Cacti Oasis Bar and Casino

From Beacon Space

The Cacti Oasis Bar and Casino is one of many similar establishments in Hab 6 of Telas TerraGroup Initiative Station. It features gaming tables for Robo Racing, BattleBots, and seasonally Kardakkouk Slimeball. It also features several conventional gambling fixtures such as roulette, blackjack, and slot machines. As a bar it offers a variety of food and beverages from every known world of Beaconspace, served by staff who begrudginly wear mini-sombreros and happy-dancing-cactus(tm) neon pins.

One of it's most notable features is it's size. Many people note that when they don't look too hard, they could swear there were more dark corners with people brooding in them than the last time they looked. Adding to this is an expansive row of diner style booths, each containing a Jukebox with an electronic interface.


The Cacti Oasis Bar and Casino was established 18 years ago when it replaced two mercanatile spaces previously occupied by a Commonwealth Citrus Soup franchise and a Print-Your-Own-Enviro-Suit!.


The Bar has a desert theme, with frequent cactus motifs and faux wood cladding on the bar and tables. Some claim this to be representative of Ikaros or Nueva Cuauhtémoc, but the true inspiration is the home town of BBTV Anchor L. Calbrecht near the equatorial limits of southern Helocytus.

Penumbra Affiliation

It is an Open secret that the Cacti Oasis Bar and Casino is owned and operated by the Penumbra Network handler known as "Wolf". With the right protocols and cultural knowledge it is possible to access all areas of the Penumbra via the web of contacts that facilitates it's function.

The Jukeboxes

The Jukebox interfaces in each of the booths are primary nodes of the Penumbra Network in Center system. At any given time a majority of them are occupied by Penumbra affiliated Technomancers who spend their time entirely "jacked-in" to a virtual environment where they manage and organise network traffic.