Scoia Rokovoy

From Beacon Space
Scoia Rokovoy
Affiliation Free Agents
Played By Nimue vas Hollan
Homeworld Undava
Species Tch'Koop
Gender Female
Bleed Aptitude Magical
Height 5'6"
Weight Varies from planet to planet
Hair Colour Cobalt Blue
Eye Colour Pale Green. There are no whites of the eye, only variations of green throughout the entire orb.

Scoia is a Tch'Koop, a proud semi-aquatic people of the planet Undava. This planet has thus far been unexplored by the factions, but Scoia's people have made rudimentary contact with at least one of the various factions. As a rare lens of her people, Scoia has been sent to study and learn all about the strange peoples. Quite entirely by accident, on her first day aboard Telas Station, she was recruited into a Free Agent's gambit mission to return a lost young man to his politically-inclined parents. Ever since, she has been recruited on a variety of other missions. Her study of "human morality" has been interesting, to say the least.

Traits and Appearance

Scoia has slick yellow skin the color of lemons, with blue sharp marking up the spine and down the arms. Intricate markings lace the area around the eyes and chin. She has a dorsal fin, and her ears are long and pointed, similarly fin-like in nature. Her forehead is decorated by a natural crimson carapace shell that wraps around the base of her neck, bearing the appearance of overlapped dragon scales. The top of her head is covered in cobalt blue hair, usually tied or braided back in a wolftail, and her eyes are a lime-green, very light at the pupils, and slightly darker at the sclera.


Little is known about Scoia's story, aside from the fact that she often misinterprets human phrases and comments, taking them very literally, and seems to believe that "squirrels" are a threat.

Early Life

Scoia's early life has not been revealed, although she has come up with a fabulous lie about a sister who was married to Alphie, who bore his children, who were toxic to human contact from a young age. It is unknown if the young children of the Tch'Koop are actually toxic to humans, or if this was a wild spin of the lie to free Alphie from an unwanted arranged marriage.

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