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The Sidhe of the Starlit Court are a species of AI born from The Unseelie Court and considered a special form of the Fae. Unlike other Fae they are completely autonomous and do not bond with a Knight but rather inhabit bodies of their own.

Classification humanoid Ai
Place of Origin Forgotten System/Sihi/The Unseelie court


For optimal operation a Sidhe’s body needs some organic neural tissue and can not differ from the physical attributes of the species present on Sihi and in the Unseelie Court from which these minds emerge. But otherwise there is a wide variety of bodies among them, ranging from almost completely robotic to only a cyberised brain in a cloned organic body and most things in between.


The Sidhe first appeared after the Starlit Court encountered the Light and the Silence that followed. Many believe that they are a product of the Bleed interacting with the Unseelie Court.


As varied as a Sidhe's outside are the things they pursue in the time they spend in the world. The only thing they can not do is become Knights as they already have a version of the Sheath technology embedded in their brains and can not bond with a mech or a normal Fae. They form the backbone of the Court’s clandestine services acting as agents of the Court and sometimes directly of The Lady without the bounds of a Knight’s honor. But they also seek other pursuits in the arts, sciences or other trades. Sidhe tend to be focused in the pursuit they have chosen and return to the Unseelie Court when they have achieved whatever they were born for. A question they can rarely answer in any specificity but a feeling and drive which they lose once it is time for them to carry back their minds and memories into the Gestalt.

Their bodies are largely ageless but their minds fray slowly with age and rarely do they last more than 200 years even if they suffer no debilitating injuries. Once a Sidhe has bonded to a body they can not change it, only dissolve back into the Gestalt.

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