The Life and Times of Preston Sonoda

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The Life and Times of Preston Sonoda
Genre Comedy
Created By Lachlan McLaren and Trahaearn Priddy
Starring Kami Aron
  • Sidi Barina
  • Quicksilver of the Sidhe
  • Enid Gaynor
Theme Music "TV Show Theme"
Composer Mae Ster Genar Eek
Place of Origin Sihi
Original Language Sihian
Number of Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 22
Release Date November 1030TSYAB
End Date December 1032TSYAB

The Life and Times of Preston Sonoda is a Sihian comedy franchise created by Lachlan McLaren and Trahaearn Priddy, which primarily consists of a television sitcom. The premise of the series follows the low-ranking Space Trucker pilot Preston Sonoda, who awakens after being in suspended animation for three million years to find he is the last surviving crew member on board the Trucking spacecraft STV Honour is Absolute, other than Saffron Flint, a Sapphrian Devotee of the Starlit Path who is rapidly developing a connection to the Bleed, and Camweithio of the Sidhe, who is rapidly malfunctioning having been active far longer than any member of the Sidhe was designed to be.

The main cast includes Kami Aron as Saffron, Sidi Barina as Preston, Quicksilver of the Sidhe as Camweithio, and Enid Gaynor as the ship's computer, Oberon.

To date, the show has aired six series, in addition to four feature-length specials and several novels. According to rumors, two pilot episodes of an Ikarosian spin-off of the show were produced but never aired.

Originally produced by the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists, The Life and Times of Preston Sonoda has recently been picked up by Pixel Fog.


Details on it's production such as when it started to be created, who by, where and how it was filmed

Production Subheading

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TV Show ran for two seasons over twenty two episodes. From November 1030 to December 1032. After the end of it's run a further two movies were filmed to round out the show.

Season Episodes Release Date
1 11 1030TSYAB
2 11 1031TSYAB
3 11 1031TSYAB
4 11 1033TSYAB
5 11 1035TSYAB
6 11 1041TSYAB

Season 1

In this season we were introduced to our main cast including Joe and Jane. They engaged in a series of events that led to conflict between the characters and various other elements, concluding in a cliffhanger climax.

Season 2

In this season we flashed back ten years to when the main characters were children until this tired trope resolved itself and we caught up with the cliffhanger climax of season one. It was revealed that it was all a dream and that the real show would begin in season three (which never came).



  • John Doe as John, the Ikarosian protaganist of TV Show
  • Jane Doe as Jane, the adoptive Human sister of John


  • Mohammed Li as the quartermaster of the university
  • Hammond Bravo as a spaceship salesman who hated Jane and had a romantic relationship with John
  • PretiSparks as a musical artist who taught a program of music at the university

Guest Stars

Story Arcs and Themes

TV Show was infamous for having long winding generic story arcs that went nowhere and touched on no major themes, being of every genre and no genre at the same time

Critical Reception

Everyone both hated and loved it. A sector-wide average of 50/100 on Spacemeta Critic

Related Media and Spinoffs

TV Show was turned into Game and Book. Controversially, also Action Figure.

Other Merchandising

A line of TV show envirionment suits became popular on Dachia for a time

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