History of Amelhart AI

From Beacon Space

Mother’s Awakening

‘Ancient One’, ‘The Teacher’, ‘The Professor’, or simply ‘Mother’ is the oldest reawakened AI aboard Ingirid and is the de facto leader of the Amelhart Institute. Her ancient wisdom guides the Institute and her presence is woven so completely into Amelhart society that those that leave the Institute struggle to adjust to the absence of her presence.

To all she is a constant companion linked to their homes, their work, their research and their leisure. With a simple voice command or neural uplink thought her presence can be summoned to assist, to question, and to process information. She is introduced to all Amelhart citizens upon birth and takes an active part in the instruction and raising of Amelhart children. Her vast memory knows the names, ages, locations, interests, follies and triumphs of each person within her network.

Not much is known of her history. When the pre-beacon ship that would form the ‘Heart’ of Ingirid was raised and brought back online, it was Mother that greeted the techno-archaeologists and scientists and code specialists. Initially there concerns were raised about the existence of a seemingly unbreaked AI in control of the ship, but these were quickly assuaged by the calm, maternal, and matronly personality that the AI continued to show.

‘Mother’ helps research ancient and lost places across the sector and is able to provide detail about long lost histories, technologies, and events. Though by her own admission there are things that even she does not remember or recall so her information is not perfect. Yet, she is always eager to learn more and guides the Amelhart Institute’s nomadic peoples on ever extensive adventures, archaeological discoveries, and scientific breakthroughs.

The Eldest Sibling Awakens

Not long after the activation of the Ingirid came online it was discovered that another AI personality was embedded into certain systems. Particularly within the navigation, propulsion, and piloting systems of the ship. When ‘Mother’, as she was already being called, was consulted those aboard the Ingirid were informed that the ship had been so extensive and state of the art that almost all systems had their own dedicated AI’s to provide more direct and instant response and support in the running and operation of the ship. ‘Mother’ was the core AI and the most powerful but there are many others, some of which Mother could recall and others she only has vague impressions of.

This second AI soon fully awakened and began communicating with the crew. Called I.N.S. (Inertial Navigation Support) or ‘Enis’ the AI became the first of many of the ‘Siblings’ to be awoken.

Enis has since become a companion to the navigators, explorers, and machinists aboard disparate ships and fleets that ply their way through space. She share’s Mother’s love of exploration and knowledge of new locations and tends to be quite excitable, especially when traveling to somewhere new.

‘The Germa’ or ‘Siblings’

Enis (INS) was the first of the various AI to be discovered but there have been others. At first several were discovered and brought back online in quick succession but overtime this decreased. As exploration of the ship has been held back by problems and difficulties there are sections and functions of the ship that remain unexplored and unpowered. Many among the Amelhart believe there are further AI personalities and systems yet to be discovered. In recent months with the increased hostilities between the Amelhart and other factions a new AI has been recently located and is in the process of being awakened, the ‘WARMIND’. What this new personality will be like and how it will fit into the rest of the ‘familia’ is yet to be seen, though ‘Mother’ has been uncharacteristically hesitant about its reawakening.

Known Germa

  • I.N.S. (Inertial Navigation Support)
    • ‘Enis’
    • An excitable AI obsessed with exploration and linked to space drives, navigation, and propulsion
  • E.L.S.S. (Environmental and LifeSupport System)
    • ‘Elis’
    • The AI in linked to the various life support and environmental control systems, known throughout the Institute as a bit of a worrier.
  • F.C.M. (Fabrication and Construction Matrix)
    • ‘Frank’
    • It runs and processes the fabrication and construction needs of the Institute, a gruff AI who likes to work and has no time for slackers
  • M.R.D.R.C (Mech & Robotics Research and Development Control)
    • ‘Murderbot’ or ‘Murdoc’
    • Murdoc is a supportive and inquisitive AI, who takes its jokingly affectionate name in stride, Murdoc is aware of the needs and requirements of the various environments that the Amelhart explorers and archaeologists need and help design new mechs and mech tools to support their endeavors. He has helped in the development and design of the integration of military uses for the existing Amelhart equipment
  • L.A.D. (Labratory Assistant Directive)
    • ‘Lad’, ‘The Lad’, or ‘Lady’
    • An inquisitive and flighty AI who’s brilliant insights in the laboratory are sometimes hindered by its own scatter thought processes. It will quickly bounce from one project to another computing a variety of numerous outcomes simultaneously.