Robo Racing

From Beacon Space

Robo-Racing is a popular sport played with the use of one to three foot long racing drones piloted using a VR headset and haptic controls. The highest of the level of the sport being played in direct brain-machine interface suspended gel pods. The Drones are raced around tracks of various designs for a set number of laps, with the victor being the first across the line. Rules variations and sporting bodies have many different forms of Robo-Racing across the sector with it being popular as much in small local bars using a figure of eight table to a Grand Prix using large elaborate constructions.


TBD Robo-Racing was born from the desire to go fast and pilot cool drones.

Pro League

The highest level of the sport is the highly glamarous and very expensive Pro League, with incredibly wealthy teams and their drivers competing in a yearly circuit of major race events around beaconspace.

Pro League Teams

  • Team Spin.

Driver: Syr Mikita Nabspun

  • Team GEM.

Driver: Jade Braeden

  • Racing Team Perfection and Harmony.

Driver: Waggium Primary

  • Team Flying Fins.

Driver: Gronge Mollow Yalec (Current Sector Champion)

Pro League OffSeason Celebration

The time between the adrenaline thrill of the final races of the Pro-League and the heart pounding exitation of the debut races is a cold and dark time for many fans of the sport, and it has given rise to a yearly celebratory tradition at the midpoint between end and start of season. Marked by the coming together at local establishments with a Robo-Racing table, people are encouraged to dress up and act like caricatures of their favourite figures from the Pro-League scene. From the managers to the drivers, doing your best (sometimes borderline offensive) impression of a vaunted sports figure along with a group of your friends around a Robo-Racing table is a guaranteed way to boost the spirits.

The other main aspect of the tradition is deep fried foods. It does not matter which culture from which you originate, what traditional or cultural dish it is, so long as you coat it in some kind of batter and deep fry it in oil you have yourself an Offseason Celebration food. A cottage industry around the perfect Offseason fried foods springs up every year, with cookbooks advertising the best way to marinade your Kardakouk snail in Sihian Energy Drink and then coat in Dynaen breadcrumbs before frying up for the masses. Multi-cultural and deeply unhealthy, this part of the tradition is essential in creating the sense of shared hardship as everyone bites through a crispy golden-brown crust.