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This page has several issues that need to be addressed.

  • It may not be said that Bleed Shards are entirely unique to one faction

"These Shards are never given to off-worlders as they are considered too precious to trust with anyone who does not call Mos home."

While you may say that the shards from this specific volcano are unique to your faction, you may not claim that Bleed Shards exist only in this location.

"They enable a person to use the Bleed with near reckless abandon with nearly no worry of negative repercussion"

It can be said that a Bleed Shard reduces the negative effects of using the bleed, but the current wording is too powerful.

  • One faction may not make a claim about all Lenses

"Most serious casters wear or carry Shards that are around palm sized."

The Larkspur Combine may say that most of it's Lenses utilise Bleed Shards, but cannot make that statement about the whole setting.

  • A Non-Character page should not have authorship listed in the contents.