Pen Dragon

From Beacon Space

Pen Dragon is a weekly tabloid published on Sihi that has gained notoriety for producing some of the most outlandish celebrity gossip columns in the galaxy. The paper's lead writer, Saira Smything, has a reputation for stretching the truth and fabricating stories to sell more copies.

Despite its questionable credibility, Pen Dragon has a dedicated following among the planet-station's residents, who eagerly await each issue to see what scandalous rumors and half-truths the paper will publish next. Some of the paper's most popular columns include "Who Wore it Worst?" which critiques the fashion choices of the Court's most famous celebrities, and "Star-Crossed Lovers," which speculates about the romantic lives of Sihi's most prominent residents.

Saira Smything, the paper's current lead writer, is known for her bombastic writing style and tendency to exaggerate the most mundane details to create a more exciting story. Her colleagues have described her as a "creative genius," while her detractors have accused her of being nothing more than a hack who relies on sensationalism to sell papers.

Despite the controversy surrounding Pen Dragon, it remains a popular publication on Sihi, and Saira Smything continues to be one of the most recognizable names in celebrity gossip journalism.


Pen Dragon has a long and controversial history, dating back to its founding in the early days of Sihi’s time in Beacon Space. Originally a small newsletter circulated among a group of gossip-loving friends, the publication quickly gained notoriety for its sensationalist headlines and salacious stories.

In the early years, Pen Dragon was run by a group of amateur journalists who had a penchant for scandalous stories. They would often dig up dirt on the rich and famous of Sihi, publishing stories that ranged from the mildly embarrassing to the downright scandalous.

As the publication grew in popularity, it also gained a reputation for being unreliable and untrustworthy. Many of the stories published in Pen Dragon were later proven to be false, and the paper was frequently accused of making up stories for the sake of sensationalism.

Despite these criticisms, Pen Dragon continued to grow in popularity, attracting more readers with each issue.

Coverage of Syr Ancelot

In the years leading up to the Dominionist troubles that would eventually lead to his exile and death, Syr Ancelot was the subject of numerous glowing articles in Pen Dragon. As a respected member of the court and a skilled warrior, his exploits were often the talk of Sihi. Pen Dragon, being the premier source of gossip in the realm, was quick to recognize his accomplishments and praised him at every opportunity.

Many speculated that Pen Dragon's coverage of Syr Ancelot was a calculated move to curry favor with the powerful knight. Others believed that it was simply a result of the Pen Dragon's admiration for a truly remarkable individual. Regardless of the reason, there was no denying that Syr Ancelot was a favorite of Pen Dragon's editors and readers alike.

Despite the admiration of the Pen Dragon and the rest of the court, Syr Ancelot's fate was ultimately sealed by his Dominionist leanings. After he was branded a heretic and forced into exile Pen Dragon came under intense scrutiny for harboring potential Dominionist sympathies and experienced almost a decade of declining sales.

Modern Leadership

In the late AoQ 560s, the paper underwent a major shift in leadership, as the original founders stepped down and were replaced by a new team of editors and writers.

Under the leadership of Saira Smything and Nia ferch Geraint, Pen Dragon took a turn for the worse. Smything, known for her outrageous stories and inflammatory headlines, became the lead writer for the publication, and her articles quickly became the most widely read and talked about on Sihi. For her part, Nia ferch Geraint’s editorial line has been described variously as sensationalistic, attention-grabbing, and “ far from accurate and balanced reporting as is possible!”

Smything's stories range from the bizarre to the downright scandalous. She published stories about everything from secret affairs to political scandals to bizarre conspiracy theories, often without any evidence to back up her claims.

Despite the controversies surrounding the paper, Pen Dragon has continued to thrive, attracting readers from all over Sihi. Today, it remains one of the most widely read publications on the ship, with Saira Smything still at the helm as its lead writer. While many continue to criticize the paper for its sensationalism and lack of journalistic integrity, there is no denying that Pen Dragon has left an indelible mark on the history of Sihi.

Circulation and Profitability

Pen Dragon has become a staple in the daily lives of many Sihi residents, with a circulation that has steadily grown since its inception. With a mix of tantalizing celebrity gossip, shocking scandals, and outrageous rumors, the tabloid has managed to carve out a niche market for itself among the more sensationalist readers.

Despite its questionable reputation and the occasional legal challenges, Pen Dragon remains profitable thanks to its loyal readership and successful advertising strategy. Its coverage of high-profile events and juicy scandals has also earned it a reputation as a reliable source of information for those interested in the private lives of the rich and famous. While some may view it as nothing more than cheap entertainment, Pen Dragon continues to attract a devoted following, ensuring its place as a permanent fixture of the Sihi media landscape.


Editors of Pen Dragon
Name Dates in Office
Cynwal ap Cynfyn AoQ 472-489
Eira ferch Arwyn AoQ 489-502
Llyr ap Rhiannon AoQ 502-514
Gwyneth ferch Caradoc AoQ 514-527
Rhys ap Gwynfor AoQ 527-540
Morgan ap Arianwen AoQ 540-553
Gareth ap Gwyneth AoQ 553-566
Nia ferch Geraint AoQ 566-present

Other Versions

Over the years, Pen Dragon has produced a variety of editions and spin-offs, catering to different interests and audiences. In AoQ 489, they launched a special edition dedicated to the fashion industry, featuring exclusive interviews with designers and models. The following year, they released a sports edition focused on the Sihi Gladiator Games, which proved to be a huge success among fans.

In AoQ 510, Pen Dragon introduced a new edition aimed at a younger audience, called Junior Pen Dragon. This version contained lighter content, such as quizzes, puzzles, and celebrity gossip targeted at pre-teens and teenagers. In AoQ 530, they released a limited-edition luxury version of the magazine, produced solely in a physical edition, printed on high-quality paper, and with a unique design. This edition was sold at a premium price and catered to an upscale audience.

In more recent years, Pen Dragon has also released several e-books compiling their best articles, interviews, and stories from the past century. Despite the ubiquity of digital media, the print editions of Pen Dragon continue to be in high demand and are widely circulated throughout Sihi.