Golden Stag Revolutionary Front

From Beacon Space

The Golden Stag Revolutionary Front, GSRF, is an isolationist and xenophobic political organization in Beacon Space.

The Golden Stag Revolutionary Front
Focus isolationist and xenophobic
Conjugation Golden Stags

Kardakouk Activity

The GSRF is most famous for its terror campaign on the planet of Kardakouk and related conflict with the Penumbra network. Kardakouk, both as a symbol of cooperation between species and a world recently opened to trasnport and trade, was a clear target for the GSRF. By using physical violence and political pressure, the Golden Stags attempted to cause divisions between Queltl, Humans, and Tar'et, subsume organized crime groups, and persuade the populace into speciesist modes of thinking. Their mission on the ocean world was financial backed by a prominent smuggler who had made their fortunes transporting exotic goods on and off world. Political office and the reinstatement of the the closed borders policy of the Concord of Mutual Disdain enabled by GSRF manpower was planned to return the lucrative profits of smuggling and fund other GSRF missions. Widespread GSRF activity on the world died down after a plot against Visgasz, the jellyfish city, was foiled.

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