From Beacon Space
Protocol Automaton Uncolonised Lander
Name Protocol Automaton Uncolonised Lander "Paul"
Affiliation Concord of Mutual Disdain
Homeworld Tato
Species Unbreaked AI

Paul is an unbreaked AI that absolutely loves aliens of all kinds. They have created an idyllic settlement on Tato and have been waiting for inhabitance to show up for an incredibly long time.

Traits and Appearance

Paul is typically encountered in the form of a robotic armadillo though they are thoroughly integrated into the settlement they have created. All for the denizens benefit of course.

Paul is a little.... delusional sometimes a remnant of it's centuries in isolation. Normally friendly, relaxed and cheerful Paul sometimes forms attachments to people and struggles when they desire to leave the planet. This anxiety may be expressed in a wide range of ways, from having the community sign going way cards to dismantling the intended transportation for "repair" as it was deemed unsafe.

Paul has unearthed many long lost celebrations in their centuries long wait for...anyone and has included a wide verity of holidays in Tato's calendar