Mosi Elevated Maglev Ecosystem

From Beacon Space

The Mosi Elevated Maglev Ecosystem (MEME) is an elevated monorail train network connecting every town and city on Mos. The system has a relatively small footprint, even for a rail network. Large cylindrical “stilts” raise a pair of electromagnet “tracks”, one per direction, seventy feet above ground level. Large, high yield electrical transmission lines are run parallel to the two rails. Newer and refurbished lines make use of gravity magic bleed effects instead of electromagnets, expanding their compatibility with more types of vehicles.

Day-to-Day Use

Given the large amount of current needed to run the system, and the distances involved, extra electrical transmission lines are laid along every length of track. Because this extra potential is only needed under heavy use, the transmission lines are normally used for settlement-to-settlement sale of electricity.

There are few rules for use of the MEME. Larger trains get priority in sections of track, so huge trains are often seen getting hooked together to ensure an express trip. MEME compatible spacecraft often use the rail as a clear~er landing zone, to then be carried closer to their final destination.

Nearly every vehicle on Mos capable of cargo hauling is in some way compatible with the MEME, either through permanent hardpoints on the vehicle itself, or through an adapter that puts the vehicle in a sling.

It is advised to be strapped into a five-point harness or cross-species equivalent when using newer sections of tack, as these sections project a microgravity environment around the vehicle. If not properly secured, cargo and personnel will fly.

The Main Line and Memorial Terminus

One of the first major projects of the Colonial Government, the Main Line was the first and longest section of the Mosi Elevated Maglev Ecosystem, running in a shortest-route line between the only two cities of New Harmony and Orasestra. Intended as a thoroughfare, this route was built as six parallel lines stretching across the planet, unlike the two planned for the rest of the network.

In the sudden destruction of Orasetra, the volcano’s eruption also severed the line to the city. It was not until the rise of the Mosi Republic that a new station, Memorial Terminus, would be planned to reach the Eruption Exclusion Zone. It would serve as the gateway for a major shrine and memorial to those lost in the disaster. Unofficially, it is also the gateway into the EEZ itself.


The Mosi Elevated Maglev Ecosystem was established during the first colonization of the planet. Being generally conservative with any new construction, lines were built for very specific trade purposes; mines to factories, factories to New Harmony and Orasestra, and the Main Line between the two cities. After the city’s disappearance, imagery of the severed Main Line into Orasestra was a major propaganda piece both for and against the Colonial Government.

It was mostly untouched through the Succession Wars, save several accidents and an attempt to weaponize the system. Although a posse operating out of Lilmeag did in fact turn the Ecosystem into a military asset, the public met this with swift reprisals; it would be the only attempt of its nature made by any party. Having survived the Succession Wars nearly intact, the Mosi Republic took over administration of the MEME.

Wanting to smooth local tensions by connecting neighboring towns together, the new Republic greatly expanded the Ecosystem, adding direct lines between settlements over 10,000 residents. Plans for Memorial Terminus were quickly drawn up and enacted during this time, as well. After this first round of expansion, the requirements for a new line have been kept above the average rate of population expansion. There have only been 20 spur lines built or extended in the last 120 years, totaling just under 10,000 km.