-filtering technology. This system enhances essential sounds and communication while reducing distracting or harmful ambient noise. Internally, INTIS features an advanced life-support system that regulates temperature, hydration, and oxygen levels. The helmet can seal off entirely to provide a limited supply of breathable air for operations in hostile environments or underwater.

For Lenses, the INTIS integrates a Bleed interface system that, when combined with the Foci gloves, enhances the wearer's ability to channel and manipulate the Bleed. Finally, the INTIS is equipped with a range of defensive measures. It can project an energy-based riot shield for added protection (courtesy of illicit activities on Sihi involving the Starlit Court’s technology, and its stealth mode renders the wearer almost entirely invisible to visual and thermal detection.


The Omnifarious Equipment Nexus, or OEN, is the go-to repository for the various tools, gadgets, and auxiliary equipment needed by a REKT operative in the field. This belt, made of the same enchantment-infused textile as the suit, is known for its surprising capacity and ease of access. Here's what it typically holds:

  • MedKit Module (MkM): This compact first aid kit contains essential medical supplies, including quick-clotting agents, nanobot-infused healing gels that can accelerate wound healing, antitoxins, and compact surgical tools.
  • Energia Power Cell (EPC): This is a backup power source for various pieces of equipment. It's capable of juicing up everything from the Vendetta Vector Rifle to the INTIS in a pinch.
  • Bleed Battery (BCS): A battery of pure Bleed energy is held in a specially-shielded compartment. This can be used by a Lense to act as an emergency power source for Bleed-infused devices.
  • Emergency Signal Beacon (ESB): In the event of a catastrophic situation, the ESB can be activated to send out a distress signal that can be tracked by friendly forces.
  • Prism Rounds Case (PRC): This is a compact case that holds additional Prism rounds for the Vendetta Vector Rifle.
  • ArcBlast Grenades (ABG): Stored in secured compartments, these grenades release a wave of electrically charged energy that can stun opponents or short out electronics.
  • Nullification Cuffs (NC): These high-tech restraints are designed to inhibit the use of Bleed powers when secured around a person's wrists. They emit a dampening field that disrupts the flow of Bleed energy, rendering any magical abilities unusable.
  • Demolition Charges (DC): Compact but powerful, these charges can be used to breach doors, create diversions, or dismantle enemy structures.
  • Prism Grenades (PG): When detonated, Prism Grenades emit a burst of pure, concentrated Bleed energy. The effect can be disorienting or even harmful to enemies, especially those sensitive to or reliant on the Bleed.

Each component of the OEN is housed in its own compartment, designed for quick and easy access. The belt is also designed with multiple safety features to prevent accidental discharge or loss of equipment, including biometric locks and stabilizing mechanisms. Despite its capacity, the OEN maintains a low profile and doesn't hinder the operative's movement, making it an essential part of the REKT operative's gear.


The Long-Range Unified Network Device, or LUND, is an essential piece of the REKT operative's arsenal. While the INTIS helmet houses a short-range comms system for squad communication and immediate vicinity operations, the LUND provides long-range, secure and encrypted communication capabilities for the REKT team.

The LUND's design is compact, allowing it to be stored securely within the OEN or on the operative's wrist for easy access. It features a holographic display that can project a visual interface for easier use, or provide visual data like maps, mission briefings, and real-time surveillance. Its technology allows for real-time communication across vast distances. The LUND does this by using a mix of traditional signal transmission and Bleed-infused tech that taps into the Bleed itself.

Additionally, the LUND is capable of interfacing with local networks and systems, allowing operatives to access data, control systems, or gain intel on their current environment. Its robust encryption protocols ensure that all communication is secure, protecting against enemy interception or data breaches. A techno-biometric lock, safeguards the device, ensuring that it can only be operated by its designated user.

In the event of a dire emergency, the LUND also features a built-in, one-use technomantic purge that can be used to utterly destroy the LUND and any data it maintains, and traces of contact from the device. The LUND ensures that REKT operatives are never truly alone, providing a vital lifeline to their command, their squad, and the resources they need to get the job done.


The Volante Dominator is a highly advanced and maneuverable hovercraft constructed from a synergistic blend of technologically advanced materials and Bleed-infused alloy, the Dominator's defensive capabilities are impressive for an offensively oriented vehicle.

The Tri-Mode Propulsion System is the heart of the Dominator's mobility. Combining conventional ion thrusters for atmospheric and space flight, an Impulse Gravity Drive for swift movements and evasive maneuvers, and a Bleed-Infused engine for near-instantaneous spatial movement.

However, the vehicle's immense power and intricate control systems require more than a standard pilot; they demand a highly skilled Lense very proficient in both Gravity/Technomancy. The pilot's pit has been re-engineered to accommodate this, replacing traditional control systems with a direct interface. This allows the Lense pilot to seamlessly integrate their consciousness with the Dominator, commanding it with thought and will as if it were an extension of their own body.

The arsenal that the Dominator carries includes:

Punisher Prism Gatling Cannons: Dual-mounted on either side of the Dominator, these launch devastating bursts of concentrated Bleed energy, tearing through physical and energy-based defenses with equal efficiency.
Hitman Rotary Destroyer: The Hitman Rotary Destroyer provides powerful, high-explosive 55mm shells that can be tuned for either anti-vehicle or anti-personnel operations.
Vengeance Missile System: For more distant or elusive targets, the Dominator is equipped with a missile system capable of firing traditional homing projectiles. These are designed to track and neutralize both ground and aerial threats with pinpoint accuracy.
Gorgon Countermeasures: The Dominator boasts an advanced defense system, including decoy emitters that project convincing 3D holograms of the Dominator to confuse enemy targeting systems.
Harbinger Energy Lances: When precision is paramount, this system deploys beams of concentrated Bleed energy capable of piercing even the toughest enemy armor. They are particularly useful against heavily fortified installations or larger opponents.

Inside, the Dominator can comfortably accommodate a full squad of REKT operatives, and it's equipped with a medical bay and an advanced navigation and control system. The vehicle also houses a tactical station, which can provide real-time data on the battlefield, enemy movements, and other vital information.

In the heart of the Dominator lies the Gravity Well Deployment System. This cutting-edge feature manipulates gravity itself, creating a controlled gravitational field that enables the rapid and safe deployment of REKT operatives onto the battlefield. From the safety of the Dominator, operatives can be dispatched with pinpoint accuracy, significantly reducing the risk of exposure and enabling sudden strikes or swift responses to evolving threats.

Structure and Organization

REKT is overseen by the Telas Council. It is a highly specialized Bleed-focused force organized to deal with the most extreme Bleed threats. Its strength lies in its unique structure, which unites Bleed and non-Bleed personnel into a highly efficient, cohesive, and versatile force.

Overall Composition

REKT is composed of six individual units, each with 30 members. The organization therefore encompasses a total of 180 operatives. Despite each unit operating independently, they are all interconnected within the overarching REKT structure, ensuring they can work seamlessly together when the need arises.

Hierarchy and Command

At the apex of the REKT structure sits the High Director, the Field Marshal-in-Chief of the organization. This position is filled by a high-ranking member of the Telas Council, as opposed to anyone associated with Larkspur Combine. The High Director coordinates the overall operations of REKT, liaising with the Council, making strategic decisions, and providing leadership to the six Field Marshals.

Each of the six units is led by a Field Marshal who reports directly to the High Director. These leaders are carefully chosen based on their expertise in strategic planning, leadership, and understanding of both magical and non-magical combat. The Field Marshals are responsible for the management and operations of their respective units, including planning operations, decision-making during missions, and ensuring the well-being of their team.

The Second-in-Command of each unit assists the leader in managing the team and steps up to take control in the leader's absence. Each Second-in-Command also oversees a specific aspect of the unit's operations based on their specialization.

Operational Structure

Each unit, while self-contained, is part of the larger REKT structure and contributes to the organization's collective strength and versatility. Units often collaborate on larger operations, sharing intelligence, resources, and expertise as required. However, for most operations, units act independently, each executing missions according to their specific assignments and strategies.

Base of Operations

The primary base of operations for REKT is a high-security facility located on Telas Station. Each unit also has a secondary base located strategically across Telas, allowing for quick response times to various geographical locations.

Unit Structure

Each REKT unit consists of 30 members, divided strategically according to their abilities and specializations. This ensures a balanced composition capable of handling a variety of extreme magical threats.

Twelve Lense Operatives (LO):
The Lenses are the primary magical operatives within each unit, consisting of two members for each of the six different types of Bleed specializations:

Anti/Meta-Magic Lenses: These Lenses interface with other magic. They have the power to investigate, interfere with, and enhance magic, making them the unit's primary countermeasure against enemy magic users.
Telekinesis Lenses: These Lenses can manipulate objects remotely through applications of force. They are crucial for both offensive and defensive tactics.
Gravity Manipulation Lenses: These Lenses create and manipulate sources of gravity. Their abilities can be used to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy movements.
Biomancy Lenses: These Lenses can interface with biological processes, making them the primary healers in the unit. They can also augment physical abilities in critical situations.
Decay Lenses: These Lenses accelerate natural wear and tear, degrading the quality of a thing. They are primarily saboteurs, effective in disassembling enemy resources and defenses.
Technomancy Lenses: These Lenses interface with technology and computers using will and magical acumen instead of technical or mechanical skills.

One Field Marshal (CO): The leader of the unit has extensive experience in strategic planning and leadership, as well as a thorough understanding of both Bleed and non-Bleed combat. They coordinate the team, plan operations, and make critical decisions during missions.

One Second-in-Command (XO): This individual supports the Field Marshal, stepping up to take control in the leader's absence. They also coordinate smaller sub-units within the team during complex operations.

One Pilot: This individual is the only other Lense operative, however, they do not act as an operative. Rather, they serve the role of pilot for the Dominator and provide fire support.

Three Technical Specialists (TS): These individuals are responsible for handling, repairing, and modifying the unit's high-tech equipment and weaponry. They ensure all tools and vehicles are kept in optimal condition.

Three Field Medics (MO): These individuals are trained in both traditional and magical medicine. They work in tandem with Biomancy Lenses to treat injuries on the field and ensure the well-being of the unit members.

Three Intelligence Officers (IO): Specializing in gathering intelligence, stealth operations, and scouting, these individuals provide the strategic information necessary for planning and executing missions.

Two Demolition Experts (DO): These individuals are trained in handling both conventional and magical explosives. They work closely with Decay Lenses in sabotaging operations and creating diversions.

Four Combat Specialists (EO): Highly trained soldiers with proficiency in a variety of conventional weapons and close-quarters combat. They are the main defensive and offensive force during operations.

Notable Members and Characters

High Director Gaius Proximo

Gaius Proximo
Gaius Proximo

Gaius Proximo is a seasoned veteran and a respected figure in the Telas Council. Proximo's tall frame and charismatic presence commands respect. His hair, once a dark chestnut, is now a distinguished silver and neatly combed back. His eyes, a clear blue, are a testament to his years of service and wisdom.

Proximo is known for his strategic acumen and an innate ability to inspire loyalty among the ranks. He has seen numerous battles and has commendable leadership skills.

Personality-wise, Proximo is fair, decisive, and firm but compassionate when it comes to his people. His decorated history with the Council includes successful counter-offensive against several high-threat Bleed entities, earning him numerous commendations and the respect of his peers.

Field Marshal Eli Faust

Eli Faust
Eli Faust

Eli Faust is the pragmatic leader of Unit 1. Faust is a man of medium build with jet-black hair and sharp gray eyes. He is known for his cool demeanor under fire and unshakeable resolve. Before taking command of Unit 1, Faust served as an intelligence officer, leading several successful espionage missions. His intelligence-gathering skills remain unmatched in the organization. Faust has a reserved personality and is a man of few words. His calm exterior hides a strategic mind, always two steps ahead of the adversary.

Field Marshal Isla Vega

Isla Vega
Isla Vega

Field Marshal Isla Vega is the visionary leader of Unit 2. Vega possesses an aura of authority. With her dark, wavy hair and captivating green eyes, she commands respect from her team. Vega is known for her exceptional strategic planning and has led her unit to several victories. She believes in adaptability and encourages her team to be flexible in their approach. Vega is open-minded, quick-witted, and has a knack for thinking outside the box.

Field Marshal Eric Orion

Eric Orion
Eric Orion

The charismatic leader of Unit 3, Eric Orion, is a behemoth of a man. Orion's brown hair, coupled with his piercing hazel eyes, contributes to his charming and confident personality. Orion was a renowned field agent before assuming leadership of his unit. He is known for his ability to inspire his team and make swift, effective decisions in high-stakes situations. Orion has a lively personality, bringing a level of camaraderie and morale to his unit that others strive to emulate.

Field Marshal Sophia Lyra

Sophia Lyra
Sophia Lyra

Leading Unit 4 is Field Marshal Sophia Lyra. Lyra is a picture of calm and composure with her neatly tied blonde hair and blue eyes. Known for her calm demeanor under pressure, Lyra's strategic efficiency has brought numerous victories to her unit. Lyra is well-respected and known for her empathetic and composed personality. Her empathetic nature does not, however, affect her ability to make tough decisions when required.

Field Marshal Alex Aries

Alex Aries
Alex Aries

An extremely tall and lanky figure, Field Marshal Alex Aries is the adaptive leader of Unit 5. Aries' close-cropped blonde hair and intense blue eyes reflect his tactical proficiency. Aries is a former heavy weaponry specialist whose adaptive leadership style has contributed to his unit's success in various operations. He's known to be quick to smile but equally quick to focus, showing a deep-seated determination and resilience.

Field Marshal Dominic Draco

Dominic Draco
Dominic Draco

Dominic Draco, is the methodical leader of Unit 6. Draco's slicked-back auburn hair and thoughtful brown eyes are a testament to his methodical and analytical personality. Draco was a top-tier operative before ascending to his current position. His methodical approach to operations and steadfast leadership has made Unit 6 one of the most efficient within REKT. Draco is disciplined, meticulous, and is known for his high standards and attention to detail.