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Camlann, often referred to as "The Enchanted Ring" or “The Great City,” is a captivating metropolis that weaves its magic across the landscape of Sihi, the planet-station it calls home. Nestled within the embrace of Sihi's four main Wards, this city is a testament to both architectural ingenuity and the harmonious coexistence of urban life with the carefully managed wilderness and farmland of the King’s Wood that surrounds it.

Camlann is not just a city; Its unique design, vibrant communities, and mystical charm make it a place like no other in the universe. As Sihi's capital and a beacon of innovation, Camlann continues to captivate the hearts and imaginations of all who are fortunate enough to experience its enchantment.


Camlann is not just a place on Sihi; it is a testament to the enduring spirit of Sihian ingenuity and the fusion of technology and nature. Its history is a captivating narrative that unfolds like a tale of old, rooted in tradition yet eternally evolving.

Today, as Sihi's capital and a beacon of innovation, Camlann stands as a living testament to the endless possibilities that arise when humanity embraces the wonders of the natural world, combining tradition and innovation in a harmonious journey of progress and exploration. Its history continues to be written, with each passing day bringing new chapters to this epic narrative of Camlann.

The Founding Epoch

Camlann's story begins with the founding of Sihi itself, as the exodus from Elantar first ventured onto the station. The city emerged as a hub of culture and innovation, where pioneers and visionaries sought to harmonize their existence with the planet-station's neo-natural and purely artificial wonders.

The Rise of the Twelve Keeps

One of the defining chapters in Camlann's history was the construction of the "Twelve Keeps of Camlann." These colossal pillars, reaching skyward and connecting to their counterparts across the city, marked a turning point in the city's development. They served not only as architectural wonders but also as swift transport conduits between Sihi's four main Wards.

The construction of the Twelve Keeps exemplified Camlann's commitment to innovation, engineering prowess, and the seamless blending of urban life with the surrounding wilderness and farmland.

Camlann's Cultural Renaissance

Over the centuries, Camlann blossomed into a thriving cultural center. Its townships and villages at the base of the Twelve Keeps became vibrant communities, each with its own unique identity and cultural traditions. The city's artistic, culinary, and scientific endeavors flourished, fostering a dynamic tapestry of life.

A Mystical Aura

Legends and tales speak of the city's enchanting aura, a mystical energy that seemingly permeates the very air. Camlann's enchantment is an integral part of its history, with stories recounting ethereal glows at twilight, whispering winds through the Keeps, and profound connections to the natural world.

Modernization and Expansion

In the modern era, Camlann continues to evolve while preserving its rich heritage. The city has embraced technological advancements while remaining deeply committed to sustainability and ecological harmony. Its transportation network, including great roads and railways, has expanded to seamlessly connect each district, making Camlann a model of efficient urban planning.

Duel Over Dachia

One of the greatest recent historical events to take place in Camlann is the defense of Sihi during the Dominionist attack over Dachia and at its heart the duel that earned the Champion of Sihi, Syr Reinauld, his title. The epic struggle between the Champion and the arch-traitor Ancelot determined the fate of millions and of Sihi itself.

The City of Twelve Keeps

Around the outskirts of Camlann's unique urban layout stands the "Twelve Keeps of Camlann." These towering, jutting pillars extend skyward, connecting seamlessly to the identical Keeps on the opposite side of the city. The Twelve Keeps serve a dual purpose, functioning both as wonders of defensive architecture and as rapid transport conduits between each of Sihi's main Wards.

These monumental structures have become iconic landmarks of Camlann, their presence dominating the skyline and serving as a testament to the city's commitment to martial innovation and seamless integration with its neo-natural surroundings.

Ward Townships and Villages

Camlann's design philosophy extends beyond its core architectural marvels. At the base of each Keep, vibrant townships and villages have flourished, creating distinct microcosms within the city. These settlements are known for their unique charm, community spirit, and close connection to the agricultural and pastoral aspects of Sihi.

Each township and village within the extended reach of Camlann has developed its own identity and cultural flair, offering a diverse range of experiences for residents and visitors alike. From bustling markets to serene gardens, these communities contribute to the city's rich tapestry of life.

Vast Transportation Network

Camlann's connection to Sihi's four main Wards is facilitated by an extensive network of great roads and railways that crisscross the pastoral scenery. This transportation web seamlessly links each district to one another, ensuring that the city functions as a cohesive whole.

Travel within Camlann is not just a means to an end; it is an experience in itself. The city's transportation infrastructure provides residents and visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Sihi's breathtaking landscapes while effortlessly navigating between wards and districts.

Enchanted Aura

Beyond its remarkable architecture and urban planning, Camlann is known for its enchanting aura. Legends and tales abound, telling of the mystical energy that seems to infuse the city. Whether it's the ethereal glow that bathes the cityscape at twilight or the faint whisper of the wind through the Keeps, Camlann's mystical charm is an integral part of its identity.

Visitors often speak of a profound sense of connection to the natural world when within Camlann's borders, as if the city itself is a bridge between the technological marvels of the future and the ancient, untamed wilderness of Sihi.

Notable Locations Within Camlann

Camlann is a city steeped in history, innovation, and cultural diversity. Its landscape is adorned with a myriad of notable locations, each contributing to the city's unique tapestry. Here are some of the most prominent places to explore in Camlann:

Castle Sihi

At the heart of Camlann, on the inside of one of the great capstones of Sihi, stands the majestic Castle Sihi, the historical and cultural centerpiece of the city. Its main entrance, a grand gateway adorned with intricate stonework and guarded by the Knights of Sihi, opens into the castle's inner sanctum—a place of regal elegance, where guild leaders, sages, monks, and Grand Masters convene to discuss matters of great import.

The Anchorage

Situated on the outside of Sihi, the Anchorage is a bustling spaceport where starships, mech-fighters, and interstellar vessels from far and wide dock. This hub of trade and transportation is not only essential for the city's commerce but also a vibrant crossroads of cultures, making it a must-visit for travelers and traders seeking new horizons.

Camlann Riflemaker’s Guild

Located within the heart of Camlann, the headquarters of the Camlann Riflemaker’s Guild is a testament to precision engineering and firearm craftsmanship. It serves as a center for innovation in ballistics and weaponry, producing rifles that are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. Visitors can witness the artistry of gunsmiths at work and explore a museum showcasing the evolution of firearms.

Camlan Guild of Smithery and Powered Actuation

Nestled in one of the city's industrial districts, the Camlan Guild of Smithery and Powered Actuation's headquarters is a hub of mechanical marvels. Here, artisans forge intricate machinery, powered exosuits, and automatons that contribute to the city's technological prowess. The guild's workshop often hosts exhibitions and demonstrations, offering a glimpse into the world of mechanized craftsmanship.

Camlan Guild of the Performing Arts

The Camlan Guild of the Performing Arts finds its home in the heart of Camlann's entertainment district. Its headquarters encompass theaters, galleries, and studios where artists, actors, and musicians hone their craft. The guild's performances are renowned throughout Sihi, drawing audiences from near and far to experience the magic of the performing arts.

Guild of Artillerists and Gunsmiths

Nestled in a fortified complex on the outskirts of Camlann, the Guild of Artillerists and Gunsmiths is the epicenter of artillery innovation. Its foundries and laboratories produce heavy weaponry and siege engines that have played pivotal roles in Sihi's defense. The guild's secretive research facilities are shrouded in intrigue, and access is strictly regulated.

Adadist Commune

The Adadist Commune is a tranquil oasis within Camlann, a sprawling garden and retreat where nature flourishes in harmony with the urban environment. Its serene ambiance, pristine ponds, and lush greenery provide a respite from the city's hustle and bustle. It's a favorite destination for those seeking contemplation and solitude.

Fellowship of Authors and Journalists

Situated in a historic building in Camlann's literary quarter, the Fellowship of Authors and Journalists headquarters is a haven for writers and journalists. It houses an extensive library, writing studios, and a press where notable publications are produced. The fellowship hosts literary events, book readings, and discussions, fostering a vibrant community of wordsmiths.

These notable locations within Camlann are but a glimpse into the city's rich tapestry of culture, innovation, and history. As you explore the Enchanted Ring City, you'll encounter countless more hidden gems, each contributing to the city's charm and allure.

Culinary Arts and Sciences Guild of Camlann

The Culinary Arts and Sciences Guild of Camlann maintains its principal Guildhouse in the heart of Camlann. This venerable institution is not only the birthplace of the city's culinary traditions but also a thriving center of culinary innovation and research.

Guildhouse Features

Culinary Laboratories
A labyrinth of cutting-edge culinary laboratories where guild members, culinary scientists, and food artisans conduct experiments, refine cooking techniques, and develop groundbreaking culinary innovations.
Historical Archives
A treasure trove of culinary knowledge, the guild's archives house ancient scrolls, manuscripts, and cookbooks that chronicle the history of food and culinary arts in Camlann.
The Grand Hall of Tastings
A grand hall where guild members gather to engage in sensory evaluations and tastings, experimenting with flavors, textures, and techniques to push the boundaries of culinary excellence.

Camlann Culinary Academy

Nestled within the embrace of Camlann, the Camlann Culinary Academy stands as a beacon of culinary education and innovation. This prestigious institution, an extension of the esteemed Culinary Arts and Sciences Guild of Camlann, has been shaping the future of culinary arts for generations. Both of its Camlann campuses are stunning examples of Sihian architecture, though of clearly different eras.

The Old Camlann Campus

The academy's first campus, often referred to as the "Old Camlann Campus," is a picturesque neo-gothic institution nestled within the historic city. It features the culinary laboratories, classrooms, and library filled with centuries' worth of culinary knowledge that were the place of study of some of Sihi’s greatest culinary minds. This campus has served as the incubator for many culinary talents who would later significantly contribute to the culinary world.

Main Campus

The academy's current main campus, the "New Camlann Campus," boasts cutting-edge facilities, an international faculty, and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of culinary leaders.

Campus Highlights
Modern Culinary Campus
The academy's current campus, the "Modern Culinary Campus," boasts cutting-edge facilities, including state-of-the-art culinary laboratories, interactive kitchens, and a vast library of culinary literature. It serves as the epicenter of gastronomic exploration and culinary mastery.
Culinary Gardens
Adjacent to the campus, the academy maintains an enchanting line-up of culinary gardens where students learn to cultivate and harvest an array of herbs, spices, and exotic ingredients. These gardens serve as living classrooms, connecting students with the essence of the ingredients they work with.
Alumni Hall
A grand hall adorned with portraits and accolades of notable academy graduates, including renowned chefs, culinary scientists, and sommeliers. The hall serves as a source of inspiration for current students and a testament to the academy's legacy of excellence.