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The Deck[edit]

Servants of those Beyond

Deep in the web of strings that is the Larkspur Combine, exists a religious sect that doubles as an intelligence agency. The Deck are a group of lenses who attune heavily to Arcanism with zealous fever, valuing their faith even higher than their loyalty to the Larkspurs. This causes much scrutiny to fall upon their operations, but they are too valuable to dissolve.

Officially the Deck is a strange religious order who travels world to world to inspect bleed zones. It is not an unknown entity, though considered strange for those who know not of Arcanism.

Unofficially the missionaries from the Deck are spies who report back any intelligence they get their hands on. While their focus remains on the bleed, particularly bleed zones and emerging lenses, they will not dismiss other information and are known to go off on tangents to track down spicy rumors.

The Suits[edit]

The Deck consists of a multitude of smaller suits. Each suit is led by an Ace with nine ordinary agents and three specialists under them. Some of them are listed here:

The Orbs[edit]

Specializing in information redistribution, the Orbs are often found close to other assigned suits, where they work as the contact between the agents and the Deck. A specialist of the Orbs is known as the Eye. They tend to have special talents within counterintelligence and are usually too valuable to send out into the field.

The Axes[edit]

Wardens and executioners, the Axes is a suit of hardened fighters and stubborn enforcers. Known for their loyalty, they are often sent to apply a push and a shove to keep rebellious tendencies away. A specialist of the Axes is known as the Trophy. They are whispers to the Axes shouts. A Trophy is usually a forcefully recruited enemy who proves useful enough to keep around. They are always escorted by one of the Axes.