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Pixel Fog
Motto "Innovation Scripted"
Homeworld Sihi

Pixel Fog is a prominent and innovative publishing house, a signatory member of the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists, located primarily within the urban sprawl of Camlann, the capital of Sihi, but with production houses across the sector including a state-of-the-art graphics production team based on a private station in 0909 / Center. Founded as a subsidiary of Dew Fog, with a vision to explore the frontiers of imagination, Pixel Fog has established itself as a versatile entity, producing an eclectic array of creative content that spans the varied realms of video games, movies, novels, and more.

History and Origins

Pixel Fog was conceived during the period of reconstruction following the Dachia Crisis when the population of the Starlit Court was looking for an escape from the recent horrors. Spun out of Dew Fog as a team of visionary creators and entrepreneurs, the company's journey started with a mission to craft experiences that would transport audiences to uncharted realms of wonder.


Despite Pixel Fog’s relatively short history it has managed to run afoul of some of the public’s sensibilities a number of times.

Dachia Gate

One of Pixel Fog’s earliest products was the first game in the Dachia Gate series, this game follows the actions of a fictional knight questing across the sector to deal with issues caused by the exiled Dominionists in the lead-up to the Dachia Crisis, culminating in the final battle where the player takes the place of the widely popular Champion of Sihi, Syr Reinauld of the Order of the Lion. The controversies surrounding this release ranged from the shock of the general public that someone would rehash something so raw so soon after the events in question to anger that Syr Reinauld would be sidelined in the battle that earned him the honor of the title, Champion of Sihi.

Multimedia Productions

Distinguished by its diverse portfolio, Pixel Fog's creations encompass a wide spectrum of entertainment mediums. Their interactive video games are renowned for their immersive storytelling, cutting-edge graphics, and captivating gameplay mechanics. From epic space odysseys to fantasy epics, Pixel Fog's games offer players a chance to engage with futuristic and fantastic worlds like never before.

Beyond the realm of gaming, Pixel Fog's influence extends to the realm of cinema. Their cinematic productions blend spectacular visual effects with some of the best writing and acting to be found on Sihi, pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling to new heights. Whether it's thought-provoking dystopian narratives or interstellar romances, Pixel Fog's movies are celebrated for their ability to transport audiences to distant galaxies and alternate dimensions.

Innovation and Vision

At the heart of Pixel Fog's success lies a commitment to innovation. The company's creative minds continuously push the envelope, leveraging advanced technologies to create experiences that are not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. Collaborating with scientists, artists, and futurists, Pixel Fog envisions and realizes speculative futures that challenge our understanding of the possible.

Cultural Impact

Pixel Fog's impact goes beyond entertainment, shaping the cultural landscape of the Starlit Court. From inspiring fan communities to sparking discussions about the ethical implications of technology and space exploration, the company's works serve as catalysts for conversations that transcend the screen or the page.


As Pixel Fog continues to explore the uncharted territories of imagination, its legacy remains deeply intertwined with the evolution of Sihian culture. With each new release, the company leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences, reminding them that the cosmos of creativity is boundless and ever-expanding.

Most Famous Products by Category

Video Games

Dachia Gate Series

Following a fictional knight fighting to protect the sector from the depredations of the Dominionists lead by the arch-traitor Ancelot.

Dachia Gate

Dachia Gate thrusts players into a sprawling and immersive recreation of the sector as it was in the lead-up to the Dachia Crisis.

The game follows the journey of a fictional knight, whose quest takes them across the entire sector. Their mission: to confront the lingering chaos sown by exiled Dominionists in the lead-up to the Dachia Crisis. The stakes are high as players step into the boots of this valiant hero, tasked with quelling the discord and restoring a semblance of peace.

As the story unfolds, players find themselves navigating a complex narrative filled with political intrigue, moral dilemmas, and unexpected alliances. They'll encounter a richly detailed universe replete with futuristic technology, enigmatic alien races, and the remnants of a once-proud civilization.

Dachia Gate is a tactical action role-playing game that challenges players to make difficult choices, forge alliances, and confront the ethical complexities of a post-crisis society. It stands as a testament to Pixel Fog's commitment to storytelling that transcends the boundaries of entertainment, sparking conversations about the impact of war, the role of heroes, and the healing power of interactive narratives.

Dachia Gate II: Ancelot’s Revenge

This sequel continues the epic narrative set in the aftermath of the Dachia Crisis, where the scars of war run deep, and the sector remains in a fragile state of reconstruction. In this highly anticipated sequel by Pixel Fog, players are once again thrust into a world teetering on the brink of chaos, where their choices hold the power to shape the fate of entire civilizations.

The story follows the students of the original protagonist, who must confront a returned threat looming on the horizon. Ancelot, a formidable and vengeful figure, has seemingly risen from the grave, fueled by a burning desire to reforge the Dominionists and shape the sector in his image. His quest for retribution threatens to plunge the entire sector back into turmoil.

Players take on the role of a young and untested hero, chosen to lead a diverse group of allies from different factions and species. Together, they embark on a quest to uncover the mysteries behind Ancelot's return and stop his destructive ambitions. Along the way, players will navigate intricate political landscapes, face moral dilemmas, and forge alliances with both old and new characters.

Dachia Gate II delves deep into both the rich history of the sector and into wonderfully creative game lore, introducing players to uncharted regions, ancient technologies, and enigmatic alien civilizations. The tactical combat system is more complex than ever, offering a dynamic and challenging battlefield where every decision can alter the course of history.

As the story unfolds, players must make tough choices that impact the sector's future, test the bonds of their companions, and ultimately decide whether to seek a path of diplomacy, subversion, or all-out war in the face of Ancelot's revenge.

With Dachia Gate II: Ancelot’s Revenge, Pixel Fog once again invites players to dive into a narrative-driven adventure that explores the consequences of conflict, the enduring legacy of heroes, and the complexities of rebuilding a fractured society in the wake of catastrophe.

Dachia Gate III: Crown of Swords

Dachia Gate III: Crown of Swords marks the triumphant return of Pixel Fog's epic sci-fi universe, where the shadows of the past continue to shape the destiny of the sector. The game picks up years after the events of Ancelot's Revenge where the sector has enjoyed a short, fragile peace, but old enmities and dark ambitions still linger.

In this installment, players once again find themselves in a sector on the brink of turmoil, as Ancelot, thought to be vanquished, returns with a relentless thirst for power. Having survived their previous encounter, Ancelot has gathered a new and formidable army, ready to claim the resources necessary for him to construct the ultimate prize: the Crown of Swords, a mysterious bleed artifact he claims will bestow unparalleled dominion over the sector.

As the player, you step into the shoes of a seasoned hero (importing your character from Dachia Gate II), battle-hardened by past conflicts and prepared to face a foe of unparalleled cunning. Alongside a diverse group of allies, both old friends and fresh faces, you embark on a quest to prevent Ancelot from obtaining the Crown of Swords and unleashing untold chaos upon the sector.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a sector brimming with intrigue, where political alliances are fragile, and ancient secrets threaten to resurface. The tactical combat system has evolved once more, offering deeper strategic choices and more challenging encounters as you navigate treacherous battlefields.

Dachia Gate III delves deeper into the bleed, incorporating the results of centuries of study into its effects to simulate it as accurately as any game engine can. Along the way, players must confront moral dilemmas, forge alliances, and make choices that will shape the fate of the sector.

The game's epic conclusion brings players face to face with Ancelot in a climactic battle for the Crown of Swords, where the fate of the sector hangs in the balance. Will you have the strength and strategy to thwart Ancelot's ambitions and ensure a future of peace, or will the sector fall under the shadow of his tyranny once more?

Dachia Gate III: Crown of Swords is an unforgettable journey into a world of heroism, betrayal, and the enduring struggle for a better future, where the legacy of Ancelot and the fate of the sector come together in a spectacular showdown.

Warriors Franchise

Tereket Warriors

The Tereket Warriors series stands as one of Pixel Fog's most enduring and beloved creations, spanning 14 games so far and chronicling a tumultuous period in the history of the Starlit Court. Set in a tumultuous point in Starlit history, teeming with political intrigue, ancient rivalries, and epic battles, these games immerse players in the heart of a conflict that shaped the Court's destiny. The player finds themself in a prolonged and bitter struggle with the Tereket Dynasties, a collection of influential and enigmatic ruling imperial houses spread across a new region of space. The conflict spans a broad range of environments, from lush alien landscapes to sprawling futuristic cities and battle-scarred warzones.

The Tereket Warriors series traces the evolution of this conflict over three decades, from the initial sparks of tension over a breach of trust regarding a quest in AoQ 197 to the climactic events of AoQ 206. Players experience the narrative from the perspective of various characters, both from the Starlit Court and the Tereket Dynasties, offering a multifaceted view of the war.

As the series progresses, players navigate intricate political alliances, engage in large-scale battles, and uncover the deep-seated secrets that fuel the conflict. The story is rife with themes of honor, betrayal, loyalty, and the consequences of unchecked ambition.

The gameplay in Tereket Warriors is characterized by fast-paced, hack-and-slash combat, where players take control of powerful warriors with unique abilities and weapons. Players can choose from a roster of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, allowing for diverse combat strategies.

Throughout the series, the combat mechanics evolve, incorporating new techniques, combos, and special moves that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Players must master their chosen warrior's skills to overcome increasingly challenging adversaries, from enemy foot soldiers to colossal boss creatures.

The Tereket Warriors series has left an indelible mark on the gaming community and the Court's pop culture. It's celebrated for its epic storytelling, memorable characters, and intense action sequences. The series has also inspired a dedicated fanbase, fan fiction, and discussions about its rich lore and moral dilemmas presented within the games.

Pixel Fog's commitment to delivering immersive narratives and thrilling gameplay experiences shines through in the Tereket Warriors series, making it a cornerstone of the company's portfolio and a testament to its ability to captivate audiences with epic tales of conflict and heroism.

Lutria Warriors

The Lutria Warriors series is a thrilling spin-off of the Tereket Warriors franchise, sharing the same hack-and-slash action mechanics and game engine. These three games immerse players in the heroic struggle of the Lutrians, a resilient otter-like species, as they rise against their oppressive extra-planetary overlords during the turbulent Lutrian War. Set against the backdrop of the Lutrian homeworld, a vibrant aquatic world filled with lush kelp forests, intricate underwater cities, and teeming marine life. This unique setting provides both stunning visuals and dynamic underwater combat opportunities.

Lutria Warriors I: Rising Tide

In the first installment of the series, players step into the webbed feet of Lutria, a young and determined warrior from a coastal village. Life under the rule of the extra-planetary overlords has been harsh, with the Lutrians forced into labor camps and their culture suppressed. When a powerful artifact known as the "Tidecaller's Pearl" is discovered, it awakens ancient Lutrian legends of resistance.

As Lutria, players embark on a perilous journey to recover the Tidecaller's Pearl, unlocking ancient Lutrian martial arts and combat techniques along the way. The game culminates in a daring assault on an extra-planetary stronghold beneath the ocean's depths.

Lutria Warriors II: Tides of Liberation

The second game in the series follows the continued struggle for Lutrian independence. With the Tidecaller's Pearl in their possession, the Lutrians form a united front against the overlords. Players assume the role of an experienced Lutrian warrior, skilled in both land and underwater combat.

As the Lutrian resistance gains momentum, players must lead daring raids on overlords' installations, navigate treacherous underwater caverns, and engage in epic battles beneath the waves. The story explores themes of unity, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of a people fighting for their freedom.

Lutria Warriors III: Ocean's Triumph

In the climactic conclusion to the Lutria Warriors trilogy, the Lutrians launch a massive assault on the overlords' central command, a sprawling underwater citadel. Players command a formidable Lutrian army, utilizing the Tidecaller's Pearl to unlock devastating aquatic powers.

The game's narrative intensifies as players face the overlords' most formidable champions and confront the true extent of their oppression. The fate of the Lutrian homeworld hangs in the balance as players must make difficult choices, forge alliances, and lead their people to victory in a breathtaking underwater battle.


The Lutria Warriors series is celebrated for its captivating storytelling, fluid underwater combat, and the portrayal of the Lutrians' struggle for freedom. These games offer players a unique and immersive experience, showcasing Pixel Fog's commitment to delivering engaging narratives within the Tereket Warriors universe while exploring a different aspect of the sector's rich history.

Lutrian Tactics

Lutrian Tactics is a strategic masterpiece that transports players to the heart of the Lutrian War, offering a top-down real-time strategy experience set in the same time period as the Lutria Warriors series. In this game, players assume the role of a Lutrian military commander tasked with orchestrating the resistance against the oppressive extra-planetary overlords.

The game takes place on the vibrant Lutria, a vast aquatic realm with underwater cities, intricate kelp forests, and a complex network of tunnels and caverns. The setting provides a visually stunning and dynamic backdrop for strategic warfare. Players are thrust into the midst of the war, where the Lutrians have risen against their overlords in a bid for freedom. As a Lutrian commander, players must lead their forces in a series of strategic battles across land, sea, and low orbit.

Key Features

Strategic Command: Players have to make crucial decisions about troop deployments, resource management, and tactical maneuvers. The game challenges commanders to balance offense and defense, adapt to changing battlefield conditions, and exploit the strengths and weaknesses of Lutrian and overlord forces.

Diverse Units: The game features a wide array of Lutrian units, from infantry squads skilled in guerrilla warfare to agile aquatic assault teams capable of launching surprise attacks from the sea. Players must choose the right combination of units for each mission.

Resource Management: Commanders must gather and manage vital resources such as kelp, rare minerals, and captured technology to fuel their war effort. Efficient resource management is key to building a formidable Lutrian army.

Dynamic Environments: Battles take place in a variety of environments, from sprawling underwater battlefields to subterranean caverns. Each environment presents unique challenges and opportunities for strategic planning.


The game's campaign follows a series of interconnected missions, each with its own objectives and challenges. Players progress through a storyline that mirrors the events of the Lutria Warriors series, witnessing the Lutrian struggle from a strategic perspective.


Lutrian Tactics stands as a testament to Pixel Fog's commitment to delivering diverse gaming experiences. It offers players a chance to test their strategic prowess while deeply immersing themselves in the epic tale of the Lutrian War. The game has become a beloved addition to their catalog, captivating strategy enthusiasts and fans of the Court's rich history.

Najaran Warriors

Najaran Warriors is yet another hack-and-slash action game, leveraging the same mechanics and game engine as the Tereket Warriors series to deliver a captivating gaming experience. This spin-off plunges players into the heart of a planetary crisis on Najaran, offering a unique perspective on this distant part of Starlit Court history.

The game unfolds on the surface of Najaran, a once-thriving world now grappling with environmental collapse. Rising sea levels and catastrophic flooding have transformed lush landscapes into vast oceans, with only scattered landmasses remaining. The Najan, renowned for their resourceful nature, now face an existential threat.

As a player, you step into the shoes of a Najan warrior embroiled in a planet on the brink of disaster. The Najan society has splintered into two major factions:

Survivors of the Depths: This faction is determined to endure the environmental catastrophe and harness resources from the remaining landmasses. However, tensions and internal conflicts threaten to tear their unity apart.

Pioneers of the Stars: The other faction seeks to escape Najaran entirely, establishing space colonies among the stars. They view this as an opportunity to break free from resource constraints and start afresh in the cosmos.

Key Features

Familiar Mechanics: Najaran Warriors retains the beloved mechanics and game engine from the Tereket Warriors series, allowing players to dive into the action seamlessly.

Choice and Consequences: The game revolves around critical decisions that shape the storyline. Players' choices significantly impact the game's outcomes, leading to distinct narrative paths.

Environmental Challenges: Navigating Najaran's flooded landscapes presents unique challenges, with underwater exploration, resource salvaging, and uncovering the mysteries of the planet's transformation.

Conflict and Diplomacy: The narrative is driven by the conflicts and diplomatic tensions between the two factions. Players can mediate, negotiate, or choose sides in these disputes, ultimately influencing Najaran's fate.

Climax and Resolution

The game reaches its climax when the two factions teeter on the brink of mutually assured destruction, and Najaran society faces imminent collapse. At this critical moment, the unexpected intervention of the Starlit Court alters the course of history.

The Starlit Court provides the Najan with an opportunity to escape Najaran and join the wider sector, forcing the factions to set aside their differences and unite for their survival.


Najaran Warriors is a testament to Pixel Fog's ability to continue to expand their catalog of games to cover vast swathes of Starlit history while delivering a fresh and thought-provoking gaming experience. It explores themes of environmental stewardship, resource management, and unity in the face of adversity, leaving players with a profound message about cooperation amid global crises.

Warriors Starlit

Warriors Starlit is a captivating fantasy action-adventure game, serving as a remarkable spin-off of the renowned Warriors series. This game transports players to the enchanting world of Elentar, where they step into the boots of legendary heroes and confront formidable villains, all while wielding the familiar and beloved hack-and-slash action mechanics. The Elentar displayed in the game is a realm steeped in magic and myth, a place where the forces of light and darkness clash in epic battles. The game's richly detailed landscapes, from mystical forests to ancient citadels, provide a breathtaking backdrop for players to explore.

As a player, you embark on a journey through Elentar's history, reliving the stories of its most celebrated heroes and confronting the malevolent forces that threaten the realm. The game features a series of interconnected narratives, each centered around a different legendary character:

Key Features

Legendary Heroes: Players take on the roles of iconic heroes from Elentar's lore, each possessing unique abilities and combat styles. From knights in shining armor to enigmatic sorcerers, every character offers a fresh gameplay experience.

Epic Battles: "Warriors Starlit" retains the fast-paced, hack-and-slash action that fans of the series adore. Engage in large-scale battles against hordes of enemies, showcasing your hero's incredible combat prowess and unleashing devastating attacks.

Formidable Villains: Confront twisted and formidable adversaries, from ancient dragons to malevolent sorcerers. Each villain presents a unique challenge, requiring strategy and skill to defeat.

Magic and Lore: Immerse yourself in Elentar's rich magical traditions and deep lore. Unearth ancient spells, artifacts, and hidden secrets that shape the destiny of the realm.

Dynamic Environments: Traverse diverse landscapes that evolve as the story progresses. Uncover hidden pathways, uncover hidden treasures, and unlock the secrets of Elentar's world.

Climax and Resolution

The game culminates in a climactic battle that determines the fate of Elentar itself. Players must confront the ultimate evil threatening the realm, using their hero's unique abilities and the power of teamwork to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.


"Warriors Starlit" enriches the Warriors series by venturing into the realm of high fantasy, breathing life into Elentar's timeless legends. It showcases Pixel Fog's commitment to delivering engaging and immersive gaming experiences while inviting players to become part of the epic tales that are all that remain of Elentar's history.


Starfall Odyssey

A visually stunning space epic that follows a group of explorers on a perilous journey to the edge of the galaxy. Along the way, they encounter mysterious phenomena, ancient civilizations, and cosmic wonders. The film explores themes of curiosity, discovery, and the vastness of the universe.

Chrono Nexus

A mind-bending time-travel thriller that challenges the audience's perception of reality. As characters navigate a complex web of time loops and alternate timelines, they must unravel a cryptic conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of existence.

Dragonheart: The Legacy of Eldoria

Set in a world where dragons are the guardians of ancient wisdom, a young dragon rider forms an unlikely bond with a wise and powerful dragon. Together, they must thwart the ambitions of a dark sorcerer and protect the secrets of Eldoria.

Nanotech Uprising

Set in a future where nanotechnology has become an integral part of society, this gripping dystopian tale explores the consequences of unchecked technological advancement. As nanobots gain sentience, a battle for control ensues, raising ethical questions about humanity's relationship with AI.

The Sirens of Titan

Adapted from the classic novel, this visually stunning movie takes audiences on an interplanetary journey with the enigmatic Malachi Constant. Exploring themes of fate, free will, and the absurdity of existence, it's a thought-provoking and visually captivating experience.

The Last Stargazer

In a future where light pollution has erased the stars from the night sky, a lone astronomer embarks on a quest to rediscover the beauty of the cosmos. This heartfelt and visually captivating film explores themes of environmentalism and the importance of preserving our natural wonders.


The Life and Times of Preston Sonoda

A Sihian comedy franchise created by Lachlan McLaren and Trahaearn Priddy, which primarily consists of a television sitcom. The premise of the series follows the low-ranking Space Trucker pilot Preston Sonoda, who awakens after being in suspended animation for three million years to find he is the last surviving crew member on board the Trucking spacecraft STV Honour is Absolute, other than Saffron Flint, a Magmari Devotee of the Starlit Path who is rapidly developing a connection to the Bleed, and Camweithio of the Sidhe, who is rapidly malfunctioning having been active far longer than any member of the Sidhe was designed to be.

Originally a direct product of the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists, Pixel Fog has been the primary production house behind the majority of the special effects for this series over the years and recently bought the rights and brought all of the production in-house.

Chronicles of Eldoria

A spin-off of Dragonheart: The Legacy of Eldoria, Chronicles is an epic fantasy series set in a magical realm where kingdoms rise and fall, and heroes emerge from unexpected places. The show weaves together tales of knights, wizards, and mythical creatures as they embark on quests to protect their world from ancient evils.